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August 21, 2019

Hey guys this is Karina and it’s Ronald and we are from Sis Vs Bro And today we are back with another Mystery Wheel challenge! And today we will be doing the Mystery Wheel Of Ice cream Sundae challenge! So basically you guys know what to do where you spin the wheel and get some ice cream and get some toppings and get some syrups And try to make an ice cream out of it, ice cream sundae out of it. Yeah, so guys, right here we have 14 different choices We got three flavors of ice cream and two bad things with just like not gonna taste good I see we got ketchup and mustard. So those are the two things we really don’t want to get or else this whole thing will go blah! So that’s the review let’s just start and try to make the best ice cream sundae you’ve ever seen in your life I’m gonna have 10 spins as always, um rock-paper-scissors who goes first wishing for ice cream because that’s what I need on the base Is 100 protectiveness From here Jesus Let’s go and I hope I’m gonna get some ice cream Because on the bottom I’m certain it off that well, but I believe it’s on the bottom I don’t be able to taste it that much. Okay That should do that’s quite a lot of ketchup, okay. Oh, let’s just move on to my spin number two for size Okay, it’s at the bottom right ruining the Kinder Bueno but it’s only a block below I hate mustard Okay. Bye bye bastard. I don’t like you. I know it’s my girl. Number two. Let’s get belly our day That’s not finite It means it’s on the bottom. Imagine this who’s at the top We’re gonna get some on the bottom some in tomatoes some at the top Guys look at Karina’s Sunday some ketchup predict. He said but to top it off you got some mustard it’s Not funny. Okay now aside from box baby number three, let’s go Oh Oh my ice cream makes you move to bustard I Really? Hope I get to start my cheesecake. I see it’s my favorite flavor Well right now hopefully I get some ice cream on top take your and outside for your spin number three. I want ice cream Let’s have caught her finger spiced cream Strawberry it’s okay, but Ketchup and mustard. Yeah, but a couple of those in there put one on the side. Mm-hmm. Come back, okay? Spit awesomely for so let’s begin with some Iced chocolate punch. I mean really good my soups coming together is just the mustard moods are So good That’s what you want. Goodness. How am I gonna get the same? Ah, Please don’t be able to taste the mustard now. Oh Wow, it’s chocolate Yeah like that, all right now it’s money go number one two, three four I really hope the NICU because I need to cover up this mess right here So sore at cats out, oh My god, no, no, it’s no good Plopping it we mustn’t care of it. Alright you deal with those No, so funny buddies. I got some more just to make sure that case that must’ve taste is just gonna run away Alright think that might be good. It’s coming together. Ok. Alright halfway through spin number five Okay, let’s go Strawberries up spin number five. It’s not too bad Go in go in go in. Oh, yeah, three number five I’m gonna get some actual ice cream the toast or to cut the ice cream AHA actual icing Oh, no what I wanted, but I just don’t want it to The kingís yeah and one more I Love that. You’re so lucky you’re getting all the good stuff. My luck is good. Luck is in my hands. I want your head the first one goes in the Back so it goes in This class so it goes in all right now, it’s my six go I bought ice cream So badly right now, so let’s win for some ice cream I Wasn’t planning to get that bottle. Okay cat Okay, spit number 7 lucky number better be good. I’m Gonna get some Kinder Bueno Okay, I got some broken pieces here. That’s a bit Interesting. Okay fine. That’s my seventh. Oh, I am baby buddy right now. I need ice cream I just I just really okay No Then All this ice cream is nearly melted. It allows take it so long to get it. But here I am You know, what’s next to you? Sky so put in in my mouth Yeah, that’s my song family singing competition don’t you and now you’re lucky yours isn’t all extra ice cream for extra bracelet, okay Speak the prey. It’s actually by at least luckiest number so I don’t know about this It’s like all the flavors hmm Wish I could have some Okay, the last one doing it for the victory Yeah, a lot of chocolate in there just saying, you know, all right, but now it’s my 8th go no 7th No, they ate and up I go so tonight I go. I want some more ice cream or Just bleep it. Let’s just make you just tell me what is good And nothing by Bible try anybody just I want so oh it’s a tiny bits Wow Ketchup it does. It’s me We are gonna get some whoppers Ok Ok works, that’s what I’ll bite it off like He’s like, I have a head here I will never write it ok, ok, ok throw your nightstick and I Spit on box Oh my gosh, it’s right here. You’re not gonna get to go on top left it I just want to keep doing this Sarah that’s delicious, but not as delicious Okay, it’s ready for a kiss now it’s time for Korea to get some mustard now it’s my final spin Everything he has been living up to this moment I have to get something really good because it’s all do a very very top and it has to be the best Okay The grossest part for the top This word up Shane So my icecream sundaes basically just full of chocolate everywhere every corner You just eat chocolate But that little bit a mustard at top just ruins it all but I got strawberry So all good not really stuff Alex Darby. So this is my ice cream sundae It’s literally chocolate and the mustard is at the very bottom So I’m gonna avoid that when I eat it and then there’s a little strawberry right there to decorate my face Okay. Now it’s the moment we grab our spoon and try our Magnificent ice-cream sundaes, so let’s speak it All right Okay, where am I eating? No mustard like I’m all lunch of mustard and chocolate on there. Three two one Good dog, it tastes good at the beginning but now it you could really taste the mustard. Oh My knees like pure chocolate. It’s just smooth. Nice chocolate. All right now time to swap Be prepared. All right, three two one That is disgusting I taste the mustard and ketchup at the same time this day’s absolutely amazing Ronald Good job Coming up. Who do you think is the best I’m a little bit nervous to see why your guys gonna put down there I think it’s gonna look pretty for me yeah, but Goodbye

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