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August 26, 2019

This video was brought to you by Origin PC HELLLLOOOOOO!!!! Welcome, come on in. Oh! Glad you could make it on my 2017 office tour. Ohhhh! Take it all in! Look at that! BAMMMM! *fire effect* Custom chair, son! Custom stuff, other things. Oh Wow! [it’s free real estate] All right, where do I begin? Let’s start off…. Hey, I’m over here. Let’s- *laughs* Let’s start off with what everyone wants to see, Which is of course Marzia. Marzia: The Chair!
PewDiePie: The computer! Chair is very important too. The computer, brand new baby. I got this today. I just barely set it up. Uh – I’m very excited to finally be showing it off as you know I’ve been working with Origin PC Wonderful people. Wonderful… That’s what they are. They are people. And I got it today. I just set it up. It looks so sick. I didn’t think I could get like a more beasty computer than my last one, but here we are. This is not a beast, this is a monster. Edgar: I’m a monster too The Specs But pewds, what are the specs?
Atatatata Okay, this. Like they even signed it, so cute We got the Origin PC Genesis. This is their case. I love it. It looks amazing. Custom painted. Uhhh… Unfortunately, you don’t see it, but on this side it says squad fam. If you look here inside, we got the atata… What is that, hmm? What is that? The Brofist logo, custom and even on the graphics card. It looks.. This is the Mona Lisa of computers, guys. Okay? I know you’re jealous. Very nice case. It’s so easy to access everything in the back. I constantly have to change stuff, even got the front nice and covered, of course. You know the most important thing is that you can show off different colors to your Your wamen, aren’t you impressed? Like it changes colors, Marzia Each of these computers are custom made, and I am so proud to be the first one to unveil this brand new model of a computer and be the first one to own it, to actually have it. So cool! We’re gonna give away a computer as well. That’s been kissed by me. That’s right. So check out the link in the description for that. Anything that you want to access I don’t know, for some reason. I don’t know what this does but… I don’t know what I do here, but if I needed to do it. I can do it. Okay. It’s got an Asus Prime X299 I’m guessing that’s the motherboard. It’s liquid cooled, Intel Core i9, baby! 2.6 Gigahertz! God damn that’s powerful. I need that when I’m playing Roblox Hehehehe… 64 gigabyte DDR4 memory Look at them, they are litten up too – I can change the color on those bitches. Why are you laughing? It’s cool, okay? What’s so funny about this? Dual liquid cooled nVIDIA GTX 1080 (Ti) With my little signature on there. SLI, that’s for when I’m recording Happy Wheels you need that extra extra power. Okay? You need that super strength… This is like, two really strong Swedish men right here It doesn’t get more powerful than this is what I’m trying to say 500 Gigabyte Samsung 960 Evo And then we have 4 Terabyte Samsung 850 Evo SSD. The memory is somewhere inside the computer. Marzia: It’s really good(?) It’s super fast memory, which is good for me obviously. Marzia: Cause he have no memoryyyy?? Okay… great! Good one… 1.3 kilowatt EVGA supernova G2 PSU Marzia: What are those clear thing? Which clear things? Marzia: The tubes? That’s the liquid cooling That, it is cool. Don’t drink it, though. You’ll feel bad. Now, of course you know I’m not just some pleb that gets this amazing computer. Of course, I treat her with respect Look at the cable management here guys, my god, so if you come back [To Marzia: come here, come here Marzia] VeRy NiCe Very nice, so all of that goes in here and then all the crap gets, we don’t need to lift this one But uuh it’s… it’s very nicely organized in there. Okay, very nice, then we have all the cables going up (up up up up up) Up, up, up, up, up… watch your head Marzia. Oh, no, what’s happening oh? *Marzia dying inside* So obviously, I need to be able to move this desk up and forth but the cable(s) They still need to be the right length. Perfect solution. Incredible! Felix, you’re a genius. I know!! Look at that cable management! Whenever I see someone with a nice PC I’m like, well show me your cables… You call that cable management? [spits on those cable]. You disgust me. Let’s take it down a notch First of all: Origin PC, God bless you! Uh, I work with a lot of sponsors, but they’ve been just a joy to work with. I cannot recommend their product enough I am so happy with this computer if you want to check it out yourself, link in the description Obviously, uh, Appreciate you supporting them and supporting me at the same time. Namaste. *clap* Moving on with the rest of the setup. I have three Asus What do they call them? They’re bent, they’re curved, they’re curved three, so? AH! Okay, ah So nice, very nice. You know how nice it is to this have curved screens, three of them. This is how you get women, Marzia. Marzia: Thank you, for letting me know No, nononono, this is how I got you Marzia: Sure… The mouse mat. Look at this mouse mat. [Marzia: How big is it?] It’s soo big Look how big is it. [Marzia: OHH MAH GAHHHD! LOOK HOW BIG THIS IS! (that’s what she said) VErY NiCe. Got the Corsair (Strafe I guess?) mechanic keyboard, but it’s silent. You know when I record videos, you don’t want to hear my keyboard half the time If I’m clicking. VeRy NiCe textured key… very nice, right? [Marzia: Mhm…] You can say very nice Marzia: Very nice. (Plays circle game and Felix falls for it) Did you just… me? *gets punched in the arm* AGHHHH! Got a BenQ (BenQ Zowie FK series) Uh… What is- what do *rest is inaudible* Marzia: You know your stuff, bro? It’s a mouse. It’s a m-mou-mouse. Click on it. It’s got a nice click on it, right? Right? [Marzia: Oooh] You feel the power in the click cuz you know I have so much power and I need it to translate. When I’m slaying noobs. You know I’m saying? You know you know exactly what I’m saying Microphone. What I’m using is uhh I got these recently It’s like golden, but you can’t really see it AKG Honestly, they’re all the same don’t want to spend money on a nice microphone. It’s an XLR so it goes into this Roland, eh audio interface… I’ve been through like five of these, none of them work… This one barely works I don’t understand microphones, can someone help me? It’s always some issue with audio, and it doesn’t even sound that great, hahaha… But I double up with pop filters because you know I’m going pEwDiE pIe (PAH)! You don’t want your ears to explode. You’re welcome. I THINK ABOUT YOU! (Earrape). When I record Basically just pull this down bam bam Got my Canon Usually I record with the camera Marzia is using right now, but this, I put it up there just so you get an idea it goes straight in right into my computer and uhh Since this is a new computer. I don’t have the… I don’t have the like software or whatever I usually record with OBS. Just turn the shit on BAM we’re good to go recording straight to my computer Very nice and easy, it’s all made to make these (videos) Oh I want to stand up? Ohh no big deal chair get out of the way as much as I love you Get out of the way “Hey guys it’s PewDiePie!” Huh? How easy was that? Done! Send that shit to Brad. Done. Of course, got my, Legendary headphones. Yyyou can’t find these anywhere… Because we sell them on the website but, you can f… I mean you can find them… you can, you should find them… got the beautiful Pewds signature on them look at that. Look at that, throw off the snow goes well. Oh my god. Oh They fit like perfectly. Hey Pewds… You have pretty cool headphones. You got a pretty cool setup. You got a brand new computer, but can you do this??? Hahahehe Uhhh (groaning) So comfortable Obviously, I love this chair. It’s gorgeous. It’s sexy, but it’s still subtle. Clutch, I love you. Thank you for making this with me. Oh what’s this over here? Oh? Godzilla, what do you do? It… Excuse me good fella? To keep the Burglars away, you know? My 50 million plaque, no big deal… Almost at sixty now Who’s counting? Got uh… this one, speaker, very nice. It was given to me by Spotify. Thank you. I love it! Very nice, Swedish design. And of course my Kaws figurines. A lot of people asked about these. I actually have a tattoo from one of his figurines. Oh, it’s just like, the most unintentional hypebeast thing to do, I didn’t know Like it was part of some kind of culture to have figurines, but, I love them. You gifted them to me didn’t you? [Marzia: Mhm.] You did. I love them, thank you! Got it lit up with the custom, whatever. I don’t know. It’s just, it’s nice. You know light can really change a room. This is a very small room, but I really like it that way cuz it feels cozy. Like before I used to be in an office and I had so much space, and it just felt weird like when you’re in front of your computer you want it to be your little man cave right? Was that it. I don’t know Marzia: What about your green screen? Oh, of course! So Genius as I am, I bought a projector right? sound isn’t the most pleasing sound but I I painted it green… Probably could have picked a better, more greenish tone, but it works. It works pretty well. Boom! Green screen right away. No problem! Easy! Are you not impressed like that’s genius… I know. Have you seen anyone else on YouTube do that? No, because I’m ten steps ahead of everyone. Now I could probably just pay some guy to do all this for me, but and, make it 10 times better… But, it’s more personal this way. You know? See it’s quiet when it goes up. I don’t understand why it’s so loud when I take it down… Of cou… [Marzia inaudible interupts] You think you know everything, don’t you? What’s that behind the computer Felix? Oh, don’t worry. I got all my shit, in these boxes. I also put up the oc(ulus?) eh, the (htc) vive sensors, so that I can… since you guys looked(?) the VR videos So everything’s meant to be as easy as possible. I think when you’re recording videos every single day, you really need things to just [Snapping with fingers: snap, snap, snap, snap, snap] It saves you so much time yeah, no, I don’t want to just like: “Oh I have to shoot this video, I gotta set this up…” like it’s, it’s all: Bam Bam Bam, green screen. [Crazy Big Shaq like sounds…] And it’s nice. Everything matches perfectly. You get the perfect black, red, white cube It’s all very well thought out, even small details. You know? Oh, what’s this? This is just my amazing Honor 7x, with my custom pop socket. Also matching. Of course it’s matching. Why are you even asking? You really feel like a king in here. Wait, I’m not done yet. I’m not done yet… Okay… Well, I’ll see you later, eh Leave a like! For real I need you back here though The genesis pc It’s the most advanced custom built computer in the world. It doesn’t get better than this. This is the top of the top, and it’s my pleasure and privilege, to be owning one of these bad boys. If you get one of these, you get them for life you get 24-hour custom service for life, okay? They’re not just selling you something and shoving you out in the desert. They say hey, we got water too. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh Pewds, you’re just showing all this stuff off!” What about me? Don’t worry! I got you! Check out We’re gonna give away a computer that I’ve been using. It makes it better if I’ve been using it, okay? All the files will be there, all the history, all the data… Think about it. You’re super zoomed in right now. Yeah you are, I can see the lens.

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