NETDUMA Gaming Router: MONITOR WHO or WHAT is using your Internet
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NETDUMA Gaming Router: MONITOR WHO or WHAT is using your Internet

October 7, 2019

Hi everyone its Luke here, the CEO of Netduma.
Today I’m going to show you our network monitor. The network monitor is a really helpful
tool as it will show you how much of your home connection is being used. This is split
by your download and your upload stream. Now, a few weeks ago we showed you our router’s
unique anti-flood feature, which resolves local congestion once and for all. However,
it still really helps to know what’s the cause of your congestion. You may for example have
a virus or malware on one PC and this is where the network monitor comes in. It will tell
you who, or what is causing your game to lag. I’m currently just showing you how much
my overall bandwidth my laptop and my Xbox are using but I can add as many devices as I
like to the network monitor. What’s particularly helpful though are the bars that run along
the top of each graph. These bars show me how much of my overall bandwidth is being
used by my devices. Another really useful aspect of the network monitor is that you
can actually see exactly what each device is using the internet for. For example I can
pause the network monitor and drill down on to my laptop and understand exactly which
applications I’m using my bandwidth for. Next week we’ll show you another great feature
you can pair up with the network monitor to achieve something very powerful, so make sure
you stay tuned. If you haven’t already done so please make sure you check out our other
feature reveals on our website and send us your feedback on Twitter @netduma
or on Facebook.

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  1. Is there a way to check the total download/upload usage? It would be good if it was possible to set a monthly(user defined month start/end) limit and be able to check it and possibly be notified about the total usage.

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