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  1. It's not true that the people of Vermont don't change colors. Everyone in Vermot turns from white as a sheet to tomato red the first time they go out in the sun after the winter is over.

  2. "In South Carolina there are many tall pines…" AND our state senator Lindsey Graham IS a certified Neo-Confederate selected, mentored, launched, and directed by Richard Quinn called the "Kingmaker" by the SCGOP and he is the past Chief Editor of the Southern Partisan Magazine. So Lindsey Graham's chief political consultant ALL of his career is the godfather of the South Carolina Neo-Confederate movement!!! No wonder Graham was selected to fill the seat held so long by STROM THURMOND. So the SCGOP and the NCGOP remain under the invisible hands of hands of STROM THURMOND and JESSIE HELMS two staunch unabashed white supremacists in the history of southern politics.

  3. Liars with dankness you old pricks. I come to laugh at you again. Because your bullshit softly creeping. Says opposing views are very hating. And the vision, you plant in their brains. Makes them think they got chains. Forget the sound, of silence. In racist dreams you walk alone. Narrow streets of down syndrome. But many eyes were stabbed, by the truth and it's flashing light. It split the night. And broke your chains, come MAGA.

  4. it would be funny if the nice non-racist(caucasian) people of vermont said to this group "we don't want your kind here"… lmao

  5. Fun fact from a former Vermonter: So many people in Vermont drive Subarus because the roads are absolute garbage in the winter because they do not salt the roads in order to save the fish in rivers.

  6. Look at Adam Driver, not reading off of cue cards… Bothering to learn his lines and delivering them with devastating precision… WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS???

  7. Ahhhh another unoriginal sketch about a bunch of white people doing a racist meeting.


    You guys should just cancel this shit show I haven’t laughed since will Ferrell was on. That would be because he didn’t rely on ripping the sitting president or racism to get laughs.

  8. It's funny how SNL can make fun of people because of skin color and what part of the country the are from and they are not considered raciest. Everyone knows Hollywood Libs are the biggest racists in the world.

  9. This should be about white supremacists not Confederates, I’m a member of the Sons Of Confederates and we only look at History, not dream about a revolution for white people ?

  10. As a person of color (from Chicago), I feel I need to mention that I was treated with uttermost respect in my trips to Vermont – where my ex is from. I felt kind of bad for the state after seeing this skit – even though it was funny as shit and mostly correct 🙂

  11. Speaking as someone who lives in Shelburne, Vermont, they got us spot on. Except for one thing – we don't want racists. But very very funny sketch.

  12. A flatlander moved to Vermont. That first winter he had chapped lips something terrible. He finally asked he neighbor, a lifelong Vermonter, what to do about it.
    His neighbor said to go over to his horse put your finger in its ass and smear it around your lips.
    Wow will that cure it? He asked
    No cried the farmer but it sure will stop you from licking them.

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