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November 5, 2019

I want you to judge my doing the splits
ready are you watching yes he watching a very very limber
okay ready watching and yeah get me up get me up hello cookers if you love my
YouTube videos and subscribe to my channel right now I’m here at Elstree
Studios to meet all the contestants mr. Utley come dancing and to all the
challenges that my fantastic followers on Instagram have set me at I’ve said n
underscore 12 says thermo new YouTube video what’s your there consider it
don’t Kaka that’s what I’m doing now Oliver underscore license show us all
the lights alright there’s some lights there and
other Sun this way there’s some over there and there’s run over there and
back there’s some lights Evan doc Jones Oh 402 says Duva Samba
well I’m gonna call on my chums Kelvin Fletcher and no Tim abou say for that
whoops yeah are you enjoying you fantastic dancing air program yes going
well it’s got have you been watching no so are you enjoying dancing me vote
I’m loving dancing with Altis she’s great Oh G are you enjoying dancing with
Kelvin Fletcher absolutely can you teach me how to December yeah I want Calvin to
relearn the Samba so very good on you you’ll like it wiggle your hips yes I’m
wiggling a bit taller then Maddie underscore hunter o6s play
football with Alex Scott an oaf our duck Gracie says died ahead ginger like Neal
well I know the perfect person to do this with Kaka and tongue jokes Kaka
whoops really good no one’s noticed thank you
don’t we see they don’t even know is there a way to ball wet Emily – seven –
William says flirt with Saffy B oh yes any time oh hi Joanne are you dancing do
you wanna go with dancing with me yes I flirted with saffron Birkin lalalalalala
whoops that’s a eh one six so far says do the splits
consider it done soccer I’m really excited to see you happy to see you
again I bet you wish you were dancing Mia not that I’m a big fan
yeah I’m a big fan of yo I think you’re great I am great and I want you to judge
my doing the splits ready are you watching
yes watching a very very limber okay ready watching and yeah ah get me up get
me up who’s boss sorry okay I think I’m after the lie down which Ranger a knee
can’t give you a seven don’t you have ideas seven on the show
Thank You Oliver five six four eight says teach a
professional how to dance and Jake Hodor says out dance Corinne easy
never gonna happen you mustn’t oh he was that disco dancing right there that’s we
shall get hurts i won well write down danced use it not my go yeah go on Oh
are them women oh you know it yeah I’ll be answer
therefore I’m already with it and you just put up with flu cuz you’ve
got a bit close a me mister this is my next challenge
copy me okay there yeah I just took a professional
counted dance thank you crazy super caucus mr. axe
why are you wearing no trousers again no Kimbo to 5:3 says lick the people
without any excuse Kaka I’ve been set a challenge by the lovely viewers at home
can you guess what my challenge is Foxtrot no I’ve already had that this
morning Oh Oh a very Dicky stomach okay ridiculous when I challenge was to lick
all the people nobody’s talking to smell of meat pace now no more than usual my focus yes
I’ve won the tie serious exactly you won the season know me you could be the next
Kim Widdecombe Phoebe Douglas says have a party well I love me a party hey there
we go cocky yes good luck with the dancing
thank you wall-crawler underscore pics challenges meet you did the Argentine
tango well I’ve got the legs for it Kaka G hours the journey are you learning
things along the way oh wow we learnt a lot a lot this week I’m not very good at this dogs will you
teach me how did you do the Argentine tango oh yes yes for starters you have
to have our cheeks together so coming in cohesion together yes yes yeah shave and
then we’re gonna leave sorry Lily you have to get your leg in it you ever
do that yes buddy get all nice flexibility I’m very flexible I can’t do
Tuesdays ok ok ok it’s underscore M oh three oh
three says speak to Diane and have fun I can do both those things caucus could
you tell me a few things about dancing you never do a heel lead in a cha-cha or
a rumba do that yep you have to straighten your legs in the
cha cha yeah easy that yeah ballroom frame you have to have your
elbows both pointing up and in a straight line and you that and what’s
your bit of advice don’t enjoy it and have fun if you do serious if you’re
trying to be too cool it’s not gonna work my challenge was to speak to Diane
and have fun and I’ve done both of those things at the same time thank you and
you’re great on radio Casey James underscore Holly head one says dance
with Anton defense as is probably my size ha is a short little man Cocker
but I’ll ever dance with him yeah it’s lovely having a nice big cuddle enough
yeah you’ve got lovely manly hands like a build my challenge is to dance with
TVs answered the back oh it’s me oh and teach me how to dance a little rock from
Sasha do a little back bend okay ulis he’s done this you found Sophie says
interview some other stars about their strictly experiences oh how very formal
all right then can they get a kiss coach again Kaka delicious hey David your turn new dos cosas con caca I’m quite the
professional but I’ve got two left feet Kurt subpoenaed habla what do you think
ha ha now huh could you tell me about yours
strictly experiences Nadia oh I thought it’s about him is about both yeah yeah
oh I absolutely love it it’s my third season yeah and it’s amazing because I
have the best partner ah where’s my first season and it’s amazing because I
have the best partner thank you well thank you did a fantastic challenge
where I had to ask some people about their strictly experiences and I managed
it and I got my first season so frankly I’m very good at can I borrow that shirt
for one of the dogs is one of yours now Turner’s underskirt 2003 so he’s danced
with a professional easy rush your favourite dance
woof-woof-woof my favorite legs are if I could have one with you they’ll be
lovely when you come me out son for I I’m gonna dance with you clutch me hey
thank you very much Anton I might actually say are you and Aniyah
I am Who I am I would try to be Libby dr. Hamilton says kiss Katherine Disney
any excuse Kaka whoops give us a kiss Kaka yes I achieved me
challenge it was the kiss cap to Z I’m Ally me I might as well kiss Johannes
relieve here’s a kiss Kaka oh I’m not I’m aboard at arena well
that’s all your challenge is complete from strictly apart from Wang Kaka amber
underscore Beaumont has challenged me to have a celebratory biryani after it all
I might just go and do about now Kaka if my channel gives you dancing feet then
subscribe to me here yes if you want to check check me out daily follow me on
Instagram here whoops and if you want to slow waltz through my other films watch
him right now over there caucus

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  1. Yes hacker you will be amazing on strictly. Your amazing dog and i grow up watching you on CBBC when i was little. You crack me up so much.

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