My new Minecraft House is EPIC! –  LWIAY #0086
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My new Minecraft House is EPIC! – LWIAY #0086

August 25, 2019

*big Chungus clap* How do I start the video? *LWIAY’s amazing theme song* Welcome to LWIAY, everyone. Everyone’s. Favourite. Show. let’s jump in! of course the number one thing this week brad bye bye everyone say “bye bye” Brad has left the channel This is so sad
🙁 but the videos must still continue! “Sive” you are now “Brad 1” no that’s just… You’re finally Sive 1, congratulations *happy music plays* *community work from here pls, I just saved the other subs* All the best and good luck for Brad Wow that it’s amazing! that give me serious shadow of the colossus vibes I really
want to build another meatball you ever have that feeling when you’re like I
want to build another meatball right now right now I want to build another meatball so this is made of u/maskman insane and that kids is how I Met Your
Mother Now Frick *laugh* Do It! *clap* I mean they did do it (oh yeah? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I realize the one that went into the
other cage is most likely it’s so tiny that it could escape and then he went
through the other cage and then he grew up in there it all makes sense
they frick they frick *laugh* okay, yeah yeah yeah this is the plan that we have on the
Minecraft series I have the Trident actually that was a spoiler oh God oh I had the channeling, and it’s about to go down (get ready wither!) and it’s gonna be sweet in case you
don’t know we’re gonna frick the wither with pigmen what am I talking about
I’m trying to unravel this video as if you never seen my channel before and I
realize this is absolutely impossible the amount of lore the amount of
knowledge you need to understand Pewdiepie Maria:
wow you’re up nice early Felix knowing damn well he’s been up all night playing Minecraft I would if I could okay I’m literally
shooting this video early same thing last week camera like he looks so tired
like yeah it’s so I can play Minecraft you don’t understand
hey where’s sven by the way getting flashbacks here I don’t understand your
memes (pathetic) How I’m I suppose to understand this? the original the
critically-acclaimed sequel the underappreciated revision the failed
live-action the controversial spin-off ooh the fanfic that went too far oh
it’s gone too far it’s definitely gone too far at this point Hi sven, looking
forward to becoming friends oh no run run while you still have the chance (dramatic flashback) this is so mean. do you think
I want to live like this all alone and no one loves me everyone dead hey you’re
going to sleep yes now shit what if Marzia inhaled a helium balloon hmm upcoming video idea
question mark I think she’s done it we’ve done it in a video Markiplier didn’t
want to play undertale because people harassed him for playing it the wrong
way don’t do this with Felix and it’s minecraft series let him play how he
wants to play I’m pretty sure we’ve established this but I do appreciate it
“NOW FRICK” I think that’s what made the series so fun people just wanted to help
out instead of being like oh this idiot why you do it wrong am I really going
to defile this grave for money I needed the money
I’ll built ornaments okay it all evens out it all evens out nobody: pictures in
every barber shop how do you guys find this that’s a dope foot as though like
that was that’s pretty cool peace and tranquility until “DINNERBONE!!!” bahahaha I love
these sober fanarts they just show how dumb the whole thing is wouldnt it be
amazing no it wouldn’t have been amazing it would have been horrible and sad but wouldn’t it been amazing if I actually killed him “I found yOU” Felix you have
your Trident in your second house now I don’t I lost it in the water temple the
first time I went in I was like I’ll bring my Trident that’ll be cool right I
died I lost said we don’t have to talk about it it doesn’t matter okay at least
I’m being honest instead of just being like oh I’ll just spawn that in okay so
appreciate honesty hello the last thing a villager sees
before gets kidnapped “GET IN THE BOAT” oh my god you guys might said told me how
annoying it was that she posted her photo and everyone just made peopIe
references and I was like yeah that is really annoying and then I read the
comments “get in the boat” “Marzia searching for Dinnerbone” and I’m like that’s actually funny Marzia’s like wedding over Felix when you’re tending to your farm and some Swedish
man starts walking when you’re tending to your farm and some Swedish guy starts
complimenting your crops and whips out a boat from his back pocket no matter how
far you’ve come never forget your roots I saw this
someone someone didn’t like fixing or improving which is not fair
I will never be able to build like this come on I do love the Atlas Shrugged a
statue that’s really dope how Joergen 1 & 2 died so sad by the way how Bernie died
a goddamn hero never forget what Bernie did for your country
nobody Shampoo advertisement damn she must use a lot of that bamboo peepee
poo-poo has observed Pewds from the very beginning he’s been there since number
one before Joergen before Sven there’s a common fan theory right now that Peepee Poopoo
is whoever holds the saddle no one: Pewdiepie when he sees minecraft meme: I understand that reference I know where this is coming from how long can we push
minecraft until it becomes cringy again I’m just curious villager taking photo
after being kidnapped see I saw this and that’s when when that’s when Brad went
bye-bye I was like this is the picture armed robber wore Minecraft costume
police say- dude at the counter: AWWWW MAN aww man and then he started flossin’
creeper aww man this is what went down and then ali-a came in out of nowhere it
was epic it was crazy Pewdiepie cheating other people cheating cheating for a
really cool base full of immense riches cheating to feed peepee poopoo army the
meatball is real get it in your thick skulls petition to have Pewdiepie put a Dutch
flag in the nether to make it Netherlands that’s genius that is the
smartest thing I’ve ever heard what is wrong with nether what is wrong
with Dutch people while you’re a country like this I am inevitable and I am sorry
damn that’s badass Loki this kind of makes me want to bring Sven to the fight
against the wither *throws Sven a sword* “here Sven go” “but I know don’t how to use” “I saw
you in anime you did it” 2014 now I don’t believe in gods or anything 2019
PewDiePie: Oh Almighty water sheep give us guidance give us hope show us the way
water sheep accept humble offering minecraft truly has made me a believer
again it’s getting pretty dark down here hello I left him for half an episode
oh no he’s died this makes it so much sadder F’s in the chat boys at least he
died for a good cars Adventure is out there jack told me yesterday he’s like
Felix I have to tell you something you can put dog in boat and then you can
make horse go after I’m like really you think I don’t know they spend do
something bark incredible haha what I don’t know if it ever got posted here
but adventure time predicted water sheep my God my God he exists in every
universe every realm there is a water ship Felix when you turn the Peepee poopoo army into Zombie pigmen make sure Sven is sitting at all times. if he’s not then he will
try and attack pigmen that you struck with lightning the Pigman will kill him
keep Sven safe! that’s not Sven why you waste my time they build some assassin
an army of 60 million subscribers an army of nine-year-olds an army of peepee poopoo and I got so many comments about people from like dude such a childish
name bro grow up are you actually 9 I’m like yeah
yeah yeah it’s not ironic humor okay just cuz you
don’t have the big brains to understand an ironic humor and don’t try to
criticize me and the boys rading area 51 me and the boys coming back damn
water sheep look hella freaky you asking me add I’d ask if you’re single Sive
when people still call him Brad – after Brad stop editing for Pewds say sive
right now such a good meme sive don’t cut this out oh that’s right now you can’t
blame Brad if anything gets cut out anymore
ah now it hurts how can I enjoy LWAIY now if I can’t complain to Brad here it is!
Peepee poopoo is not a name it’s a title given to the most distinguished swine
that is destined to lead the army Walking Dead I killed 14 characters Game
of Thrones well I killed 37 characters and Mateus I liked the cloak as well
amateurs all my friends I kill in two weeks Pewds
will hit 99 420696 subscribers I don’t know if that’s true but I’m too lazy to
check stuff that’s awesome hey guys 12-hour Minecraft livestream at
a hundred million let’s get it go subscribe goddamn it tell your friends
and family kids for the future here guys Check out my STREAM DECK XL Elgato
can you see it it’s actually really useful now that I edit some of my own
videos I can put commands and open different apps just by clicking buttons
*pling pling pling* open edit *blop* you see that you see screen change open
photoshop *blop blip blop blip blop* it’s really cool i’ll definitely recommend
checking out using a sound boards and all that kind of stuff on with video
link description byE Pewds subreddit will become the biggest subreddit in 2021
that’s true but I’m too lazy to check I like that meme template that’s good
Pewdiepie your diamond swo- I don’t have time to read
I guess I’m kidding alright I appreciate it thank you again? seriously? I get the
jOKE! ha ha especially we need to get the
lapis you like blue! blue! is there some kind of automatic fish farm I can make
this entire sub come on well then tell me choose your superpower
flight invisibility fast control water cloning that’s is ability it all makes
sense while t-series wanting subs Felix
wanting relevancy it’s probably just because you’re subscribed and you know
it doesn’t matter sure sure whoa that’s a strong cat sorry mr. cat I
still don’t have a cat in minecraft I woke up in the middle of the night Marzia comes over are you okay Felix I still don’t have cat in minecraft
Felix you need three babies so that baby has bed too. before you get a third bed they
won’t frick oh they fricked you just gotta throw fruits and vegetables at
them they will fricky I know you guys are 9 and you want to try and tell me these
stuff like I don’t know how to frick ok throw vegetables get a bed put some
nice lighting and they will frick everyone fricky smicky I can say
frick as many times as I want fricky leekie picky YouTube what are you gonna
do I found a loophole in system frick frick frick frick I hold the power now I
bet if we all said Frick enough that would be the new F word when people
realize they can’t blame – there it is! haha what can your Minecraft chair
do this why have I not built this alright I’m writing that down I’m
writing that down for my minecraft letsplay see I saw this and it was
actually really helpful I appreciate it so Billie Eilish’s music publisher just
100% of the revenue from my cover video it features no part of the
original recording on Spotify they would only be able to take about 25 percent of
the revenue YouTube has made awful deals given the industry music industry all
the power thank you well put Joe oh you
this 10-minute original content video oh I’m sorry we own half a second of that
money give me money mine don’t let Pewds forget that he has to
marry Marzia this year instead of getting addicted to minecraft oh I’m
well aware it’s really hard already keeping up with everything I have an
idea for Felix water sheep wool that is so cool since I just Pistons pushing it
through oh yeah doesn’t look too complicated either I can build that yeah
yeah that’s so cool I think the only problem is it’s gonna be quite loud
isn’t it having Pistons going constantly dudes can’t wait to show you all we have
dorky organ now that’s right that’s his name did you really forget his second
house near the iceberg yeah it’s ugly okay let it burn is are we not gonna
talk about the irony of the fact that I killed people poopoo with what I was
trying to heal him with isn’t there some bittersweet harmony there peepee poo-poo
and their dragon high effort meme took me five second damn episode one he’s
come so far I can’t ride the pig are you kidding me
Joyner smell of pee pee Rolfe my best friend throughout the whole playthrough
say sack right now I just realize any time I say my best friend my best friend
dies and friend is supposed to be my best friend and he not die
Sven kill everyone just a theory pity pine can making a cobblestone generator
for three video stream I’m sorry I’m sorry for taking so long it’s it’s not a
I sure it’s big brain time it makes plague a load Felix play with Jack
physics play oh yeah I saw this in the comments I’ve used it already
thank you it’s actually really helpful oh man
damn that’s epic during the winter battle Felix is going to accidentally
hit a zombie pigman and they will all try this can’t happen they are loyal to
me I birthed them I birthed them they loyal God you guys make me cringe Pete
if I should get an orange cat in Minecraft like his old cat schnitzel
what if schnitzel come from his name was good stuff because good stuff means
Garfield in Swedish and he was orange and it was also very effective when we
also didn’t like him so no no thank you how do you know about my old cat huh how
do you know can you make them fat like that cuz then I want them if I can make
him fat I want them you could seriously hurt yourself son please push me to the
edge old friends equals dead I have to change the lyrics otherwise this video
gets copyrighted Thank You YouTube the system is working perfect oh my god what
if Sven is killing everybody to be alone with pizza forever this is literally why
I said our thoughts are like so sync today my sis engagement ring how do you
guys know how do you guys finally stuff when your name is the same as Felix dawg
it’s free karma spend upvote saving them their bone from the bottom of the ocean
or saving dinnerbone from felix by hiding him tempeh come on he’s safe not
he’s been safe at least an episode and that’s longer than most people this game
is so anime damn oh my god that’s so cool well and it’s not how we went down by
the end that’s awesome that’s so cool yes dark Jurgen everyone
it’s so cute that’s awesome you can’t defeat me I know but he can oh no bad 20:43 3117 41 42 it is a lot of work and
I appreciate you guys appreciating the extra time that was the sentence
apparently not only is there an Ikea fish but there’s also Petey Piper what
give give it Felix I did some redstone of gabbro damn what is that
it’s like people building computers in Minecraft I read this book called the
three-body problem they make a computer out of people like an army of people
just by making them follow certain commands and always always make me think
of Minecraft how you can just make a computer literally out of anything that
can listen to simple see I don’t know how to a computer works okay I just
think it’s cool that you can actually do that according to IMDB peer news is the
48th best show top ten let’s go baby tub Ted there it is thanks guys I really
really appreciate it oh that’s so cute you felt bad for them
YouTube trending again seriously you can’t stop minecraft youtube I fear no
man with that thing it’s gays you should be afraid we’re coming for you with her
whether you like it or not sweat survives eleven creeper explosions Felix
uses two totems home undying while building
oh there’s another one oh I’m sorry IKEA bird you came for the
name tag on slimes and they want these spot edit never mind he died why join us
roll ha ha ha ha ha can we appreciate how generally happy is how much he
accomplished in today’s episode I did redstone it make me happy when redstone
works because it make me angry when it doesn’t fame power fat bank can’t change
everyone or pet bed this is sad it’s when you’re the new DJ sweat
alright gamers thanks for watching another episode of lawanna thanks for
all the support thanks for checking out the merch
everything you do has been amazing ever since they played minecraft i’ve been
generally having so much fun and i hope you had it as well i want to finish this
off by playing a song by part in the backyard this will be the outer of this
video thank you guys for watching as always see you next time and you’re Jurgen he is gone you only have your spit here’s your baby your European ages gone you openly ask your swissbear here’s your baby what

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  1. So since im from sweden i thought that peepeepoopoo was a hilarious name, and i laughed at it all the time. Then i realized…..

    iTS aN incReDIbLE nAmE


  3. Pewds Viking ancestor: Raids villages on a ship and kidnaps villagers.

    Pewds 2019: kidnaps villagers on a boat in Minecraft.


  4. Пьюдс оставил Икея – птицу там на ПОЛ ЭПИЗОДА! Когда успели нарисовать такой фан – арт?!

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