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August 23, 2019

hey guys, it’s Karina. and Ronald. from sis vs. bro and today welcome back our recording studio It’s been ages since we’ve recorded here, but we’re back again with another challenge and today We’re gonna be doing the mystery wheel of slime So right here behind us we have a mystery wheel full of different ingredients, we’re gonna be putting into our slime we’re gonna be spinning this wheel ten times and whatever ingredient comes out of it where you have to put in their slimy knew that they’re gonna comment down below at the end who has the better slime oh Don’t you get the same thing twice you’re gonna have to add its way so be getting weird that will bloom twice you’re gonna have at it, okay, so Rock-paper-scissors who goes first? Oh, yeah, go sup sup basically got us, please Wait wait I’ll spin it harder, but you fine White glitter just name oh my header. Oh, I got some white lid right here I’m just gonna go ahead and entire thing in no not because what if I get it true? This is white go this pretty cat. That’s good Hypnotizing okay. Okay now that I know Okay, now. It’s my time to spin the wheel of fortune Activator Which is kind of weird alright is this the one you know laughing ba ba ba is the first thing we can just for me Know how much you’re gonna add yeah Yeah, oh my god. She’s spilling everywhere smells like activator. Is that a nephron Yeah, okay guys so now it’s right there, but I really want to add anything else because my glitter looks like snow It’s so pretty looking, but you gotta ruin it okay. Go ahead and hold for the black Balls I Like these so pour them in alright Alright so satisfying I love it And your let me keep that anymore alright. That’s enough, okay, so now it’s my turn. I’m really crossing my fingers to get the glue glue glue Googly eyes let’s go I’ll glue googly eyes for you goody Googly, what’s go? I’m gonna add my new What you cannot Go in Well I got some white glitter and yellow balls, okay, let’s spin the wheel watch it Okay, I uh I guess you can’t pick what you want. Yeah, it’s gonna be the best minecart yellow balls Right on the Honnold Maybe ms/ms yeah, okay, that’s good. I guess sorry. That’s good now. I can imagine floating Okay, guys CRE this breeze fence now. It’s the foresman. I hope I’m gonna get the glue or the activator because those are things That’s a good amazed the slime slime Activator Like an activator you know making a pool for your friends Yes squirrel party add the milk in that’s enough. I think okay, so I’m what to go. I’m gonna get the glue and autism and the glue, so let’s just get the glue So now I’m adding black glitter to my googly eyes Activator might as well. He’s all about I don’t really want to buckle it hurt at all. I love it. No straight up no No number five. I am desperate Shaving cream all right Shane cream is pretty good, so let’s estimate in here alright that I think it’s an ounce right I got that for you. It looks like green, but it’s blue It’s talking your happen tonight. Okay. It’s time for the pigment. It’s like paint. That’s an IP addresses So my side is looking Perfect all I need glue Blood food coloring Glue is just like Matt Matt like TV Matt don’t touch me alright I just want to add a little bit, so I have a nice light wood. Oh, yeah, that’s pretty I’m catching my my hands ready. I’m gonna get my hands gluey. I’m gonna get my hands awesome, and I’m gonna get glue Yeah So you guys my god blue next I’m gonna be really pretty you know a lot of the eyes Yeah, the balls with food cutting good white blue. You know all those The Mater You got activator of activator number three, maybe I betrayed the one bit for glue Okay now it’s my go Yo, who claimed items online is gonna be green yeah Yeah, what if I turn it out like a tiny tiny bit? Yeah? That’s perfect? That’s cheap and more see the yellow, and I love it looks ugly fine In goes yellow Party important traffic Bank traits my activator for your glue now. I got it three times already nice job Are you guys ready for this for me to win the challenge and recreate? Oh? Yeah, so let’s hope that this is actually good weeks alive time to mix Is they’re slimy Yeah, it’s actually so Slimy me mix. It some more actually I need more put more They’re not enough for me. That’s good Okay That’s good Nick yeah, I know all right now sway seven Gonna be anywhere near Deep breath in ah That’s ok yes, Oh Andy now shame dream so fingers crossed hey, I’m not annoying Good luck to myself Okay, so let’s start mixing Yes, yes, yes, it looks like a wedding slightly big three and yours says I don’t know, but it says nothing It’s pshew us the guys. It’s my spin memory I hope Cuz I need some action so guys my spin them, and I actually asked you more now I have a good time. I got more. That’s good mix it mix and dope at day. I got brutalize You’re just still loopy. I’m mixing. That’s four okay so decreases excuses, okay, so now it’s my You know you don’t need shaving cream is fine. Oh My god, what’s happening? Life is good. Okay. I guess that’s enough so that was my last thing reading to make my slime perfect I still have one more turn, but I don’t know what I’m going for I Better get the glue all right. I’m gonna spin it. It’s your last turn you spend wisely Put them in the video guys It is an eating show not even it’s like half a centimeter Who? Are you? One more time because I need to have the glue if you have a chance I’m gonna get another chance as well ok 3 2 1 – should be half, I think ok so guys. I have 2 more spins my 10th and 11th cos Karina took an extra spin so on this business and we hope for the best thing you world I Know blue glitter I mean it’s fine, but five five is blue so much Websites are blue actually, but mine is better since Korea stop spinning anymore I’m gonna grab my blue glitter and spit it all here comes the glitter Mixing time shall we Okay guys, so now we’re gonna mix genocide since this is gonna. Take quite some time. We’re gonna do Three do what the arts lines are already mine It’s a baby blue color yellow balls to get out from like every direction it’s fluffy and it’s super different sticky, but it’s fun to play we’re And I love the baby blue color. It’s so pretty It’s darkish blueish because they had all of that glitter, but some yellow balls like Hello. It’s really soft It’s really nice. It’s big as well, and it’s a bit sticky, but it’s awesome It’s really fluffy look how much glitter there’s here, and there’s actually a googly eye right there Right there The mystery wheel slide Is a crimina it’s super awesome and wins challenge Or is it that I shake Korea goes in the sky and the creepiness goes on the sky and say spy by when Roger goes? We go like No, but really hashtag province line to come another love who is the winner winner See you onyx I’m good

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