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August 15, 2019

Relax and breathe, and just stay focused.
Junior Anna Camacho didn’t know if NAU had an archery team.
Something that I always dreamed of doing. After growing up in a household full of avid
hunters, she was thrilled to learn they did. Found out we had a sports club and that they
had the opportunity for me to compete against other colleges that had teams and so I went
to my first meeting all alone and now here I am two years later and they’re some of
my best friends. Anna, along with fellow teammates travel across
the country and compete collegiately in various archery events.
I shoot on a mixed team competition. Including the intercollegiate archery championship.
At Nationals we ended up taking the silver. It was really awesome just knowing that for
that thirty minutes we had the chance to go up for a national title.
Fellow teammate Reuben Kee won gold during his competition.
I was the last one and there was only a few seconds on the clock, I hear my teammate count
down like 3,2 and then I heard him say 1 and I kind of released it. It was a buzzer-beater
I guess you can say. At the end of the day, winning medals isn’t
really what matters. I like knowing that I’m basically there
representing not only myself but my team and basically just knowing that most of our college
doesn’t know that NAU has a team so when we show up they’re like ‘Wow, like NAU
really represents.’ It’s pretty cool knowing that we represent NAU so well.

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