Mystery Wheel of Slime Switch-Up Challenge!!!
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Mystery Wheel of Slime Switch-Up Challenge!!!

August 28, 2019

This time we have two switch-ups and something else, but it’s diffe We’ve never had before and any of any ingredient we want to the other person’s slime This is gonna make this game extremely Fun and interesting So you guys know the rules we get 10 spins each and rock, paper, scissors You get to go first hmm, I’ll spin them up This is going to make black slime. K that’s good. Alright now it’s my go I have a feeling your gonna get that new thing just straight off the bat get started with the good stuff! Watch out Missy your gonna get the ultimate switch-up! Yeah yeah sure Okay now after my spin number two noooooo you got black glitter again. again Alright now it’s my spin number TWOOOOOOo I’m starting Wow. Okay now sound for my spin number three Why ruin yours, it’s not gonna look good More than that wait, you’re gonna switch up and what are you gonna do? I’m not Asleep, yes, you are. Okay. Alright now, it’s my go number Getting black glitter glue that’s oh my god I’ve never gotten you always doing getting black glitter, but let’s just hope I’ll get something. I’ll make myself or Glue gloves and do we got glitter what I’m attracted G Is gonna hook blackleg lumen and some pink diamond buys They’ll be quite interesting and then hopefully will be pretty and by the way We’re gonna make this acne and so stay tuned for the end because then that’s when the mask is gonna happen Okay now it’s time for my spin number four ball Up with that no glitter, but it still kind of decent It looks pretty yeah, that’s good. Okay nice, and I don’t number I Really hopefully get activator or some colorful balls make my look pretty my spin about Bella Okay here goes the pepper oh so now it’s time for my spin number five Blue silver glitter, okay At least it’s not black glitter So guys down to my dumb number. Thank you I really hope my gonna get some active here cuz I got an added little happenin here Some activator happen in here and you know what? I mean, just right for some activator Let’s make them see me see me slimy. Oh I’m so tempted to just mix it right now, but we gotta say that to the end Okay now it’s time for my spin number six If not like glue then black balls that’s just how it works y’all. Well, there’s no more left Alright, so I want to get big balls. Alright, let’s go get your things. I’ll Go glitter blue that’s teasing. Okay. Okay. I’m at some clear Guys Color this time. It’s gonna turn out to me You have an idea coming down below what you think that color is gonna be but right now we’re gonna add some gold glitter blue Laughs Okay, I want to my hurry, how are you doing today was it for a bit of the win not too much adult This is one of you not don’t much as my spindle. Oh Let’s get it something that will make my son looks with majestic It’s My help no, you’re gonna make it like super scepter. I remember then still switch up on the wheel it’s still alive Right, we’re running off not to get it. Okay? Okay. My spin number eight it’s time to guess what yup? Honestly like just a cheater realm or Nothing oh yeah. How’s my donut bar? All right Let’s get let’s not get switch up and get something like pink balls or glow-in-the-dark clue or something. Awesome Okay, or maybe? Some switch up of some kind Okay, guys I got the clear version because I mean I don’t have any more normal kind so we’re just gonna add somebody soon Dump it all wasting it all again burn beautify Hopefully we gonna switch up oh this Mickey little new thing in the action no, okay, let’s pick Pink That’s not good I mean black Pink is brightening my day today Okay, that’s it. I now it’s my note number nine. Yes. Oh gosh. I’m getting nervous Let’s not get this or this cuz those are gonna like ruin my life. No. No, you could do that That oh, yeah, I can do this, but not this Yes. Yes No Sweet oh my gosh. This is about to go down I told you to switch it was still on and we leave I’m gonna get it or you’re gonna get it Okay, I promise you Ken that’s not my last bit Better not be switch up. It better is what number 10 is on the board? Blue glow in the dark. Wow, that’s actually very decent If you get switch abuzz with it looking good up Not be the happiest person line Okay, it’s time for your final spin. Alright, I’m ready Breathe through our nose switch up. I Suspended we uh me counts cheater spin again Maybe to me I get some highly accepted other one get shaving cream burns honest I’m gonna add lots of cover. Oh my god Okay, we’re now it’s time to mix it up Got a bad feeling about this, I don’t know about yours, but I do you know about mine Okay, I guess they’re mixing up. My flan first. Let’s just hope it’s gonna be good I’m nervous. Who do you start? So far not too shabby It’s a lot of shaving cream maybe I should have had it less Or maybe that’s a lot of active major Get really mix this up. Well, and you can’t really see the color. It just looks white. This doesn’t look too good Okay now it’s my turn 5 4 3 2 1. Oh No black is charging in It’s not too shabby Looks like a galaxy actually Kind of a little so guys we’re gonna keep on mixing this and then we’re getting our door slam every other three. Yeah. What? So guys, this is my sign. It’s a Little bit gray, but it got some glitter in it. So that makes um most of it. Okay, but guys look at this – wait you slip it down Lee has way too much activator and they can barely stick to itself Look at that, but if you think my side is the one it’s like common nevela Karena wins no matter what so guys. This is my son It’s a really cool galaxy color with a whole bunch of glitter yellow blue glitter in this awesome sign It’s perfectly stretchy It feels good. It’s not stiff at all. It’s very squishy. Very jiggly. Very nice And I think I should win and if you think I wanted to comment down below hash tag Ronald beats Corinna no matter what The guys coming down low who has the winning flash mine. Isn’t that good? It isn’t stretchy and it’s as hard as a rock I think Rob is going on look If you think my client is a twin cut come and dump a little hot shed Karina wins no matter what

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