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August 28, 2019

– Ah no, oh me arm! Ah, ah, oh! – [Darren] Too– Oh, yo guys, don’t do that, I’m bleedin’. I’m actually bleedin’. – [Darren] We’ve got a gusher
goin’, look at that bad boy. (electronic beep) – So Dad’s just text me right, asking me to make him a water. Even though he’s downstairs literally six foot from the kitchen and I’m upstairs in my bedroom. The lazy bugger! But Dad it’s calm, it’s calm, I’m gonna get you your water, but it may not be how you’re expectin’ it. (playful music) Oh, yes. (water pouring) Bloody hell, bloody hell,
bloody hell, bloody hell. (playful music) Oh, that is just perfect. That’s the perfect glass of water. I brought your water. – [Darren] Where’s the ice? – [Morgz] What? – [Darren] Where’s the ice? – [Morgz] Oh, I’m not getting you ice. If you think I’m getting you
ice you’re bloody jokin’. – [Darren] It’s boiling, where’s the ice? Sod it. Ah! What the! (Morgz laughing) Honestly, can’t you
just do one thing nice? – [Morgz] That’s for making me get you a glass of water when you’re literally a foot away from the kitchen. – I mean, look at the state of that! You literally are the
messiest person in the world. (slow techno music) – Hello, team Morgz, and
welcome back to another video. Today’s is gonna be absolutely awesome because Dad, where are we off to, bro? – We’re going for some food
and to do ten pin bowling. – I mean, I think the
main thing they wanna see is the arcade, which we
are also gonna be doing but yo, we got a good day planned today. So yeah as he said we’re gettin’ food, we’re going to bowling,
we’re going to arcade. I’m hopefully gonna win
loads of I don’t know, stuff from the arcade. Puttin’ a lot of money into it, so I’d better win somethin’. But guys, if you’re new to my channel remember to go down there and smash that subscribe button. We’re on the road to
three million subscribers and we’re growin’ like
crazy so join the team, join the movement, hit
that subscribe button and tell all you’re
friends because you know, they should too. But guys, talking about
going to all these places, look where we’ve just arrived. Well, we’re here, bowlin’ over there, cinema over there, food
back there, Morgz over here. Yeah, it’s gonna be pretty damn lit. It’s gonna be pretty good. However, it doesn’t really surprise me that you want to get food first, I mean just look at
that bad boy down there. – I’m into gym. – Oh, yo, bro high five! Trying new things, I like it. – What you mean new things, I’ve been going to gym all my life. (slow techno music) (electronic beep) – [Morgz] Yo, right Dad
what we sayin’ then, are we going inside or outside. It is a very hot day. – Outside. – [Morgz] What you sayin’? – Outside, bro. – You sayin’ outside bro? I’m sayin’ too hot
outside, bro (laughing). Let’s do it, bro. It’s not lookin’ open bro, is it open bro. – No it isn’t. – Is it open, bro? Oh, it is open, bro. Let’s get a drink, bro. Let’s do that thing, bro. – Come on, bro. – [Morgz] Come on bro, don’t bro me bro. You’re not even my bro, bro. So what you getting to drink, bro? Is it vodka, bro? – Yeah, I’m gonna get some Grey Goose you know, and you’re paying. – [Morgz] Ha, bro. – Yeah. – If you don’t know already, I poured down his vodka down the drain. He’ll either see that soon
or he’s already seen it. What you doin’? Dad, what the hell are you doin’? Did you just take a photo of me, bro? What’s that for then, bro? – It’s called retaliation for always having a camera in my face. – I don’t mind, bro, I don’t mind. Take a photo if you like
get me from my good side though at least, come on bro. – Bro, you ain’t got a
good side (laughing). – [Morgz] Oh, you little bugger. Oi, Dad, do you remember? Oh, yeah, I think you’re still quite salty from the start of the video. – (laughs) Yeah, well,
there might be, you know, watch this space. – [Morgz] Okay, yeah, I’m
puttin’ that over there. No chance, bro. Oh, get it in there, get it in there, Dad. You ready for this, you ready for this? Ohh! What’s it like? – Spicy. (baby crying) Oh, gosh, spicy. – Oh, sorry, sorry. Don’t know what’s
happening over there, guys? Mm, that’s good. So Dad has just tweeted “My life with a YouTuber as a son.” Tweet did pretty well, got 57 likes, Dad, and then I replied, 70 likes. More likes than the
tweet I was replying too. Dad, you’re not really doing too well at the Twitter game, are ya? – So what, it doesn’t matter to me. It was just a joke. – Yo, I’ve just come to the cash machines to get some frickin’ money because I tell ya, we’re
hittin’ this arcade hard. It’s some hardcore stuff. Watch til the end of the
video, because it’s goin’ down. Yo, pulled up at the
arcade, guys all I’m sayin’, I’m gonna be going strong
you best believe it. What we’re gonna do, we’re
gonna go book a bowlin’ lane, go in the arcade before and then after, but guys if you’re kind
of a true supporter of the channel you’ll
know exactly why I have a lot of beef with this
machine right here. I have spent in total
100 pound on this machine and I’ve only won two
toys, of the same one. – A hundred pounds? – [Morgz] Yep. – For two toys, a hundred quid? – [Morgz] Yep, I want four. I want four by the end of this video, Dad. – What? – [Morgz] I want four. – I can’t get four, we don’t have time. It’s ten o’clock! – Is it ten? – [Darren] Ten to ten. What time is it even open til? – Eleven. We’ll try to figure something out. Ladies and gentlemen
it closes at half ten. It’s ten to ten right now, that means we’ve got 40 minutes to smash the flip out of this arcade! (growling) So dad, you say we’re gonna start with basketball, all right? – I think so, yeah. – [Morgz] You’re gonna have a go, I’m gonna have a go, we’re gonna see who
can get the best score. Drop a comment right now
saying Team Dad or Team Morgz. We’re goin’, he’s goin’,
come on then, Darren, give it your best go. I do like me basketball though so I don’t think your
chances are that high. (whistle blows) – Oh, come on! – [Morgz] Where’s all the balls gone? I’m sorry, Dad, I’m sorry, Dad. There you go. Oh god, oh god, oh god (laughs). – (grunts) I missed. – [Morgz] Look at him go. Oh he set it in. – I knocked that out! – [Morgz] Big Darren Hudson over here. Big Darren Hudson, call him Big Darren. Big Darren, look at him go. – That’s horrendous, 26 is horrendous. – [Morgz] All right then, bro, it’s time for me to show you how it’s done. Get behind the camera and
watch the king at his work. (whistle blows) – [Darren] Whoa, there. (laughing) – Why is there two balls?! You had four, I’ve got two! I’ve got two! – [Darren] You’re supposed
to get ’em in the hoop. – I’ve got two, Darren. – [Darren] You’re supposed to get them, oh you’re still beating me anyway. You see that orange thing there. See that, get it in there. – Get off me. They’re not even comin’. (ball smashes) – [Darren] Oh, anger, anger! And the score is an
unbelievably pathetic, 12! – [Man] Oh my goodness! (laughing) – I’m going back on the
machine you went on. Give me another pound. All right, I’m on the
machine that Dad went on. Let’s do this fair, all right? Let’s do this fair, all right? Let’s do this fair, all right? Let’s do this fair, all right? (sad horn blowing) (ball thudding) Oh. (upbeat happy music) Oh! (balls thudding) (Darren laughing) Thirty, is that better than you? Yes! One nil to Morgz. – [Darren] What do you
mean one nil to Morgz? – One nil to Morgz. One nil to Morgz. One nil to Morgz. One nil to Morgz. Guys, that’s what a strong
arcade addiction looks like. We’re now moving on to air hockey. (puck slapping) Yes! (laughing) – That’s called cheating. Oh! (puck slapping) – [Morgz] Yeah, baby! – Yes! (puck slapping) – [Morgz] Yeah, baby! (Darren screams) (puck slapping) – Yes! Yeah, you oh, yes! – [Morgz] You taking the piss? What are you doing? You loser! – No, you can’t throw it in! Is that the way you’re
playin’, you little, is that the way you’re playin’. All right. (puck slapping) (sad horn blowing) Right, I don’t actually care
what any of you has to say he scored four of his seven
goals by using his hands. That right there is the
actual definition of a loser. – Seven. – [Morgz] It should be three three. – Seven, three. – [Morgz] He’s got three
three in actual goals. He scored four of his seven
goals by using his hands. He scored four of his seven
goals by using his hands. He scored four of his seven goals. (sad horn blowing) All right guys, as you can see we’re back at my home the claw machine. What we’re gonna do, we’re
gonna each have 20 goes, me and Dad, and we’re
gonna see who can get the most toys or who can get
a toy with their 20 goes. Are you ready, Darren? – [Darren] Yep. – You big grey bugger, let’s do it. There’s one, there’s two, there’s three, there’s four, there’s 19. There’s 47. – [Darren] Oh, no way. (laughs) – By the way, there is rules, Darren. You can’t get Donkey
Kongs if you wanted to. – [Darren] What? – Because I’ve already got two of them, it just can’t be Donkey. – [Darren] Okay. – Come on, we got it, we got him. Oh, ho ho, come on baby. Come to papa. Whoa! He’s coming my way. Guys, drop a like if you
think we’re gonna get one by the end of this video. Maybe it’s gonna be right
now, who knows, who knows? Good grab, yo, oh (lips blabbering) They call me the claw skill boy. You little bugger, fall into the hole. No, no, no, no! Are you joking, that
was proper close there. – [Darren] Ah, it was so close! – He hasn’t mugged me off
this time though, has he? Yo, that’s it, that’s it! You are taking! (growling) – [Darren] Oh, oh. – Yo, yo, yo, that one kept
it for longer than usual. That’s a grab and a half, that. No, it’s bloody not. No, it’s bloody not, Morgan! Oh, man, oh, man, shhhh. Look at that for skill, eh, look at that. – [Darren] (laughing)
You nearly got a piece of plastic then. – Ah no, oh me arm! Ah, ah, oh, ah no look at my arm. Oh, I proper greased it (laughing). Yo guys, don’t do that. I’m bleedin’, I’m actually bleedin’. I’m actually like bleedin’ a bit. What a stupid decision that was. – [Darren] We got a gusher
guys, look at that bad boy. – At least that means I can put blood warning in the title, ha hey! Oh, that’s it Dad, that’s it, that’s it. You little bugger! You’re just bad ’cause
no one even likes ya. – [Darren] Morgan, why are
you talking to the machine? Six left Morgan, six goes left. Make them good ones. – Great start Darren, eh, great start. – [Darren] Five goes left. – No, not again. Ah, that’s three in a row! Dad, I’ve just missed him
three times in a row, bro. – [Darren] Not even givin’ it a chance. – Oh, yep, yep, yep. – [Darren] Ooh. – [Morgz] Donkey, donk, donk. – [Darren] Oh, (laughing) that was close. That was close to two. Now that is good, that’s got– – Oh! – [Darren] The last go. (Morgan blows air) Until experience takes over. (sad music) – [Morgz] What are we saying then, Darren. What’s your tactic gonna
be going into this? – Just get them all. – [Morgz] Come on, Darren. (Darren sighing) That’s no where near, you idiot! You haven’t even grabbed it yet. – (laughing) Um, I’m only just feeling my way into it, don’t worry. – [Morgz] You have 19 left Darren, you’re not doin’ the best. You’re goin’ for Luigi,
he’s going for Luigi! (Darren sighs) Maybe Luigi’s the way to go, bro. – This is– – [Morgz] Well you’ve
only got 15, 14 left! – Luigi, Luigi. In the post this, Morgan. – [Morgz] Oh, go on Darren, keep goin’. Give us a battle cry. Give us a battle cry! ♫ Let’s go Darren, let’s go ♫ Let’s go Darren, let’s go ♫ Why do you never grab it ♫ You’re fricking terrible And the goes slowly go away. Oh, oh my god! – Did you see that, then? Oh, wow, that’s the way to get it. – [Morgz] Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! – Oh that was so, that was off over, and it’s look, look at it! – [Morgz] Yo, right, he’s
puttin’ his buns in the air because he just don’t care. Get him, Darren. Oh, my god. – Oh my God, that’s got him. This is so stupid. – Two goes left, Dad,
make ’em your best ones. He’s goin’ for Toad, he’s
goin’ for bloody Toad! Oh my god, oh my god! Oh my god! Let’s go Darren, let’s go Darren. Let’s go, let’s go! Right well what the
bloody hell do we do now? I think there’s only one answer. We go again, 40 more tries, let’s do this. Exactly 40. Which one am I going
for, that’s the question? Do you know what, since you
brung Toad into the game. – [Darren] Toad? – I’m gonna mug you off and get that Toad. – [Darren] Toad. – Oh man, Dad, be scared bro. Oh, na na na na na. What the sho– (Darren laughing) – [Darren] Now, then. – [Morgz] Oh my god. – [Darren] Now, then. – That’s my last go,
this is my last go here. – [Darren] There’s a chance. Look at it, he’s actually
got his feet over. This is it, surely. – [Morgz] Yes, yes, yes. – [Darren] Surely, surely, here it is! Oh my god, (laughing) that was. Oh, he’s just mugged him off. Look at him just layin’
there, laughing at ya. – [Man] Five minutes later. – Thirty this’ll be. Dad, this’ll be thirty whole pounds. Yo, oh, oh, oh. Oh oi, hold it hold it hold it. – [Darren] Oh my god, you got it. – Right just push it in, just push it in. ♫ Get down (Morgz screaming) (upbeat techno music) (Darren laughing) ♫ Get down (Darren laughing) Now let’s win another. (electronic beep) Guys, we ran out of
space on the memory card, so we switched to phone, because there’s always a plan B. Oh now, now then, now then. You little bugger. (trilling lips) Oh, jugger. And, Jesus Christ! – [Darren] Oh! Oh, gee. (light techno music) Now then, now then now then now then. Now then, now then! Oh my god. – [Darren] My turn. – No, it’s bloody not. – [Darren] My turn. – I’m the one who won. – [Darren] It’s my turn! – You know what Dad, I’ll
let you have a go, buddy. Swing it! – It just took two right over there! That’s ridiculous. – [Morgz] I say go for Yoshi. Go for Yoshi, Dad. I’d say it’s definitely the best option. Oh my god. Oh my god. – I thought I had got that. – [Morgz] Come on, Darren. That’s the old man. Oh, ooooh! Keep trying Darren, never give up. (upbeat techno music) That’s it. – Yes! – [Morgz] Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! (upbeat techno music)

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  1. I SPENT £50 ON THE CLAW MACHINE IN THIS VID!!! Comment how many Toys you think i win. (Don't watch the video and cheat lol)

  2. NEVER PLAY That machine, it’s a joke, look, listen, you must read this, it’s a joke. It just wants MONEY, and they made it that it always opens and drops the item, it’s a TOTAL JOKE

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  4. 9:08 starts to play the claw then 11 minutes later 15:20 finally wins and celebrates by running around ,jumping on a game and picking Luigi up like he is a god then says let's win another

    Me: …………………………….. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

  5. 🌌 post me a I phone I am 14 years old and I have a phone but it doesn’t work 嗎 I live in🇺🇸 in 195 fowler road aysbury

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