MY LEGACY WILL BE GREAT | Cristiano Ronaldo interview and epic quickfire questions
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MY LEGACY WILL BE GREAT | Cristiano Ronaldo interview and epic quickfire questions

October 24, 2019

What I did in the football and I still do it I think people gonna remember Cristiano for many many many years And my legacy will be great in my opinion Hi Cristiano Im next, Joltter from Unisport! – You okay? I saw you before, right?
– Yeah, in Madrid! You were on the pitch and somebody scared you when you jumped up Alright, if the first thing we can do is move you a little bit, we put your chair maybe here – Okay?
– Yeap! – Are you ready?
– Yeah. Guys and girls today it’s one of those days when it’s difficult not to smile because I’m joined by the legendary, the all-time great: CRISTIANO RONALDO – What’s up, you good?
– Im good how are you? are you happy with that intro yes I am
perfect so first of all I would like to you know talk to you about your physique
which has obviously developed a lot since the beginning of your professional
career you know what would you say motivated you to completely you know
transform yourself to become the athlete you are today all is not secrets since
when I was well as I started to do it like a program like gym for fun after
that I start to see you know I was improve I become more you know more
muscles in the beginning I have good our model is my family love good genetic
helps you know but if you don’t work your genetic it’s nothing you know and I
start to do it you know small exercises and small things and I can always see
wow I have you know the arm is better the veins can see a little bit the Habs
the chest you know what’s fun in the beginning and that I say well if you can
transform your body for the sports for football it’s good you’re gonna help
because you have talent and if you are strong will be better because you you
know the impacts that you’re gonna get in the game you’re gonna be more strong
it will be better for you I don’t do it Jim for the pictures you
know I do it for the sports because I know that helps me to be better player
alright from the outside at least it seems like you know your style of play
changed a little bit over the years from like being this step over Wingert so you
know nowadays being but you know you know I almost see you as a pure deadly
strike or nowadays do you feel that way and has it maybe been a conscious
decision you know as you know with the with the age you have to change a few
things doesn’t mean that I’m not still able to dribbling many many times during
the game I can do that but I realized a few years ago maybe six seven years ago
that’s the most important thing it’s to win the game to help the team and score
goals and my focus is always there you win the games for left to score goals
and my energy I keep to be you know as I said before to help the team to win the
game which is the most important and after with the goals because I know if I
score goals it’s better for the team and of course I change during the a when I
was in Manchester I was more pure winger drilling cross you know during the time
when I come to Spain I start to see more the goal and I start to go goes and goes
and goes and so wow this is good I like to score goals the team is the most
important but of course I love the scores I have to ask you about the World
Cup what kind of dreams and hopes you have
going for the tournament as the current euro champions it’s always special to
play in these competitions era cops and World Cups it’s the most important
computations for the national team and if you mentioned this year Portugal try
to enjoy we are not the favourites we know that we have other favorites Spain
Germany Brazil Argentina we go there to compete to try to win of course but as I
told you before we are not the favorite which is good we’re gonna compete and
try to give our best all right what about you know your legacy do you ever
like reflect on and think about how people will remember Cristiano 20 years
from now sometimes I’m stopped and I thinking
well I do it many many things in a football and my legacy will be great
in my opinion I have to be honest what I did in a football and I still do it
I think people gonna rewrite Christiano for many many many years and they’re
gonna say well Christian was unbelievable player killer killer play
it and of course my legacy will be great in my face last thing we’re gonna do
we’re gonna have some fun okay I have some quickfire questions so you know I’m
just gonna give you two options two options two is better than one so
exactly are you ready for this I think so
number one Bugatti or Lamborghini okatee go hard or go home
go hard yeah go hard no of course get up kid that’s what I was expecting
lead or follow lead good man muscle or mentality mentally you or me
me good man bench press or leg press leg press yeah yeah chill or work both are
good but I walk more than I’m chilled I think selfie or autograph selfie is
faster that’s good for the last one sneakers or football boots football
boots that’s the right answer that’s what I wanted to hear because actually I
have your brand new football boots for the World Cup but it’s for me as always
for you it’s for you it’s for me why you give me how would you describe these
boots with only one word one word amazing amazing yeah Cristiano it’s been
an absolute pleasure talking with you the same the same the same the same this
don’t forget good man thank you very much your army – – same you know I would
love to do that but unfortunately you need the pair for some other things as
well I thought it was your Buddhist they’re not mine okay so forget it

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  1. His legacy is probably the Greatest in Football History. Messi is the only one who might get close if he can achieve some great successes outside Barcelona.

  2. I love Christiano because So generous caring great soccer player and always good looking? He is always at the top of my heart and my lucky number is 7 because I was born on the 7th of september and Christianos jersey is number 7

  3. I think i have started watching him in 2004 european cup i was a greatest fan from then wearing 17 no and dissapointed by greece by 1 goal but at that stage he have attempted 8-10 in goal post…….. I mostly type ronaldo in u tube and o have seen his every goal
    …….he is the greatest scorer in present…….. I was fan after brazilian ronaldo…….. From nepal country of highest peak mount everest….. Gautam budha born country

  4. Men i'm kinda feel old now, saw the skinny skillful teenager from the beginning as all time man united supporter. saw the body transformation after the world cup and the goal against porto.
    then the move to real and his transformation next level professionalism in history of football. his many many many scoredd goals for real madrid.
    Now his transformation to work with his age to still perform on very high level. Ronaldos whole career is literally unbelievable, the next generation of kids are pretty much lucky to have youtube etc. and see what they gonna miss in 10-20 years.


  6. It's true that Ronaldo needs new fans…
    I used to hate him for his attitude!…and now his hard work turned me into his fan and now he inspires me?

  7. If this guy one day become coach, and succeeds to make a whole team get to his state of mind about dedication and focus to that sport, that team will be unstoppable.

  8. Unisport send this message to our man… Ronaldo please visit our Kerala please please????waiting for that magical moment ❤❤

    Ha ha ha ?? in this video u told that messi is the greatest of all-time!!! Bt now Ronaldo?! ??? ?

  10. A player with good talent and with amazing amount of luck. He has so much luck it's unbeliavable considerig his talent. That's Cristiano Ronaldo for you.

  11. I know many would assume that he was Boasting (while swelling his throat) that "His Legacy will be Great"… when asked the question @ 4:10. In my opinion, seldom will you find a true sportsman who's as brutally honest (without exaggerating) about his performances and what the future holds for him or how the world will remember him after he's hung his boots for good…. AND I personally like that quality in Cristiano. A no bullshit kinda fella…. focused like a hawk and pounces like a Jaguar.

  12. CR7 is a true hero, best player with beautiful heart …. the most important thing is … he loves his mother , respect his mother


  14. A very gifted person Ronaldo is. He can do anything! And he speaks good English, and Spanish, too, I think. Cristiano es el mejor:)

  15. Most People fight about Ronaldo and Messi. Im more like a Ronaldo fanboy since he was in manu and i like him a lot but guys you never gonna see them again playing in a few years so Just enjoy them and dont fight Who is the best. Just re member how Lucky you are living in this time when Cristiano and Messi are monsters of this sport

  16. It's facts. I can only imagine the new youngsters that will come up due to being motivated by this man. Who ever disagrees can state their opinion below

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