MY BEST GAME EVER!! Fortnite Battle Royale (NEW Halloween Update!)
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MY BEST GAME EVER!! Fortnite Battle Royale (NEW Halloween Update!)

August 26, 2019

Hey you, want to know something I’ve got. A BONE to pick with you. You get it? I’ll just Jump off of This Cliff so dudes for the second Time, We are Sponsored on the Ssundee Channel. Dudes Epic Games Asked Us to do Another Video on fortnight Battle Royale you remember last Time We did A video on this game i asked you guys to do me A Huge Favor and Impress The Owners of Epic Games and Apparently You’ve Done That because They’ve Asked Us to do another Video on Their Games So you know what I’m gonna do you know what I’m Gonna Ask You Guys Let’s impress Them again hit the like Button down Below Let’s get To an absurd amount of likes to impress them and also do me Another Favor in The Description of this Video I’m gonna put a link to download this Game This Game is Completely free as you, Guys know you Can download it on PS4 XBox and Pc So do me A Huge Favor download the game hit the like Button down Below Let’s impress Epic Games and uh yes Let’s Look at some Clips and Let’s go Check out the halloween Update yeah so this first Clip Check this out watch This There’s Two People in This House I have the legendary Rocket launcher Two People in This House my teammate Nico Is almost dead Watch this they they both run Down and Killing me They Both Ran Headfirst Into my rocket walter Let’s go next Clip now this next Clip Check this out this is Funny It’s me Nico and Jobless garrett Watch this Guy he sit There They’re Beating The Crap out of the walls so i slowly Walk out I’m Shooting with A shot machine you now this next Clip There’s A guy Coming to the right I’m Coming Get my health I have Five hit Boys and I’ll Check This up same Game Garrett Gets Knocked Down Right he Thinks He’s Dead he Gets Shot Through The Fence, Let’s go to the next Clip so now this next Clip Check this out There’s no sound of this Because I wasn’t The One Recording my friend Gould actual was Recording this Check this out I have another rocket Launcher What’s This? This Is sick I have a rocket launcher There’s a team out There Shooting Down Into us they Shout out the wall now Watch this Watch Closely There Are Three People Bunched up by that tree I shot One Rocket, Killed all Three, of them Back Let’s go to the net, We have two more Clips yeah now this next Clip? I wasn’t Recording again so there’s no sound this, was Gold actual Club he Sent This to Recheck this out it is me Versus a Team of Three for the Endgame Floor people Left me Versus Three they have A Huge Building Up There That They’re Building and then this Guy Rushes Me i take him Down With the Shotgun and then I kill him, or her Right There so now it’s me versus two but Watch this I Have the Zone Advantage as you can See in The Top right I have a Soda Advantage Pluses and I go up here I make Us a decision to go pick up that legendary Scar and it saves Me what’s This They’re Up There Building Trying To Build Into The Zone so I Shoot out Their Platform They Fall over Their Death 1V3 I took Them out okay? Let’s go to the last Clip Which is also A 1V2 Situation so Check this out it’s Me and garrett, we’re in The Final or? Below Us Below Us not These Southeast of These areas. We Kick him out He’s Gonna get Knocked in A second By A rocket launcher, ah Me first Sunny dozen Or theast There’s a guy There I try to quickscope with my miss Rpg Takes off like 50 Hell I am extremely low so i back Up I do a little bit of Healing right I do a little bit of Healing and then I go back in to be won in There’s A, guy Let’s See, who she got Show, they’re Building up to, one of them Is he’s my guy but Is one Guy I have five Bullets Left Watch what happens here he’s right on my body Region Welcome in the Zone Pushing you you’re Gonna Push to him Try to Quickscope miss Just Jump Try to Quickscope again miss The Zone Five Bullets on the Last Bullet I knock him it is one VS. One Right now at all you right There Right There Let’s go let’s go Here We go one Versus one Final Zone I pull out the scar you think I could Sneak up on the right Side Right Here I try to Kills friend then I realized he’s There so i back off right and Then I go to the back and Build Once There’s Been To the other Side he’s Going West He’s west he has no Clue I’m Here Every Single Fortnight Game Boys and There We go We just Pulled out Another Victory okay so I’m Gonna Hop in my Own Game that’s all the Clips Let’s Hop in my Own Game? I’ll See if I can get A win Every Time I turn on the Recording I do awful yeah dude Look at this where are you at your your Skeleton – Right We were so far away it’s okay one okay okay okay Where do, We want to go where do? We want to go Nico you are the Professional? We’re Coming from the North your other Professional Fortnight player where are We going hey, Weeds we’re Gonna go Shopping at retail row We’re Gonna go get greasy at the grove You’re the pro Dude you pick Let’s go, Greasy Let’s go how, do you see what you want to get Grease you all that Is such A fart okay I’m Jumping I’m Jumping? okay so for real Quick for you new Guys I know A lot of you Probably have Seen This Game but for you Guys that Have it Real Quick Down Bottom Center Is my health and my Shield Bottom right is all of like my guns all my stuff Bottom Or Middle Center, no no Middle right That’s all the Building Materials I you know got you guys Know I play Minecraft so I’ll be Building all day Top Right Mini-Map under Old Dude There’s a. Guy to the right I see, him how, Did he get so far Baker I didn’t Make it I didn’t Make it too Greasy Grove Here’s the Plan We’re Gonna go to this House Grab for Snipers go kill everybody else Agra sounds good to me I hear Just Yeah I hear A chest I’ll go Downstair all Check Downstairs ok, I got a I Got a submachine gun, Nice That’s Better Than Nothing Anything good, ah Dangit I Mean That’s Good but Alright do You think We can send it to greece You grow Up and Kill everything yeah There’s no Cuz I only to pee We’re in The Zone -, oh yeah We are in The Zone There’s People in the Center of the City I believe yeah Running Through the Hotdogs the Hamburger right now? Rated A Hotdog right at the Hotdog Burger What I’ve a saw, Dude I have the good Shotgun Pump Axes yep There at the hamburger Dude They’re Somewhere in Here Spooky Scary Skeletons Are Here to Take, over the city Alessio They Fighting over There South There’s People in This House toad Still Yeah I Knocked I knocked One Over There Nice People Building Up People Building up There on the Roof on the Roof right now They can’t get up they, don’t get Up I Did 30 Damage – I did 80 Knocked Him he’s Back he’s Back he’s Knock his Friends Up here No Okay got, him got, him I need to come get you Somebody okay Behind me Where yeah Climbing up coming up Coming up Here We go You Ready for this News right soon Okay, okay I need to get your quick need to get you quick Okay, okay, oh, Dude I told you this Shotgun is Still dead not all dead in Here Somebody You’re under Us I Hear Chest They’re Coming up coming up right Now I did A lot of damage right They’re not Your dad okay, okay dead, okay? How Many Kills you have five, oh my God and i hear A chess I’m gonna go down here I’m gonna go Down here Grab this chest There’s gonna be Heels for us I’m not a bandit, okay? Would You get me go I got the new Drink I? Got a slurp track, oh it’s a good sniper, oh? My God I got it okay I’m Gonna heal Up I’ve Been heal Up, we got to move in A second We’re not far from this Zone but it is Coming in drink the Slurp Drink so what this Slurp Drink Does This is Gonna put Me out full health and Give Me 25 Help Oversaw Shield, over Time, oh dude that was Intense Why not, carry me I Don’t want to go Into the Zone how are you looking on Materials 134 and 60 okay I was Just Gonna Break everything Minecraft Style Punch Trees Punch Punch Cars Is that what you do in Minecraft I must have missed that Update Dude This new 38 Players Left Dude do it I Don’t I don’t think I know So for you Guys at Home how This Works in The Bottom Right You See all the Different colors White is Common Green Is Uncommon and then it goes To blue Which is Rare and then purple Which is Epic and then the last one is gold Which Is Legendary The Reason why I traded out That Purple one For blue is the Purple, one wasn’t what was it Called a semi-Auto? Yeah Semi-Auto and this is a bolt-Action this Bolt-Action Insta Kills Anybody Without A Shield it Is Owned again, oh Nice and we’re in the News, oh Uh-uh rocket launcher Rocket Launcher Dang it Don’t the Grenades drop your Needs yeah I’ll Take that I’ll Take Those Dude why is the Zone Here I don’t I know it’s all in the Mountains Okay, We have a sniper Though yeah, We do Have a sniper that’s good I mean? We have two two snipers Pretty much yeah Almost Should, We get more Materials While? We’re Just kind of Waiting or what do you want to do I don’t know You’re The Pro Nico You’re the pro teach me teach me the Ways nico find a Staircase in How You win Sometimes okay, well I’ve Been Up There and drop Down they went to the Battle bus Give it to the Battle Bus Wait what it’s not. What we fly in On? Northeast oh, oh? That is Sick? Does it like Fall from the Sky and Like what happens if You, don’t jump out do you fall Into the death you Follow your head When, did he Just Break a tree yes I did yes I did I got angry I got angry 28 People Left Dude I don’t know what to Do right now Is this the Houses in the Zone You want to go chill in There until I don’t know I Can’t it’s been Looted We Looted it right No, We lose Another one No? No no that was Another House so there might be People here and that that’s not even in The Zone Though This White House hitting the Zone and Those Ones Right There it hasn’t Started Moving yet I do I got to do Where is that Drop? We got to, do dude You want to? So i i actually haven’t Shown This on my Channel yet Cuz This is Only my second Video Fortnight this drop here it Can drop legendary Grenade Launchers Legendary Rocket launcher Snipers, okay, okay are you sure People Can Just Toss Mates in There and Kill us dude not if We kill them first I mean i made a good little City, over here you, did You have to get in Here so everybody Sees how it Works okay, okay? I will i will I’m Just Making Sure Nobody’s Around Us I’m Keeping a lookout, okay I’m Coming in Coming in Coming in There Comes Dude Give Us the legendary Halloween Rock Wotcher I Mean it’s Close Enough I’ll Take it okay, okay this is legendary Grenade Launcher I have 16 Grenade Shots – 18 Grenade Shots Dude do you have you Don’t have a sniper right you Have any Sniper Shots extra Sniper Shots Yeah I got six Noise all right Through new Zones Coming in Five but see where it Ends Up if it Ends up on Us? I’m uninstalling this game Because We win? Okay, that’s good that’s not Mountains that’s good, no that is good Now what do you to many Places to look 23 Players Left what do, We want to do? Let’s Wait like Let’s Wait like 10 Seconds 20 Seconds and Then Move in Just because People are Probably Mr. Blue Stragglers Maybe Some Stragglers yeah, We want to be behind Them not in Front of Them 23 Players alive how Many Kills you have? Zero All right that’s all right, We share okay let’s Just go this is Their Guy Going alright Going Sure all my guns are Reloaded Okay, we’re Looking good Nico, we are Looking Good There’s 19 Left that Means There’s 17 other People We have a minute to get to the Zone I’m Just Kind of Look? People i mean I already see the Lone in the Mini-Map There’s Another There’s Another Drop east Directly in Front of Us That’s Kind of Risky That There’s People I see People I should See, quincy Means 195 When They Say Ready if They stop they die? Ready When do you want to Shoot now you Shoot you have a sniper I Hit him I hit him I hit him Now Careful he has a sniper Does he I think Where do you think I got Rid of the Shields let’s Just let’s Just dip Cuz it’s Such A far Fight yeah it’s Kind of its Kind of Pointless to fight that you’re right Oh Is this new no kay it’s not new did you hit him at all No I died okay so i pass I hit him Which Does a hundred and five damage so his If he Had any Shield Is Going 150 150 Up to the Top There looking at the at the drop right now to See if Anybody goes for it I don’t think We should go for the Job Should Either but? They’re so Risky Somebody Grab This, oh, We got it Somebody got it yeah, okay, okay? We’re in The Zone This they come Around what they’re Fighting They’re Fighting They’re Fighting? grunts Wait okay Coming Following you Following you, we’ll get up on this ledge and Then Hopefully and Without one – no It was the One -? Macgregor Loot Including Written Every Dirt Where They’re Getting The Fight again, oh I see If he stops he dies One died here, We go She’s gonna go loot I’m Gonna Kill here We go coming up from behind hold on you See People do Grenade launcher them, oh yeah good call, oh? I spotted somebody okay, okay Up Top up top of Top where of the Mountains straight Ahead South Yeah yeah yeah Dude There was it there was A scar over There come Grab Come Grab the Gold sight I grab the Scar There’s a gold sniper I know you Take it Already have a sniper I have A Blue One okay, okay, okay, oh the legendary one okay, There’s Another I’Ll Grab it I’ll grab the scar There’s Another Scar Yeah I have A scar as, well the purple scar I think, we’re Getting Greedy we’re Getting Greedy what Do We do There’s People that just Came Down to her like 150 Ish i think They’re Rain front rain from right in Front of me at the street at this Tree rate Really, Close by we’re Right Behind This Tree I’m about to blow it up They have sand in it send it Dude I’m Healing up okay, do you have Any more Rockets yes yes I do drop them, oh why’d you drop out There your Crazy Person Wrong with you I Think so There’s Two People in front of Us right There yeah She’s got a look Behind us lissa Worry About them let’s go to the zone Right Now I have so many Materials Do you I see People Building, People Building to our like 15, ish you See that that Structure yup Yes okay, I see it I see it See it okay. No but, we’re Gonna Be in the Zone right Here There’s Ten Players Left We Should build on the Edge here you want to build A city yeah? Yeah I think There are no Mountains in this end Zone it doesn’t Look like so if We Build A city They won’t be able to Shoot us too easily Yeah at least not from above, well except for that one Place Is above that People, did Build it Anything Down There no more Wood How much Would I have so much materials There’s People east People east at those Houses yeah yeah There’s a drop There, oh? You want to build you want to build how much material do You have I have two two twenty two forty I? Have a lot, okay They’re Shooting at Us yes They are yes That’s what, we’re Gonna do we’re Gonna we’re Gonna Make this double layer, okay? Okay, Double layer got it got it the first hunter will be will be the Dummy layer for the Bats for the memes yeah because if They Shoot us out then We’ll be able to quickly get Back here We’ll have a second Look got it Okay, you’re Gonna Come up here yeah okay I made it okay so where did They Shoot Us from Was it okay There’s A Huge Structure Up to the 75 but I don’t think that’s in The Zone Then There’s This wooden one Yeah? They’re Building in That wooden One Right There at 60, oh Okay, They got a Crappy one okay here I’m gonna Make Sure I’m Gonna Make Sure all my guns are Reloaded Okay, everything’s Good I See, him, They’re Coming us right now Yeah He’s Really low I hit him for a lot of damage Me too All Right Knock One out Knock nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Nice Shoot, him With the grenades Yeah that’s what I was Gonna do? Yeah, we Got him, oh They Both died They Both died Both died Five People Left Nikko okay, I’m A rebuild I’m a rebuilder Structure here, okay You’re Rebuilding yeah okay I’m Coming in Coming in Coming in oh I like how you did Double layered Dude that’s so good We’re in The Zone Why I didn’t get hit I didn’t get it I’m good I’m Good I’m good so we Just died in The Zone Which Movie – it’s a true V – Nico it isn’t to Me – I see you I see Him to run it to us right Now I see No I’m not Going I knocked, one I saw it okay Meet me 1V1 Squad V1 Ups Little Russian Russian Russian with me Yes i killed the down Guy I took i killed the guy that was knocked Down okay, don’t be Worried He’s Probably Healing right Now There’s no way He’s doing Anything else okay Coming in Nikko Gotta be Behind the Street We didn’t Think? Oh that is what I’m Talking About it Shows the german yeah you got Lee Cauldron I ended with 10 how did you end it Won 11 Kills Homie I’ll Take it Victory Royale the skeletons Have Taken, over These listen, We’re Gonna end This here if You Guys Have Enjoyed of Course hit the like Button down Below Also do me A favor go Down the description Check out that link Download this Game is Completely free Check out Niko He’s in The Description Enough sellout Niko, We got to do this again Homie that was fun, We didn’t do We did it?

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  1. How did Ssundee get the Renegade raider even though Fortnite officially released on that day and Ssundee never showed game play of the beta release of Fortnite.


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