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August 9, 2019

*Wapoosh* Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to State of Decay 2 – I’ve never played the first state of decay I’ve seen it around a lot. And I know what the games are about. Zombie apocalypse games just for those who were uninitiated, but this one is new out and I was lucky enough that they sent me a code for the game. So I thought why not? Why not try it out? It’s a new game I like zombie type games and this one looks neat enough the crafting, the surviving, all that kind of stuff. That’s the kind of stuff that I’m into so let’s try the game and see what it has to offer. Who do we wanna be? Mary. Oh, wait, Mary or LaShay? Oh, Mary AND LaShay. Okay, surly siblings Mary McLain and LaShay McLain I want to pick these guys just for the fact that his name is LaShay Uh, Caleb or Merrick… Juana and Lillian… Luis, Micah. Mary and LaShay Oh wait, they have different things…*hm* Luis is REALLY good at fighting and shooting LaShay is good. He’s kinda good at fighting, actually no he’s not that good at fighting… he’s really good at mechanics She’s good at witts. Okay, I need to actually take this into consideration Caleb and Merrick are a nice combo Okay, Caleb and Merrick They seem like the most balanced out of all the people. I’m video gaming it, even though I miss you LaShay Please come back to me later. Don’t die from a zombie LaShayShay That’s what I would’ve called you all this episode…we would have had great jokes about it as well, but alas La-LaShay?! No, it’s not LaShay. We’re okay (shit shit shit) That’s a Zoms! (keep moving, keep moving!) (C’mon hurry up already!) Oh, that was close I don’t know about you guys, I’d be great in a zombie apocalypse I’m resourceful, I’m fast, I’m spry (it’s like his whole body is an open wound) I mean, yeah (we gotta keep moving that gate won’t hold them long) Oh your voice is super familiar… Okay…(trust me, these army camps have food and real beds) Oh God Oh God Okay, okay have to actually attack zombies immediately. This is quick (Shit! Biters got through their security.) (What security? There’s nobody here.) Okay, let’s let’s stash up. (It’s a refugee camp with no refugees.) (Looks like they left all their stuff too.) That other guy, I don’t know who does his voice that is so super familiar Okay, I got a bandage Guess I kind of need to use a bandage but not really not yet. You’re a weird walk cycle. I don’t like it Do I get upgrades cuz this guy searches slower than my grandmother searching for her teeth. Hey got more bandages. I’ll use a bandage now then. There we go. I’m not bleeding anymore, brother You want to kiss the wound? Oh, fast search Why wasn’t I just able to do that before? Give me the fast search always please. Oh, what’s up?! (Dude, you’re gonna die if you can’t scare up a stronger weapon.) Uh oh, uh oh. I ruined my bat! Oh, good one, Merrick. Maybe fast searching gives a- Maybe it makes more noise. Aw, look at these little things! My friend used to have one of them when we were younger. I was always so jealous. Mine. Mi-Mine was non-existent. Oh, explode the head. Oh, I kicked him. Nice! There we go POP the head like a pimple. You got to make sure the dead are dead. Whenever they say, “Oh, you- when you die, that’s it.” No, they didn’t account for zombies (Dude, I am getting a real bad vibe from this place.) *laughs* What-what gave it away? (This was your idea!) No retreat! You know, that worked out well for you, didn’t it? Plunk! Plunk! Nice! Okay, kill them all. Kill them all! Oh, I’m so strong. Oh! Merrick, I’m such a strong boy! Are you proud of your brother? Are you proud of me? You fuckin’ better be. So I’m guessing that’s what is able to happen. You mess it up and then you- it sounds like you dropped a hold bag of M&M’s on the floor Oh, no, Merrick! Merrick’s being attacked. Go! Talk to Merrick. Merrick, you doing okay, buddy? Oh, you’re not gonna die are you? (Nasty. Looks just like that thing we saw outside the gate.) (What the fuck?! Fucking Biter bit me, fuck!) That’s what they do. (So, much for ‘food and beds’.) It’s like god damn it, but the freaking slapper slapped me. What am I gonna do now? Slap back man. Have any of you ever thought about biting the zombies back? Zombies bite you, you bite back. Ah, that’s why that was locked. Excuse me, Merrick. Coming through. (Shit. This bite is really itching!) (You act like you never got bit before.) Ah, so getting bit by zombies in this game does not mean death. Jester’s! (Whoa. What the hell happened here?) Hey, hey, Merrick, look it’s a place for you. A jerk chicken. Ha ha ha! Okay. You get bitten once and all of a sudden you’ve no sense of humor anymore. Hello, zam! Oh, I like it a lot! Merrick, get in here. It’s fun! It’s like pop rocks in human form. (Damn, got it on my shoes.) That one wasn’t- Oh, my Yeezy’s! Damn it, these cost a fortune, you know. (Something’s wrong. I feel like I’m burning hot.) (All right, let’s see if we can find you some medicine.) Mmm. Are you feeling a hunka-hunka burnin love? Shut up! Search better! Oooh. I gots me a machete. I’m gonna Danny Trejo these motherfuckers. Wait, which is the way forward? (That is a shitload of zed’s.) (Just keep quiet. We’ll slip past them.) Did you call them zed’s? I like- I like to call them zom’s. Sounds cooler. Zed’s. Sneaky sneaky stealthy sneaky. They don’t see me cuz I’m sneaky. Ooo. Nice! God, their heads pop really easily. Couldn’t you just like push a zombie over and he’ll just fall and his head’ll explode like a firework? Fourth of July! Good Lord. *sniffs* Ah! Stinks! Smells like dead person. Don’t ask me how I know. I just know *zombie screeches* Oh, why? (Hey. Up here. Get to the ladder!) You got it Hoss! (Go, dude! Move!) I am moving. Wait, there-! Oh that’s you claiming the ladder. I was like, wait. The zombies are climbing the ladder! Well, my brother’s a soon-to-be zombie. I don’t need to climb no stinking ladder! I’m amazing at this! Uh-oh. Uh-oh. I need to climb the ladder! I’m sorry! *laughs* Okay. (What are you doing here?) Thanks, Jim! (This camp has been decommissioned. (Did you decommission the food too? We haven’t eaten in days.) (Strategic redeployment of resources. The brass pulled the whole op. The Army’s gone, my friend.) (Except for the few misguided fools who thought they could still do some good here.) (Seriously, dude.) Are-Are you one of them? (It’s like my fucking blood is on fire.) (Uh-Oh. I’ve heard that symptom before.) Gonorrhea. (My friend got bit by a real nasty zombie with blood all over it.) (Yeah, normal meds won’t help. Better head to the S and B.) The Shit and Balls. (And pray the doc still has what you need. Tell her I sent you.) Sexual healing. Okay. “Tell her I sent you.” You didn’t say a name. Uhhh… “Handsome camo-man with a gun sent us.” “Can you help?” His names’ Washington, apparently. It’s a made-up name Can I have the gun? *laughs* Hi! Aw. Red carpet. Yes, I was in the movie. If you look at 22:05 that was me in the background! Thanks for coming out! You want me to sign your face? Open wound? Severed arm? Child? Okay. Thanks for coming out guys. Fans are the best (Why are you still here? The last trucks left days ago.) Uh, well, we’re still here because we don’t know who any of you people are. Are you the doctor? (He never gives up does he?) (Okay, what do you need?) (My friend got bit.) I want my brother to not die. (He says his blood is on fire.) Friend. (I see. You better come with me.) *laughs* She just brings him in back and shoots him in the head. There was nothing we could do for him! (That thing in the cage looks like the one that bit me.) (You’re looking at Blood Plague. Once you catch it you just burn up from the inside.) (Hold up. I’m gonna turn into one of those things?) (You would.) Yeah. (If I weren’t here. You. Time to help your friend.) Do I have to? All he did was complain so far. (Take your flashlight and look for a sample case in there. Bring me whatever you find.) (Before I lost my team.) Okay, there’s a lot of shit in here. (We were learning all we could about Blood Plague). (We found a cure that works.) Plague samples. (If you use it soon after infection. The Army took our lab when they left, but they didn’t get everything.) Okay, there you go. (Did you find it?) I got the plague, yeah. (No cure?) (That’s bad. I’ll need an infirmary to culture a new dose.) (Hey, Doc, the camp is compromised. Thanks to all the noise.) (The Zed’s are swarming the east perimeter.) Huh, oops. (The day we talked about? It’s here. It’s time to go.) (You know, I can’t leave Charlie!) (If you stay I gotta stay. Then, we all die. Charlie’s gone.) (But this guy still needs your help.) (Okay, but I need to say goodbye, you know?) (Becky quick we don’t have much time.) (Hey.) Okay, bye-bye! (I need your help with something.) (That thing in the cage, it was a person once. Charlie and I-) (We were all we had left. There’s only one option now.) (But I don’t have the strength.) You want me to kill your boyfriend?! Accept the gun from the doctor. Well, Charlie, you know what? No one else was going to do it. It’s been a long road Charlie! You know, I’ve only just met you and this is crazy, but… die, baby? (I’m sorry. I hope you’re in a better place now.) Yeah on the floor. We need to find a place to settle down. There are three towns near here. One’s up the foothills. Another is out in the plateau, and the last one is down in the Valley. Hmm. Foothills, Plateau, Valley. Foothills! I like the sound of that. (It seems we’re on the same page.) (It’s time to move.) Would you said that no matter what I said? (You drive, I’ll ride shotgun.) I want to go to the foothills! I’m glad we’re on the same page. I ‘m-I actually meant the plateau. I didn’t know what that word meant. Oh, well, I’m glad we’re on the same page. Washington. You’re such a sellout. Everybody in. Beep beep! Do I have a horn? Can I beep beep? Sorry, I’m just gonna open this door real quick. *laughs* It’s aerodynamic! It’s like, you know when you’re in water and swim with your arms. (How the hell do we do this without the Army around?) (It’s simple. We stay together.) I can’t turn. (We find somewhere safe. We survive) Just airing it out cuz my brother stinks of plague. *laughs* The state of decay of my brother. He’s not my brother, he’s my friend! Keep forgettin’. sure I’m happy Wow guys, I sure am happy I picked the foothills. (Shit.) This place looks awesome. (I’m getting that fucking zombie crud.) You shut up for a second. Ooo. There’s a house down here. Okay. Waypoint set. It’s all the way over there. Okay! Let’s roll on out, Washington. You coming with me? Aw hell, yeah. Jack and Washington together at last! Alone without that stupid Marrick. You know I’m saying? Oh, my cardio went up! Oh, yeah I forgot I started with some stats. Okay Let’s see what’s going on. I need to be careful. I can’t get overwhelmed You know, it’s just a commitment. Sorry! I’m not looking for a girlfriend right now! Oooo! Even though you have all the parts I’m looking for. Arms, head. They’re just not attached to the one person, you know? It’s kind of what I need in life. Can’t be going out with a dismembered person. Nice! I got +5 influence. Maybe the zombies will know who’s coming around then. (Let’s get this done.) (Let’s just get this done. Okay?) “Let’s get this done.” “Let’s just get this done.” (Zeds are everywhere.) Ha! I call dibs on this room! Haha, no too late Washington. Don’t give me that look. This is my room, now. You’re gonna have to share with Merrick. I hope you enjoy Blood Plague. Damn, Washington! You going off right now! Up top! Or run away. It’s fine. *Jack searches too quickly and makes noise, zombies hear* (I think I just put myself on the menu!) Sorry! (Nowhere for that to go.) Uh-oh. They in the house, Washington! You gots to fight back! Okay, he’s dead don’t worry about it. Is that one of them at the door? Don’t- Don’t do it. Don’t open that door. Okay, Washi-Washington! What is your problem? You see what happens? You open the door and then you can’t defend yourself. And again, as always… It’s up to Jack to clean up the mess. You guys are lucky I’m awesome, and forgiving, and love killing things. Anyway moving on. This place has got a great backyard! We could bring Merrick out here, and when he turns into a zombie we could tie him to that tree! And he could just roam around, you know? I think it’d be nice. (Why am I always itching to make another supply run?) I don’t know. Cuz you’ve no fucking hobbies in life? Kyep! Noice! Okay, sir. I’m gonna have to ask you to die! I know nature tried to kill you once and you’re still alive. Technically I’m gonna have to ask you’d die a second time. Okay. I need to secure this place. You dead? It’s not dead! Ooo. I think I cooked her good! Do you want THAT on the menu? *old-timey comedic music plays with close-up* Oh, I got a hiking backpack! Look at the size of this thing. I can carry Merrick in this. Oh, we can secure the place. Claim outpost. Requirements not met. One outpost slot (two available). What? Needs two beds? I don’t know what this means. *lightbulb moment* Oh, requires 400 thing. Okay. I get it. Okay. I’ll be back. Nice place. Don’t you think, Washington? Yeah. Think I’m gonna put a cinema room in the back. *sniffs* Ha, Washington! Out in the mountain trail, getting your steps in, feeling the air. Has a stench of ass and death on it. But you know what? This is two guys being dudes, huh? Just out and about, having a good time Okay, watch me do this. Watch it, now. Watch it. Watch this. Watch. These zombies have no idea. They’re so stupid. It’s like they don’t even gots brains no mores. See that? Pop goes the weasel! Yeah, I’m gonna have to do that to Merrick if he turns anymore. Ohhh! Coffee! Oh! Washington I haven’t had coffee in four years. Oh, I miss it so much. It used to get me up in the day. The only thing that gets me up now is killing things. I’m really worried about life after the apocalypse. Erm… Box of seeds, okay. They’re good. Seeds are good Washington! They help us plant and grow. You know like a relationship. That’s the analogy I’m making. I’m trying to say that we should be more connected. Provides us with food twice daily. *gasps* Dog! The pizza better not have pineapple and corn on it, or I swear to Jahiah. That’s not a real thing to, but I just like swearing to it cuz then it doesn’t get me in trouble. *Jack searches too fast again and makes noise.* Oh, tits! (Where should I put this?) Uh, up your ass? I don’t know! Washington, you kicked her in the shins! That is, by all intents and purposes, a dick move! Urgh, hua! Whoa. I’m chopping off bits of him like Obi-Wan and a droid! Washington, if I’m dinner… Yum! Okay, I want to try out something cool. Oh no, she’s gonna steal our place. She phased through the gate! Washington, okay. I had a hard time when it was just zombies. Sorry, ‘zeds’. But now they-they’re ghosts zombies?! Is she gonna phase through that gate as well? Please, don’t do it! Please don’t do it. Stay stay back. Okay, thank god. She’s not a ghost (Fire in the hole!) Okay, that didn’t work! I thought it would give me a chance to aim it. Umm. I just wasted it. Sorry, that was the last of the whiskey, as well. Sorry, my bad. I know how much of an alcoholic you are. I’m just trying to help you at the end of the day. You know, Washin-? Washington! Okay, there you are. Just sauntering on in. Time is money, Washington. We can’t just all rely on your schedule. There’s a lot of them! Oh, but they’re just lining up for death. I’m amazing! I don’t even need you anymore. Go back to… Washington. Ooh! Dibs! My bed! Oh, wait, no. It looks like there was a zombie orgy on top of that. I don’t know. It’s been there for 10 years, and I don’t know what just got there. So. You must enter every room and kill every zombie on the property. Don’t tell me what to do, game. There’s no more zombies here! Ohh, look at you hiding. (That won’t work!) Peekaboo! Found you! (All right, we’re clear. We should claim this place and get everybody moved in.) Caleb, who taught you how to-? (Hey doc, we found a spot .) (That should work well as our new home base.) Okay. (Nice work. Once you claim the site, my patient and I will meet you there.) Your patient. It’s my friend. His name is Merrick. He has a name! (Now that you’ve found us a good home, our next priority is to build an infirmary.) Oh, use the storage facility to drop off resources and to perform-I don’t know how to do any of this. All right, moving out! Do I have to go get Washington again? Oh, wait, I have to talk to Weaver. Sorry, I forgot that my friend was dying. I was just on a nice happy-go-lucky adventure. Weaver! Oh, wait. She’s sitting next to the fireplace. Eating her sorrows. Food isn’t love, Weaver. Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible. Without an infirmary, we’ll lose- What’s going on out there?! Washington! Deal with it! (I see a face that doesn’t wish us well.) Oh, wait. Weaver. Weaver! Goddamn it, you guys are all about- (You’re dead, do you hear me? Dead!) (Godspeed.) Okay. I did it. Did you kill the-Did you kill the ‘Zed’? Okay, he’s dead. See this is the hip hop and hop and pop and lock in place to be now. Travel through the cell tower so you can survey the area. Cell tower? Where the hell is the cell tower? Ooo, I see it! Hey, what’s up? See this? See this? Yeah, plenty more where that came from. Hup. Hup. Hua. Oh, I’m amazing! Two, three, doesn’t matter. I’ll take you all on! Anything more than that though is a bit much. Christ! Just a little off the top, huh? I’d make a great hairdresser. Fuck you looking at? Giving me those shade eyes Farisborough! (Hey, guys! I found a few things while I was out.) Oh. That’s good, thank you. Farisborough. It’s my favorite movie Faris Borough’s Day Off. *chuckles* What do you want from me, man? You gotta make your own fun when you’re stuck out here in a Zom-Pocalypse. Is this the cell tower? Loading dock? What?! Military check. *singing* Where is this cell tower that they are talking about? Dirty Bird espresso. *chuckles* Oh. It was all the way back there. I passed it! Ohhh. It’s that one! That other one wasn’t a cell tower. What you want from me? I’m not an archaeologist. I forgot I had a gun. Ah. Leup. *Cue Jack searching too loudly again* (Zombies will be here any second. Uh-oh! (Not going far with all this!) I’m a loud boy! Oh, my matchute is almost broken! What’s up, what’s up? Yeah, you’re dead now, that’s what’s up. Oh, hey, Jerry! Yeah, shame about that weather. *laughs* I hereby claim it as my own! I can’t I don’t have the materials. Climb to the top? What is this Far Cry? Assassin’s Creed? Surveying from a tower fills your map with location icons. (Made it. Proceeding as planned.) Wow Do I have to survey every single little thing? Oh, my God. Can I just do this like Superman reads a book? It’s like brr brr brr. Wow, I’m like a regular old Magellan. (Ow!) Oh, God! I thought pressing that button would make you slide! It did before, or were you just jumping off the ladder every time? Holy God, and you survived! Oh, wait, no. I only have a certain amount of health that I can get back to now. Oh, that was so silly! Jumped off and broke my fucking ass! *laughs* Oh, awesome! Washington, how’s it going? Oh God, Merrick! What happ- What happened?! Oh, that’s not him. Oh, okay, false alarm! I thought that was my best friend in the whole world, dead. Oh, this is confusing. Build an infirmary! There we go! (It’ll take a while for us to finish putting up the infirmary.) (In the meantime, look around for more supplies.) *chuckles* “Take a while.” It’ll take one minute! Okay, in about ten seconds this whole base is gonna be up and running. I better see it. I’m just gonna stay here and wait and watch. (This infirmary is exactly what we need to keep my patient alive.) (Once you give me the go-ahead I can start treating his symptoms.) Okay. Whaaat… I looked, that was not there. I was staring at it! Okay, select slot. Uh. Stabilize Blood Plague. There you go, Merrick! Now, you’re not gonna be a stupid son of a bitch much longer! You’re gonna be saved. I did that. I am the god of this world (That is, if we can keep our supply of meds from running out.) Okay, I really think he just has like chlamydia or gonorrhea or something. He looks like his his urine is just… Melting his penis off! (Hello! I see you folks are my new neighbours. Could one of you come by to help me out with something?) How’d you get this frequency? All right, cool! Well, that does it for a good day of Zombifying, I think. It’s nighttime now. So, I think it’s time my character go to sleep, He’s been up all day and he’s got those real red rose cheeks. He needs to rest! It’s a fun game! Um, controls are a little wonky and clunky and moving around your character feels like I don’t know. It feels like I’m fighting to control sometimes, but overall, I can see the potential in this! I might play more of it. It’s cool. But for now, thank you guys so much for watching this episode! If you liked it, punch the like button in the face, like a boss! And, high-fives all around. *Wapoosh* *Wapoosh* But thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes, in the next video! *Outro Music* Give it to me straight, doc. He’s dead, isn’t he?

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  1. I feel that if there was a zombie apocalypse it wouldn't be to hard to except because most ppl nowadays are creamated or donated to science

  2. 19:22 That was a big problem for me in SOD1! Zombies could just phase through doors when i had one opened and they would kill me if i had low health “or, vitality” as the game calls it. It was really annoying!!

  3. I just realized that the first characters names.are randomly generated, in the game I picked luis and Micah but in my game they were called Kevin and Robyn

  4. If you bite zombies you're kinda swallowing their bloods, probably, so you'd get infected.

    Moral of the story,

    Don't bite back.

  5. If you do continue this game be careful there’s a juggernaut search up on it and For those two will rip you apart fast I parred the first one they’re not fun to go against
    Please continue

  6. The overall voice acting in state of decay two sucks donkey dick they sound like there doing just find its a damn apocalyptic world maybe screaming or playing the part lol

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  9. Jack: Don’t open the door Washington.
    Washington: Fuck you, Jack. (Opens door)
    Washington: Gets attacked Shit I should have listened
    Jack: yea…

  10. Jack: don’t open that door Washington

    Washington: Fuck you (opens door and gets attacked)


    Washington: I should have listened

    Jack: yea…

  11. Can you please make another state of decay 2 episode please? Your are my favorite game player and I'm your number 1 fan I literally watched all your videos 10 times! But please I really wanna see you play this game again. Thanks lots of love.

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