My Cat Knows Karate
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My Cat Knows Karate

November 18, 2019

Hi! I’m Kenn Nesbitt, and this is the title poem
from my book, “My Cat Knows Karate.” My cat knows karate. My frog knows kung fu. My poodle knows judo. My turtle does too. They all became black belts
by watching TV; some Chuck Norris movies,
and films with Bruce Lee. They liked learning lessons
from Jean-Claude Van Damme, and acting like action-film star
Jackie Chan. They practiced their punches,
their blocks, and their kicks until they were masters
of martial arts tricks. You’d think they’d be good now
at guarding our house, but, yesterday morning,
they ran from my mouse. My mouse is a crack-up. I laughed at his prank. Do you think it’s weird that
my mouse drives a tank?

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