National Archery in Schools Program

August 13, 2019

Hey Everybody! How’s it goin’? I’m Ryan Grady, and I’m out here with the National Archery in Schools Program in Newberry Florida. Oh I hit it!! Nice shot!
-Laughing… This is the 5th anual NASP tournament and the third one we’ve held at this facility in Newberry. We have about 180 kids shooting the tournament today here in the live format. And we’ve got about four or five hundred others that have shot the virtual format in their schools. We’re really excited to be working with programs like the Florida Fish and Wildlife. To enhance their programs. This facility is one of the best in the country To have the state championships here has been fantastic. We’re really trying to make sure that we’re embracing as much archery as possible here. The foundation is supporting not just target archery, but hunting, keep kids in schools programs, and those outside of school programs, or any type of archery. The foundation, the Easton foundation is really trying to make sure that it’s enhancing, that it’s growing and becoming a popular sport. The National Archery in Schools program is amazing, it’s very exciting. It’s bringing archery to the youth. I think it’s a great sport, it’s a sport for anyone. Whether you’re young or old, strong or weak, well practiced or if it’s your first time doing it… Archery can be done by anyone, and that’s why we think it’s such an amazing sport to engage youth but also get them into the hunting scene as well. It’s a great foot in the door to learn about the outdoors, the woods. That’s an excellent way to bring youth into the outdoors which I think is a big problem for us sometimes. How you guys doin’ today? You having fun?
-Yah! Alright! Some of these kids are great. It’s amazing some of them how they shoot. We do all sorts of programs, in school programs, neighborhood programs, hunter safety, wherever we can as man power allows. Just to try to get the word out. One, who we are, whats the right thing to do, and the agency’s message. A lot of these kids have never had any interaction with law enforcement except them saying you’re doing wrong. Here, we’re here doing something for the kids. And I think it’s great for the community, it’s great for the agency.. It’s great, it’s a win win all the way around. We thought that archery would be a lot more available to the school systems and to youngsters in general if they could all shoot the same peice of equipment. And that was the birth of the Genises Bow. The Genesis Bow is a concept that Matt had that if we could build a compound bow that pulled the same weight for any draw length so it wasn’t draw length specific, and it wasn’t draw weight specific, that we could get more people shooting archery. I do a tryout and usually it’s open to all the students. Usually I end up picking 24 students for the team. I get a lot of participation from the girls. That’s a big factor. A lot of our girls do not participate in a lot of sports, so we have a great opportunity for them to do that. This year, our team, we do virtual tournaments every year due to the lack of funding to come to Newberry. But one of the most importatnt things that we have with our students is that they’re really motivated to archery. And we were the first school in the state of Florida to participate in the Archery program And we’ve been first, second, and third place, in the last four years. So we’re very excited about the program. How’d you guys do out there today? We did awesome. We’re going to Kentucky!
First Place!!! First Place! That’s awesome! Congratulations.
-Thank you… Screaming and cheering.. loud crowd.
Screaming.. Laughter.

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