My EAGLE: Robert, magazynier i mistrz karate

November 16, 2019

Hi, my name is Robert. At Power-Tech I have been working as a warehouseman for 3 years. My work is mainly receiving and issuing goods, controlling their quality and proper storage. After work, I deal with my passion, which is karate. I founded a club in which I teach classes, training children, adolescents and adults. Our company supports the club, thanks to which employees and their children can practice karate free of charge. Work in a warehouse and martial arts have many things in common. It is very important: accuracy patience concentration cooperation timing Why am I train karate? It is something that you can cultivate all your life and develop constantly. Thank’s to seeking for perfection development is achieved. I see the same in our company, where the development and improvement of products is the overriding goal.

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