My New Esports Gaming Chair! (Quersus Review)
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My New Esports Gaming Chair! (Quersus Review)

August 27, 2019

There’s a lot of different choices for gaming
chairs, but I decided to partner up with Quersus which focuses on esports related gaming chairs
and give you a guys a review on one of their chairs. Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar,
Maxim here! This chair is called the E302 which comes
from the E-line and as you can see on the site there are many different ones to choose
from. So there’s three reasons why Quersus is a
good choice for Gaming Chairs, and I’m going to talk about them in the video with my honest
opinion. Let’s start with the packaging. It was smaller than what I imagined it to
be, I was expecting another box, but no, all the parts were inside, and it’s still surprisingly
large. Assembling the chair was fun, easier and faster
than IKEA furniture. It was clear from the get go which part of
the chair was what when I opened the package, the instruction manual was just a simple two-sided
paper and the screws plus smaller accessories were neatly sorted. Daym. For me, this is reason number 1 – Good packaging,
neatly organized and easy to understand. Assembling took about 30 minutes for me since
I like to go slow so I don’t do anything wrong, but you could easily get this chair up in
around 10 minutes. Now reason number 2 is on customization. This chair is obviously very comfortable,
you can lean-back, change the height, basically do stuff most chairs offer, but there’s some
extra things that I really enjoy. First, you can customize your cushion to give
it your own logo. Here’s mine for example. The logo we used however has lots of colors
and details so it didn’t come out that great, but if you only have like 2 or 3 colors in
your logo and less details it will look really good. I also have a yellow cushion to fit the theme
which is always included when you get a chair. Second, most if not all gaming chairs will
give you the ability to adjust your armrests, but this one takes it a bit further and gives
you the option to go down, up, rotate left, rotate right, backwards, forwards, and even
go inwards and outwards. Third, is the ability to adjust the so called
lumbar region. So with this knob you can push the chair forward
so your back gets more support. This is a very underestimated feature of the
chair that I didn’t know I would like so much. I’m kind of a lounger when I do things casually
on the computer, so this really helps my lower back. Now reason number 3 are the little things. Each lever on the chair has an image so you
know what it does, the wheels are non-scratching so the floor doesn’t get damaged when you
move around, and it doesn’t leave any ass-marks because
it’s using soft, thick and highly durable faux leather. No but seriously it’s extremely comfortable
and I really like that it doesn’t leave any stains. The whole chair feels very durable and sturdy. If I lean-back on it I’m not afraid to fall
down or anything like that which we’ve seen people do occasionally on stream. It does feel like a premium product which
knows what it wants to be. So that’s the Quersus Esports gaming chair
and it’s the most comfortable chair that I’ve used so far. It’s probably because the model is perfect
for me in terms of size, I’m gonna put links below if you’re interested. So if you have a gaming chair today, which
one are you currently using? You can follow me on Twitter to see what’s
happening behind the scenes, I’ll see you guys in the next one, and go bananas!

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    I wasn't paid to make this video btw. They sent me one, told me I could promote it however I want just be honest about it, so it felt like the right thing to do to make a review…If you don't like reviews, wait for mah next upload and in the meantime cya! 💛

  2. Im using a common office chair.. to have a more healthy position, Im simply using a pillow from my sofa, it works quite well and supports my back – try it out!! only thing that bothers me are the armrests blocking the chair off from rolling under the table while still sitting high..

  3. well since i work in esport agency i have sat on so many different charis, and i sit on quersus daily as well in office and i can clearly say that quersus (any model) is THE BEST of all the charis existing on the planet, so Maxim, good choice bruh ^^ (ps. I'm from Poland and quersus is a polish company ;D)

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