#NAVIVLOG: Megafon group stage. Games vs Secret, Virtus.pro
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#NAVIVLOG: Megafon group stage. Games vs Secret, Virtus.pro

August 26, 2019

What’s like sharing a room with him? – It’s scary. – Why? I haven’t seen anything like that, to be honest, it’s basically New Year here. Take a look. We are making content, Dayana is grabbing food. Wow, you eat a lot, Dayana… Really. AT TI, people will say that back at MegaFon… Is that you, Gucci gang? – Another one! There you go! – That’s what I’m talking about. Hello, everyone. It’s a holiday spirit here in Moscow, I am at the year’s last tournament – Megafon Winter Clash. Today we’re playing the group stage matches, right now the guys are preparing for the first bo3 series against Secret. The group stage is played in one day from the hotel, and now I’m going to show you around. The dinners are great here, also look at the themed wine. Tini, that’s cool. It’s not only Tini, there is also Moet here, that’s what I need. Sorry, we don’t advertise alcohol, drinking is bad. I haven’t seen anything like that, it’s basically New Year here. Take a look. I don’t know what this is, it looks like meat jelly, but meat jelly is in fact here. Imagine what guys from Europe would think about all this mayonnaise. There are pickles here, imagine guys from Dota eating pickles. Meat jelly, salads. Chimes, New Year. Do you know what else is here? You take this piece of meat, mustard, put it on the bread… Some mustard? We are making content, Dayana is grabbing food. You eat a lot, Dayana… really. She opens another dish… I will take a second plate after that. This is Dayana, you should remember her from the previous Epicenter. Dayana, you are in our Vlog. She is helping us again. She eats like a linebacker. Okay, it’s not a food blog, it’s esports blog, so we’ll show you our practice room and the place where the guys will be playing their games today. This is our practice room, right now the guys are discussing something, let’s be quick. For the first time in a while our hotel practice place has two rooms. We will be waiting for the guys here while they are playing. We will be chilling and watching the games from here, the room has a TV, a sofa, a table. It’s messy in here, because we are here. Now let’s take a look here, the guys are analyzing replays. That’s it, let’s move to esports. Enough of hotel reviews. What’s that? The fight was already lost. Why do that? What do you mean to the right? The base? I don’t get why we did that. – Me neither. You just went in without saying. Look, I am standing here. Who TPed to help me? Only after I died? Good job. T2, T3, shrine, we should’ve been together. For example, you want us to defend a tower, where do you want me to TP? Shrine or Tier 3. I TPed to T3. Could you skip this creeps? Well, I didn’t know. We are visiting English casters, be quiet. Today they’re casting like this, and tomorrow they’ll be working from the studio. Usually, during a group stage everyone’s in the hotel, including the casters and production staff, however, this time everything was moved to the arena, and only a handful of English-speaking commentators and the players are here. There’s no hustling around, everyone’s busy in their practice room. I was trying to find something to do or have a chat with someone, but we’ll get to do it tomorrow. Break time between matches, we’re going to take a peek into the guys’ room and see what’s inside. Blizzy’s not in there. – Blizzy? Whatever, let’s go to our room. – What if he’s naked? He’s taking a shower. Come on over, maybe Blizzy’s in our room. – What’s it like to have Idan as your roomie? – Scary. – Why are you switching who’s sharing a room with who anyway? – What do you mean? We’re not. – Weren’t you roommates with Chuvash? – I was with Idan at the bootcamp. – I see. – He’s scary to share a room with. – Why? He talks in his sleep and sleepwalks. What was he saying last time? – Some gibberish. – Is there something interesting here that I can show to the viewers? – There’s nothing. – Akbar’s got interesting stuff. – There’s a table. – We have a table. – You see? We write down our drafts here. “So, FP…” – Is this Gucci? – Yeah. – Wow. – That’s me. That’s a nice perfume. – May I? – Yes. Apply on Kostya, too. Yes? Okay, one more time. – Right in the eye. – Sorry. I go to a therapist, lie down and tell him, “Idan, I’m a NAVI fan since 2009. We went to another tournament and lost again.” Are you going to kill her with a pillow? That’s not a therapeutic approach. He had double boots and, think about it, his reasoning was: one boot for each feet. I’ve seen Topson going for two Power Treads on Kunkka, I thought it was just for fun, but then Idan told me, and I started testing it on some heroes, I liked it the most on TB. First there were two Quelling Blades… It was pretty late, everyone was already asleep, and a brilliant idea crossed my mind as they always come at night. I told Vlad, “Hey, wake up, I have a brilliant idea.” I switch on the light, he tells me, “Turn it off, I want to sleep!” Then I’m like, “It’s brilliant, 30 damage for 1380 gold, just think about it!” And then I tested it on some heroes. – In the middle of the night? – In the morning. I was thinking what heroes would benefit from it, I’ve come up with 3 thus far. And now people will flame Crystallize for 2 PT’s and demanding to kick him out of NAVI. – I’m sure it’ll be in the meta soon. – That’s genius. Vlad will get all the credit. – You will go down in history. – Vlad will set a new meta. At TI, they’ll say, “It was back at MegaFon last year that Crystallize came up with the 2 PTs thing.” Soon you’ll get recognized and be referred to as “Idan the double boots” – Another one! There you go! – That’s what I’m talking about. – That was a nice nap, wasn’t it? – Well, it’s working. The scheme is working: we’re napping, the team is winning. We should add some snoring in Game 2. – What are your emotions now? – Oh Jes… Well, it feels good to have won. It was fun and all that. Everything is fine. Was the last game challenging? It was tough against Secret. – 10 minutes into the second game I already had the feeling that we could do this. – Against Secret? – No, I mean VP. It was somehow easy to play them. How did you manage to play so well? I think VP just played poorly. Well, not really poorly, but they weren’t in the best form today. With Liquid being your next opponent, how do you feel about coming into this matchup? It’s scary, you walk into the elevator full of Liquid and Secret players going somewhere, that’s suicide. – Hey! Look who’s here. – Hello, I’m sorry. – Roma, we’ve made it to the winner’s bracket. – That’s great. So you managed to pull it off? – Yeah. – Nice one! Awesome. – We’re happy, I’m happy. – Yeah, I see. I was checking the results on the way over here, and seems like I’ve arrived to the good news. Good job on the win, keep it up. I’ll get going. – Chu, we’ll do our best tomorrow, okay? – Yeah, sure. Playing Liquid on stage. It’ll be fine.

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  1. было бы норм если бы ведущую поменяли, эта внешне отталкивает, сколько в доту играю(3 года) всегда так было

  2. выиграли вп в группе на рофлотурике отсняли целый влог. вп выиграли мажор ничего не сняли. вот это уровень

  3. Ну хорошо же! Контент бимба. Мне одному кажется что Яна похорошела?

  4. после ухода денди , забыл про эту команду !!
    они ещё играют что ли ?!

  5. Спасибо за хорошую игру против Ликвид (верните 20 рублей)

  6. Почему Маджикал умеет только на 5 героях ещё и лёгких? Зачем такой мидер?

  7. помойка которая думает, что играя одним пиком можно кого то побеждать это называется нави новая эра) близи который кроме акса ни на ком играть не умеет и то вон у ликвид отсосали так сильно на своих сигнатурках аж противно) тима с пулом в 15 героев на всех это новая эра, поздравляю нави и их фэнов

  8. победили vp, надо показать это по телеку, написать в газету и выпустить видео

  9. Чуваш, Страшнааа это когда ты брю четверка 5 лвл и к тебе уже заходят на хг 🙂

  10. чуваш на GetRight с кс похож с такой прической ,никто не заметил ?))))))

  11. С каждым новым влогом я все больше влюбляюсь в этот состав ,
    НАВИ , я вас люблю <3

  12. Че с ебалом, рофлофаны вп? Всегда говорил, что вп ебаный мусор. Никогда не выиграют инт. НИКОГДА. Фавориты в этом сезоне по моему мнению сикрет. Хотя я еще не смотрел игры ЛГД и Ликвидов. (ВП СОСАТЬ)

  13. Би тру ты лучшая)))) самая стройная и милая в кибер спорте))) p.s ты лучше марпл делай свой канал с дедом🙈😎😑😉

  14. Ради всего святого, что это чудесное создание с розовыми волосами было у англоязычных кастеров?
    Кажется моё сердечко только что украли)

  15. Яна наверное сильно храпела во второй катке ))) ты красивая девушка!

  16. Такое ощущение что Чу слегка болен Аутизмом. «В силу тех или иных обстоятельствах бывает закрытым, скованным.»

  17. "Ладно, мы не рекламируем алкоголь. Пить – плохо, ребята" ))) А сама то в винишке разбираешься хорошо как видно)

  18. Так, чего добились нави за 2018 год= 1 победа над вп,которым похуй. Это успех

  19. На самом деле качество даже лучше чем у ВП, но игроки не джебошут как и они и Нави без внимания.

  20. Если бы влоги помогали этим ”Тим казах” выиграть, а не недохайп, было бы лучше

  21. Ви б взяли проти сікрет і третю. Просто 1 раз ТП не понятні поробили всі і 1 битва з позицій не підходящих. Ну Сікрет всеж-таки ТОПчик командна – не пробачає. Шкода.

  22. пиздец только победили сразу видосик, что же вы видосы не записывали когда этот мусор с опен квал выносили

  23. Даяна с прошлого епицентра нехилый второй подбородок отьела)))

  24. После этого видоса я действительно изменил свое мнение по поводу Нави!Они сегодня меня улыбнули и заставили в них верить.А Яна как всегда-ИДЕАЛЬНА!**

  25. Помойка фартом выиграла у ВП и потом в Финале обгадились.
    Худший Финал из возможных.

  26. У вас это тип традиция раз в год выигрывать ВП а потом говорить НОВАЯ ЭРА!!! ахахахахах

  27. хули они все всегда руки в карманах держат? камней туда вам накидать чтоли? хуепутолы

  28. На ножки Даян посмотри и на ножки свои посмотри и потом поймешь кто из вас много ест .

  29. Кристалайз наконец-то открылся,в прежних видосах молчал,еле разговаривал анимешник)а щас спокойно общается,по моему внутурикомандное отношение укрепляется,как в ливкид)

  30. Яна – это та уникальность, которая есть в Нави и нету в других командах

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