National Archery Championship held in Louisville
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National Archery Championship held in Louisville

August 10, 2019

THE PROGRAM STARTED IN KENTUCKY IN 2002 WITH JUST 40 STUDENTS. IT’S GROWN TO INCLUDE THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS. FOR MORE, HERE’S FRED. HELLO AGAIN EVERYBODY! 12 THOUSAND KIDS FROM NEARLY EVERY STATE, INCLUDING ALASKA… ARE HERE FOR THE NATIONAL ARCHERY IN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAM NATIONALS. NATALIE GRISE HAS MORE. ONE OF THE REASONS THIS EVENT IS HELD HERE IN LOUISVILLE IS BECAUSE IT’S ONE OF THE FEW FACILITIES BIG ENOUGH TO HOLD THIS MANY KIDS… JUST SHOWS YOU HOW POPULAR THIS SPORT HAS BECOME. THE NATIONAL ARCHERY IN THE SCHOOLS PROGRAM STARTED ABOUT A DECADE AGO, THROUGH THE KY DEPT OF FISH AND WILDLIFE JUST IN KENTUCKY SCHOOLS. NOW, THE PROGRAM IS IN NEARLY EVERY STATE, AND MANY COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD. Almost every child can do it. You don’t have to be tall, strong, or fast to have success in archery. We have students who are blind, who are in wheelchairs, who are missing limbs, or have other special challenges, but for the 56 minutes they’re shooting, they are the same as everybody else. The kids like that, the teachers like that, and the parents love it. It’s just a fun thing. You don’t have to be very fit or athletic. You just have to pull back a bow. It’s something I’m good at, and pretty much anyone can do it. What’s it like to hit a bullseye? It’s awesome. I shot a perfect 50, and that was the first time I’d ever done it, so that was like awesome. It’s just cool to participate in something this big, because there’s tons of people involved in it. NATIONALS ARE SET TO STAY IN LOUISVILLE THROUGH 2020. THE KIDS WHO QUALIFY HERE ACTUALLY MOVE ON TO INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION, WHICH ROTATES SITES. THIS YEAR, THEY’LL BE IN NASHVILLE IN JULY. NATALIE GRISE WLKY SPORTS COMING UP IN A HALF HOUR… THE DERBY WINNING TRAINER TALKS ABOUT THE

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