NAVI meet Lil. The first interview
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NAVI meet Lil. The first interview

August 21, 2019

We are in Zhulyany airport, waiting for the best position 4 in CIS to land. You arrived at the NAVI office today, share your emotions with us. I can say that I feel uneasy, not in the negative way though, because this is quite an unusual and strange experience and for me. I remember when we gathered at our first bootcamp with the guys from VP I had a similar feeling. I don’t know these people well, we bump into each other and talk only at tournaments, but being with them as a team, staying in one place, eating together… It’s very unnatural and unusual for me, I feel… I can’t say if this feeling is great or not, but I feel uneasy. I feel… Are they not your type of people? It’s not that. I just can’t say if it’s good or bad, but everything is completely different. It’s very unusual. Of course, when you get used to one group of people… Yes, I was on another team for a year and a half, I felt the atmosphere, the guys set a certain mood, but I have yet to get used to things here. Two days ago, when we talked, I asked you about the atmosphere in the team, you said you weren’t quite comfortable yet. Almost 3 days have passed since then, have anything changed? I think yes, I feel more comfortable, the place is more familiar, I’m getting used to the voices, faces, environment, atmosphere. Everything is different now, two days ago I arrived at a new place where I have to get used to new people, I felt like something was off, it was a completely new environment and I wasn’t used to it. Now I’m much more comfortable and everything is great, I feel inner peace. How was your first Skype call? How was it, who initiated it, and what were the first words? At first, I talked to Igor, our Dota 2 manager, then I talked to Zhenya, we agreed that I would play in the team. We gathered when I was at the Virtus.Pro bootcamp, Roma and Vova were sitting behind me, we decided to talk with the guys in TeamSpeak, later on that day, I played scrims from our bootcamp. How was it? We just greeted each other on TeamSpeak and started playing Dota, it was simple. This seems like a pretty weird situation to me. Your former teammates were sitting behind you and you were playing with the other team? Yes, that was probably not a very nice move from me, I even ended up getting kicked out of the place., but that’s not the point. – Well, not really kicked out.
– Wait, what do you mean? Roma Ramzes politely asked me to leave because it was a bit strange sitting at the VP bootcamp and playing for NAVI. He just politely asked me to leave. I partially agree it wasn’t nice, but they just removed me from the team, I couldn’t just leave at 12 a.m, that was when I found out about it, considering we were in Moscow, and I live in the suburbs. So I stayed, I asked the VP manager, Roma and Dima for a permission to stay, and they allowed me, but we started to play with NAVI the next day. Nothing unusual, we just started to play together. Has there been any tension in this roster? Maybe some players had hard feelings about your previous tweets? Even I once replied to you on Twitter because as a fan I was offended. Did you encounter something like that? Not really, when we attend tournaments we talk to each other, everyone knows whatever happens on Twitter stays there, and has nothing to do with real life. Also, I never tried to offend the guys. I was making jokes about fans’ attitude and some other stuff, I didn’t offend or mock anyone personally. Do you realize that you now have to work with the guys you were making fun of? As I say, I wasn’t making fun of them, I was joking about the fans’ attitude. Exactly, I’m talking about the fans. Some NAVI fans, not all of them, are holding a grudge, and you’ll probably have to make amends for it somehow. What do you think? Nothing, really. Let it be, it’s their own choice. From my experience of social media interaction with the community, I’ve realized that you don’t have to do anything to be hated. You can be the nicest guy treating everyone well, but there are always gonna be people who genuinely hate you for no reason. So the more famous you are the more haters you get, no matter if you say good or bad things about NAVI on Twitter. – Let’s go I’ll show our armory, have you seen it?
– Let’s go. No, I haven’t. You’ll like it, this is our main room. We store all the awesome stuff is in here: all our merch, team apparel, gaming gear, anything you want. We even have notebooks and pencil cases. Do you need a pencil case? I think not. Do you have wristbands here? We do, I’ll get you one. Yeah! In your interview to, you said that you’ll continue to post stuff about your teammates. I don’t know, I’ll think about it. Do you mean former teammates? Yes, former. I don’t know, I feel I grew up a lot after this incident as a person, I feel I’ve grown more mature, my reaction to certain life situations is changing. For example, when I was kicked from the team a year and a half ago, I took it pretty hard and was very upset over it. But now I’m more mature, I react differently, I can draw certain conclusions. We’ll see how it goes, but if they hit a slump and we do well, and if the joke fits, then why not? Why not ask them how things are going, “Top 16 of the Major? Got yourself the best position 4, huh?” If the joke is well-timed, then why not? There have been a lot of discussions regarding your public image, I have my own opinion on this one. Don’t you think this image, which you’ve been building for a year, because you weren’t an aggressive guy when you just joined Virtus.Pro… Don’t you think this image doesn’t suit you? Yes, I wasn’t aggressive, I was in Artyom Fng’s shadow. Greetings, Artyom. He was doing all the interviews and media activity. Well, that’s not the point. It’s not that it doesn’t suit me, maybe I was too harsh at first, because of my youthful exuberance, as you said a couple of hours before. Yes, when we were on our way here we discussed it. Maybe I crossed a line somewhere, my posts didn’t quite reflect reality, I agree. But people grow up, I’m not an exception, I know where the line is and I try to change. People who follow me probably noticed my improvement and changes in my attitude towards the fans and myself. Your fans might see it, but people who were offended a while ago… Well, right now I try to be open and honest towards myself of course, and towards other people who know about my existence. I’m not trying to be someone I’m not or create some public image of myself. Maybe I’m slightly different in a conversation with friends, my mom, parents, or girlfriend. This interview that I’m doing now is also a manifestation of me. The thing is I’m honest and sincere, I can openly speak my mind at any given moment. You weren’t sincere when you posted those tweets. Why is that? Give me an example. It was exaggeration, wasn’t it? Regarding CIS teams, when you watched the qualifiers and you said that everyone was bad. There are different ways to post information, it was an exaggeration to amuse the audience. Partially, yes. I don’t think you really are toxic or something. Surely, but that’s the purpose of Twitter, people follow me for that. Of course, even if you think that everyone plays terribly, you can keep that opinion to yourself, or you can post, “What are you doing? Are you even playing Dota or what?” So yes, do you consider this an image? It’s just voicing your thoughts. I think you chose the wrong image, as I said in the car, to have an image of a bad guy, you have to either be one or to be good at pretending. I don’t know, among other things, besides my honesty and frankness, I’m a person of mood and so sometimes I feel like roasting someone, sometimes I feel like saying, “Good job NAVI on winning”. And I meant it when I said that. Well, it didn’t quite sound like it. I know, but I don’t care, I just said that because I was happy for the guys, they played well and qualified for a major. Or well, I don’t remember exactly what tournament it was. I don’t really care how people perceive it, I just said what was on my mind. And sometimes when the joke fits, you can post it just for the laughs. It’s like you make a joke, you laugh at it and that’s it. Well, NAVI is a friendly organization and we always respect our opponents. Yeah, there’s a slight mismatch. I’d even say a small conflict of interest: Lil’s former image and NAVI’s overall image. Have you already spoken with Yevhen Zolotarov, or Caff, or maybe the guys about it? Not yet, but we plan to have a conversation and figure out a way to properly put it all together. Again, as I told you earlier, I wouldn’t say I’m either a positive or a negative character, neither do I consider myself a dull and boring person. Though the wording might be a little off, but I’m quite a lively person, unlike… Well, there are a lot of unexciting pro players who just play the game, but if they quit, everyone will forget about them. You mean those who don’t care about media attention. It’s not even about that. For example, there is Miracle, who’s not particularly active on social media, yet well known worldwide because he’s a great player, and if he quits, people will still remember him. So, there are exceptions. I don’t know, I’m just the way I am. What made you dye your hair? To dye my hair? In fact, I’ve been working on this answer for a couple of days, I knew you’d ask it. In my head the answer was: my life has changed a lot recently due to personal and team matters, in general my views on life and world have changed. A lot of things, which I had considered very important before, they just disappeared at some point, all my illusions crumbled. I’ve changed a lot, I decided to change something about my appearance as a lot of external factors have changed. And it’s like a reminder that I’m a completely different person, I need to behave differently, have a different view of things, I am different. So every time I look in the mirror, I see that I’m not the same as I was one month ago. This is probably the main reason. What kind of person have you become? What kind? More mature, more prepared for different life situations. Guys, dye your hair yellow, you’ll become more mature and more prepared. On a more serious note, I just have a NAVI disease, so… Don’t you think that sometimes… Hey, why are you trying so hard to get me over to your side? This is the fourth time you’ve asked, “Don’t you think?” I’m sorry, it’s just my nickname is “be true”, so I’m probably slowly dragging you without even realizing it. Sorry if I said something wrong, guys. – Okay, just a couple more questions and we’ll wrap it up because…
– Yes, because I gotta go practice. Because we want to talk again after the bootcamp, plus there’s a lot of tournaments ahead, so the guys have to practice. Tell me, briefly, about your first impressions of the scrims with the team. How did they go? Everyone is keen to know. It’s a complete chaos for now. We don’t have a clear-cut leader yet, maybe I’ll become one over time, because Dendi has what it takes, but given his role, it’d be hard for him to be a captain and in-game leader. I’ll probably even have to change my role for that, we’ll see. Clearly, things are hard now; and my first impression was as if the guys hadn’t even played together before. You come and can’t fathom how they played together for so long because it doesn’t feel like it. Akbar was the captain and main coordinator. Yes, I get it. It’s difficult and requires time. When I was on VP, we met for the first time when we gathered at the bootcamp and we were just stuck inside practicing for a month and a half. The first month was super hard, we were losing everything, our win rate was about 10%. We didn’t have any strategy, we’d just argue because we weren’t on the same page. It wasn’t until two months in that things started to click a bit. – So there’s no…
– That’s natural. Indeed, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s no big deal. I think we’ll do just fine. The guys here are fired up, so the situation’s a little bit different, I think we’ll be fine, we just need some time. I recently came to the conclusion that there are crucial moments when you’re playing and one second something dawns on you that changes everything. Let’s say, you’re playing and then suddenly it occurs to you that this guy, for example, should be the drafter, or it hits you that you need to switch to position 5, and it changes everything. Eventually, you get on the right track that leads to success. I hope it turns out that way. The last question and we’re done. What’s your first impression of LeBron? I talked to him for a minute or even less, and he made a good first impression. What about you? We met the guy for the first time. I met him at WESG, as for my first impression… As I’ve said, it’s really hard. Given that a lot of things in my life have drastically changed, it’s difficult for me to assess one particular change. He understands 60-80% of what we say as he doesn’t speak Russian very well. – But I take it he’s gonna learn Russian.
– Yes. He says some things slowly and some things quickly in Russian. There are some things which he’s more comfortable saying in English. So there’s a slight language barrier, but it’s insignificant. Plus, when we were deciding on the 5th player, there were certain risks of someone not being able to fit in or something, regardless of whom we’d pick. Therefore, LeBron was the best option because he set a certain mood and atmosphere that made you want to play. Guys, we have this awesome Natus Vincere T-shirt and we want to give it away. All you need to do is to follow Lil’s Instagram account and show your creativity. Let’s imagine Lil is launching his own clothing brand and he needs a catchy slogan. Post your original slogans in the comment section to this video on Instagram. The best one will win and get this T-shirt with an autograph of Lil and the rest of the team. Good luck! I hope it works out, I’m crossing all the fingers I’ve got. We’ll try our best, but it’s gonna be really hard. Plus, as I keep saying, we’re limited in time. We just got together and have only played a handful of games, we have yet to figure out who will be taking on the drafting and the shot-calling duties, and tomorrow we’re playing the Major qualifiers, in 10 days we’re attending another Major, and after that another one… Followed by the Jakarta Minor. What… What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger, yes. I hope this indeed will make you stronger. Guys, you have a little patience too. We all recognize this is a challenging situation, I hope you’ll succeed. Give me a fist bump, good luck to you. And to you, guys. Thanks for watching, sending out love to everyone out there.

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