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Never Before Seen Karate Kid Footage

November 16, 2019

– All right, ladies
and gentlemen! – When we conceived
of Cobra Kai, we knew we wanted
it to feel like a continuation of the
original Karate Kid. – [Announcer] Daniel
LaRusso’s gonna fight! (audience cheering) – The opening
scene of our series is the 1984
tournament, the finals between Daniel LaRusso
and Johnny Lawrence. How can we show that scene and
show something else from it? Well, it was turning the
camera on Johnny Lawrence. – Sweep the leg. You have a problem with that? – No, sensei. – We’ve spent 34 years
rooting for Daniel LaRusso and seeing the world
through his eyes. – Hey, you’ve been practicing! – For Cobra Kai to
work as a series, we needed to get the audience to understand Johnny
Lawrence in a bigger way. – I’m buying you out of my life. (paper ripping and crumpled) – I’d rather be homeless
than take money from you. – And that first
episode in particular is designed to make the audience
see Johnny as an underdog. – Wait, is this the karate guy? The guy from the tournament? – Oh, this is the guy
whose ass you kicked. – When you watch Cobra Kai, and you see that first
couple minutes of the show, you’re seeing footage
from the original movie, but you’re seeing 17 or 18 shots that have never been seen before to give you a clearer sense
of Johnny Lawrence’s side. It’s actually footage
from the original movie that everyone’s seen
combined with footage that we had dug up from
the salt mines. – And there’s some
Sony executive (laughing) that we had basically
go into the cave with like a lantern…
– That’s, this is not what– – Actually, and a suit,
and a tie, and a briefcase. – This is what we’re
imagining is what happened. – [Jon] That final shot
that you see in that fight, where Johnny is falling
down to the mat, that was shot in 2018. – But the shot right
before he falls down, is that close-up shot of Johnny
getting kicked in the face. Nobody had ever seen it, and the cool thing
about that shot is it changes the
perspective of the scene. The wide, triumphant angle
where everybody’s cheering. And with that close-up, now you’re feeling
the pain of that kick. And it suddenly twists things
from triumph to defeat. But it was also the start
of a downward spiral for a new protagonist
in Cobra Kai. (rock guitar riff) (rock guitar riff)

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  1. I was skeptical about this show at first but now i see it's more than just a continuation of karate kid it goes down to the roots of it all.

  2. Finished it this past weekend….better than I expected. Funny and well written! Cobra Kai Never Dies!!

  3. Binged watched entire season 1 this past weekend. Loved. Every. Episode! Thanks for bringing back a childhood favorite with a new twist.

  4. Who ever dislike this video maight be because they where born after yr 2000 and think that the 2010 karate kid was the original?

  5. Brilliant!!! 🙂 Great job making this happen. I thought I would never say this but…"I LOVE JOHNNY!"

  6. Upon rewatching The Karate Kid – Johnny did go up to Daniel and gave him Kodus for a great fight. Although love the Cobra Kai episodes. I now dont see how Johnny would hold a grudge on Larusso. Couldve gone on with his life and done more fights.

  7. is it possible for a show to have 2 protagonists? cause apparently johnny is a protagonist. And larusso may be a bit of an antagonist…but he isnt really a villian… so it sounds like a show about two REAL(ish) people…both with their own perspectives and motivations. both are the protagonists in their own mind…just like everyone. how bout that.

  8. Yo, PERFECT with the closeup. Like wow 34 years to finally see it?? GREAT call. Thank you for not sucking.

  9. Even at such a young age, and I loved the movie don’t get me wrong, but I still noticed the continuity errors. Johnny’s hair would constantly go from a dry, styled bright blond ‘do (somehow, after being in an all-day karate tourney) to sometimes being damp. Then the shot they filled in for 2018, he’s not wearing his headband and he looks like he just got out of the pool just before he and his dry locks encroached on Mr Larruso’s Crane Kick – TO THE FACE! Again, ILLEGAL!

  10. That's cool. The only quibble I have is with the over head shot. Daniel should be hopping on one leg. Not putting his weight on both feet after the kick. But the unused footage was a great idea.

  11. My favorite show that's out right now! Perfect balance of story, character development, and nostalgia.

  12. Funny how Johnny didn't have on the black headband during the crane kick scene, but when he fell to the ground after the kick, it was back on.

  13. BRAVO! Well done, you did an amazing job and exceeded my expectations! Keep it up! Just know if you need another student.. I uh- did- some.. uh MMA in my life. Just putting it out there.

  14. Loved the show! Binge-watched it in 7 hours! Now just gotta bring back Kumiko and Chozen for a few episodes, and my life will be complete.

  15. First 2 episodes were excellent. Just wish that the others were also online for free. Giving credit card details and personal information online can be quite dangerous these days

  16. Except it retcons the end of the film where Johnny gets right up and humbly hands Larusso the trophy in a spirit of good sportsmanship.

  17. Seriously? The mixing and color correct for this spot is just awful. Who's QC's this before it's posted?!?!

  18. The audio for this video is GOD awful, did some idiot just take the on-camera audio and decided to just use that? Seriously whoever did the post work for this video please fix your audio. For reference I'm using Sony-MDRV6 studio headphones.

  19. AMAZING! Finally a true, stylistic follow on series that captures the essence of the original and effortlessly switches the audiences attention, one that got me totally hooked, intrigued, emotional even! Great message too and some real world modern day issues firmly planted in the fabric of morals and ethics of yesteryear. An absolute triumph, well done, keep this up! Love it

  20. one thing tho … the acto who played the bad guy (William Zabka) was a revalation for me
    i love this bad guy so much and disn't know it well done guy's ! / sry for my english : /

  21. Just binge watched this show – waiting for the next series! Don't fall for the dark side, Johnny!

  22. if you're into karate why did why didn't you finish making all the scenes all at one time instead of putting them all in different orders for people to have to look them up tell you the truth I'd rather be a cobra did anything else so keep it up with your with your your cobra 100% I am 100% of your fan please don't stop making the movie I love trying to do myself with the stick but it's kind of hard when you don't have a sensei or any legs but that don't let me down I keep watching your movies and

  23. If they were gonna use a few shots from that cut scene, why not use the shots where Daniel and Johnny try to talk things out when the latter gave him the tournament form.

  24. Not to discredit them, they did a great job, but the second it cut to Johnny on the ground, I knew it was modern footage.

  25. So funny that Karate Kid is my era and I am so pumped ! Loved it back then , and am overjoyed they FINALLY made a continuation from the original movie with the ORIGINAL characters. I loved Cobra Kai, they did a fantastic job! All these years have gone by and now finally get to see what the two boys ended up doing in their lives. Became a premium member just for this . My one question is, WHENS COBRAI KAI 2 START?! Lolol???

  26. what would be brilliant is if they managed to get elisabeth shue back as her character..and see what changes they would write for her character..considering how she was loved by both and ultimately dumped both for another jock

  27. Even though I hear Dutch will not be back I would love to see the clip that they cut out of how Dutch actually got eliminated from the tournament it would be something worth seeing

  28. Will Ali or Kumiko show up? I'd like to know how they turned.

    (For that matter, Chozen or Sato. Man, Chozen must be living in a cardboard on an Okinawa dirt road.)

  29. you guys did a great job continuing the story! Just enough footage from the movie so the younger generation will understand what happened in case they weren't around to see it.

  30. it's cool but having the unused footage/new footage creates some continuity problems, because johnny was supposed to get up and give the trophy to daniel, but the new footage shows that he's pissed that he lost, even though in the movie he gained respect for daniel

  31. California cobra kai, subspecies of the extinct golden bear…symbol of the "republic"…is still abundant in socal. If you care…?

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