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August 27, 2019

>>Hey guys, It’s Karina.
>>It’s Ronald, and we are from>>Sis versus Bro!>>And today we’re doing
the mystery box of slime gloves>>challenge! And as you can see, we are recording it in a hotel
because guess where we are? Just guess. Comment down below in 3, 2 ,1! Did you comment? Did you?>>Did you?>>Alright we are in>>Canada! I’m so happy that we we are here
because well first of all, it’s Bane. They don’t have very many
like a good shopping malls for like back-to-school stuff
so we came here mostly to do back to school shopping.>>Whatever. And then the stores here
are the best! Like, Michaels! Square One!>>Stop.>>Homesense! All other things. They don’t have that in Spain
so that’s the main reason we’re here. So guess what without further
ado, let’s move on to this video. So we’re gonna have two boxes,
each of the boxes are gonna have an ingredient inside a glove. One person is gonna take a little
peaksie peaksie inside the box to make sure the other person
doesn’t see and they go like oh interesting.>>What is it?>>I’m not gonna tell
you that’s the thing. And then the other person’s gonna be
like I wanna switch or I wanna keep. And then after we’re gonna open
up the boxes at the same time and see what we got and we’re
gonna put whatever you got inside a little bowliebowl.>>And then we’re gonna mix at the end. So stay tuned or else!>>So let’s get started! I’m excited! Round number 1.>>Round number one.>>Alright so rock paper scissors
who gets to peak inside first? [singing]>>Rock paper scissor shoot!>>Alright you get to peak inside first.>>No looksies. Okay. What’s your decision?>>I think I’m gonna keep mine.>>Okay.
>>All right, three two one.>>Booooom!>>I got–
I think this is glow in the dark.>>Yeah, but I got pink.>>I got blue.
>>Which is [inaudible] better.>>But blue is pretty too. Pink yeah yeah yeah.>>So let’s start snipping. I’m gonna go first. Oh, yeah, look at that. Looks so weird.>>Okay.>>Oh yeah, I’m gonna do my stuff. Okay. Oooh.>>I got glitter all over my fingers. Alright I think mine is done. Thank you. All right, round number two.>>Round two.>>All right my turn to
peak so look over there.>>What is it?>>All right.>>Waaahhh! Okay I’m gonna switch.>>All right.>>Oh you su–!>>No. Alright. 3, 2, 1!>>Ooooh!
>>Ooooh! You got glitter but I got these cool
little I think these are orbeez. Are these orbeez? Clear orbeez? Ohhhh. I haven’t seen orbeez in so long! These will make my slime so awesome!>>Bring Orbeez back! I’ve got these weird blue things.>>Those are glitters Ronald’s.>>The glitter.
>>Glitter.>>Okay, weird blue glitter things.>>It’ll make your slime prettier
but I wont make it more satisfying. Mine will make it more
prettier and more satisfying.>>Oh my GOODNESS!>>Okay let’s start snipping.>>Mine’s gonna be easy.>>All right. I wanna go first. Okay, so I’m gonna cut off
the little fingers here, but I don’t really want to cut the Orbeez. So I’m just gonna. Ahhhh! Look at that!>>Oh my goodness, that’s so cool.
>> That’s satisfying. All right let’s do this one. All right.>>Mine’s gonna be way cooler though. Watch me. Whoo! A bears coming out. Huh, it’s so heavy. Won’t let me cut it.>>Okay, let me help you.>>Whoo! Look at that.>>It’s way cooler.
>>It looks like a snow storm. Oh, yeah.
>>Oh cool. This is so cool way cooler than orbeez.>>Look at mine.
My orbeez is satisfying. Okay guys now it’s time
for round number three.>>Round number three.>>All right! So you’re gonna peak now. I’m gonna look away.>>Okay, your decision.>>I want to switch.>>Okay. Yes!>>3, 2, 1!>>Whooo!
>>Whooo!>>I got more glow in the dark
slime, and glove!>>This is —
>>You got red glove.>>Oooh!>>Look at mine. I got um the regular, plain,
original glow in the dark glove.>>I love red so this is
gonna be perfecto!>>But mixing it with blue
glitters and pink glue?>>Yes, cuz I’m so cool.>>All right. If you say so.>>Okay, I’m gonna go first this time. Wait a second!>>What?>>This glove has four fingers.>>Where’s the fifth?>>Where’s the fifth?>>Where is the fifth?>>Okay, doesn’t matter.>>We can rock with four fingers.>>But they’re all gonna get cut.>>It looks like strawberry jam, doesn’t it?>>Yes, I love strawberry jam.>>Mmmm so good. Looks so good. I can eat it.>>Okay I’m squeezing it out.>>Okay now it’s my turn. So I got my glow in the dark glove.
I got my bowl. We’re ready to go. This will make the blue even
lighter so it’ll look even more cooler. Now we just gotta wait and look at our
satisfying finger pouring glue thing. I’m gonna squeeze it all out. All right, I think I am done.>>Cross arms.>>There we go.>>Whoooo! That was close.>>Okay guys just look at my slime. I think this is gonna
be the winning slime. It has the prettiest blue
color and has Orbeez in it. And I think it’s just when it
all got mixed up together, it’s gonna be perrrrrrfect-o.>>Okay, so this is my slime,
so far I got pink at the bottom, lots of hexagons over here
and some red stuff.>>Red jam.>>Yes.>>All right! Round number 4!>>Round number four.>>All right.
>>Okay!>>Wait who’s peaking?>>I’m peaking.>>Okay.>>All right. Look away.>>What is it? What is it? What is it?>>I don’t know.>>I’m gonna switch.>>Oh, I mean, yey!>>All right, three two one!>>Whoo! I got shaving cream. I got shaving cream. And you got golden silver glitter.>>You like it?>>Yeah, a gold and silver glitters.>>It looks disgusting!>>What? Why don’t you want
gold and silver glitters?>>Why don’t you want shaving cream?>>Why — we can switch?>>Yeah, we can but like.>>We’ll be cheating. All right now it’s my time
to snip these fingers off. Oh my god! It just pouring out.
>>Ohhh. That looks like satisfaction.>>Oh, yeah. It’s so looks like glue.>>Oh my God it’s coming out of the top. Ohhh! I just realized that.>>Okay now it’s my turn.>>Ronald, let me help.>>Okay.>>You have a glitter mess everywhere.>>Yes we do. It’s great.>>Oh my gosh.>>Okay. Oh! Squeeze! Whoo!>>You have so much
glitter in there, it’s a crazy Ronald.>>#GlitterForLife. Okay, so actually both of our
slime’s looking pretty good so far. Let’s move on to round number five!>>Round number five.>>Okay.>>All right.>>It’s my turn to peak
or it’s your to peak?>>No it’s my turn.>>All right.>>[making a huffing sound]>>All right I think I’m gonna keep mine.>>Okay.>>Three, two, one.>>You just got trolled.>>Yeah! Oh.>>Activator!>>I got pink. That means my slime is
gonna be purple. Uhh. I love the blue color though. I don’t want my slime to be purple. I want it to be this blue color.
[inaudible] cause this one doesn’t even have a thumb too. It’s missing a thumb. Maybe I can just put my thumb there.>>Okay, let’s get snipping. I promise this is gonna be satisfying. Well I promise myself! Whoof!>>It’s like a fountain.>>But and then the other ones are
not too satisfying you know? And oof! Okay, great. All right so I’m gonna
snip up these fingers. Boom. Ba da boom.>>Ba da boom! Ba da boom! Oh, yeah. Look at that, it’s
like sinking into the foam.>>Oh!
>>It’s disappearing. Oh Wow, all right. I think that’s it.>>Thank you.>>Woof!>>Okay, so guys my slime is
looking pretty good so far I think.>>And mine is looking pretty glittery.>>Let’s move on to round number six!>>Round number six.>>All right.>>Is it my turn?>>Yep.
>>Yeah it’s my turn to peek. All right. Alright.>>What is it? I am confident in this thing. I am very confident. Okay I’m gonna switch. Oh no.>>All right. 3, 2 1! Ohhh.>>Oh! Orbeez! Orb eez! Orbeez! I thought here would be Activator…>>Orbeeeez!>>I got the silver glove.>>I am excited for this satisfying
thing to happen, right now.>>Ohhhhh! I love orbeez. Bring them back to YouTube!>>We need more orbeez videos.>>All of them are from 2016.>>Guys comment below. Do you wanna see another orbeez video?>>Ohh.>>I definitely wanna
do another Orbeez video. Okay now it’s my turn. I don’t really want to add this [inaudible]
but I have to but I don’t want to but I have to. All right we gotta get snipping. All right pinky. Ring. Middle finger and then the pointer. Look at this! It’s so satisfying! It actually looks
prettier outside of the glove. It might just make it my slime better.>>It’s just dumping in the shaving
cream like hey, we wanna get in your shaving cream. If you don’t let us, life is
not gonna be good anymore!>>Yeah. Alright. I think that’s it.>>The Z bag comes in to rescue you.>>Oh, no! Whoopsies.>>Whoopsies.>>Uh clean-up in aisle four.>>This is aisle four?>>Yes.>>Does that mean this is aisle five?>>Yeah.>>Okay, so our bowls are getting pretty
full and our slimes are looking great. Let’s move on to round number.>>Seven!>>Seven.>>Round number seven.>>All right.>>All right I’m gonna
do a peeksies, okay. Okay. I did a peeksies.>>I’m gonna keep mine. All right. 3, 2, 1! Yeah! I got more blue!>>More glitter!>>You have so much glitter.>>My slime will be more blue with this.>>My slime will be
more glittery with this. Okay, who wants to see it? Ohhh! Oh that is so nice! Oh my!>>All right. Guys, I have so much glitter. I don’t know what activator
is gonna do with the glue.>>Oh wow, it’s just gonna
be like, feel like sand. It’s gonna just be like sand.>>But like ten times worse.>>All right. Time for my blue glue
to shine on the spotlight. All right snip the thumb first. And then this finger and then that
finger and then that one and that one. All right. Time to squeeze. My bowl is getting really full. I think that’s enough. Oh! Oh! Oh!>>Oh that was so close. So guys we will go down
to round number eight! I hope I’m gonna get some activator
’cause I need some something to activate all of this glue here
’cause I got a lot of glue going on here. A lot.>>Round number eight.>>All right.
>>Okay do your peaking stuffy rose.>>All right.>>What is it?>>I’m gonna switch. Karina. Oh what is it?>>All right 3, 2 1!>>Guys comment in the
comment section if it’s good.>>Ugh.>>Ooo ooooo o! I’m the winner! Yes! I’m the winner!! Oh Yes!>>Ronald would you like to
have some of these red glitter?>>No I have too much glitter.>>Well, that’s not gonna
activate the glitter is it?>>Yes, this is gonna
activate the glitter. Let’s do our satisfying stuff. All I want to do is for the satisfaction.>>Clean up in aisle five? All right now it’s time
for the red glitter to shine. But I really want it to shine.>>It’s gonna shine. Yes.>>All right in goes the red glitters.>>It’s hard to cut this. I need help! Help me dad, please. All right.
>>All right. Let’s go. Wow look at all this glitter.>>Woof! This was way more
glitter than I was expecting. Way more. Okay guys. Now is the moment we’ve
all been waiting for. To mix it!>>All right, so I’m
gonna start mixing first. This is gonna be hard to mix up. Ohhh shaving cream. Glitter is falling out! This is gonna be a big slime.>>Okay guys, so now it’s my turn. It’s gonna be very glittery. Glitter is gonna make
a very very very thick. We have to snatch
the pink from the bottom. Snatch it! This is so difficult to mix. I gotta pull all the colors
from the bottom to the top.>>Ahhhhh! So guys as you saw my slime
does not have any activator. So I’m just gonna add
in the activator to see how it will look if it was actually slime. It’s not gonna actually count in the voting. Just the color, not the slime. This is gonna be very pretty. Trust me okay? There it goes. I hope this slime will turn out good. Oh this is so weird. Okay guys we’re gonna keep
on mixing this and we’re gonna do the slime reveal in 3, 2 1! So guys we are done. These are our slimes. Mine looks uh pretty okay I guess.
>>Mine looks pretty okay.>Yours looks so much better. ‘Cause it looks like New Year’s Eve.>>Oh, really?
>>Yeah.>>It would’ve looked so
cool if it was all blue.>>Mine is pretty decent. When you touch it, you get
like glitter just touching your hands and the sharp bits is just eww! It hurts. Ronald let’s dump yours out.>>Okay.>>Pull at it Ronald. Pull it out.>>Okay pull. Pulling it out. It hurts! It really does! Okay, so this is my slime. It’s very pokey and it’s very>>Glittery.>>Yes. It’s a little stretchy just a little. That’s the biggest stretch I got so far. So if you think mine is the winner,
comment down below #SoMuchGlitter>>All right. So this is my slime. I’m gonna take my slime out now. All right.>>Ahhhhh! What did you put in this?>>Slime. Alright.>>Oh wow, look at this slime. It’s so gray. Oh waterfall. So if you think my slime is the winner, comment down below
#ItWasMeantToBeBlue cause it really was. So guys we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like
button and we’ll see you all next time goodbye! And don’t forget to comment. I won!

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