MY BEST GAME EVER! (Call of Duty Online)
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MY BEST GAME EVER! (Call of Duty Online)

November 7, 2019

What’s up guys, this is ceiling fan here and today I got some more Chinese Call of Duty for you along with Eevee cuz she’s being super loud even stop barking at me There we go yep Really shouldn’t do that back, but yeah the last time I played called the D online I played these two different battle royale modes I think this one was stradun this one is solo. I did not get to check out this version of it though Eevee today We’re going to attempt something that has never been done for battle royale before I’m gonna play with one hand hello Wang ggx Dfa, how are you? Okay somehow how dare you? Sister don’t say that that is so rude does anyone here lack Burger King I’ll take that as a no. I do have a salt with NAPLAN. I can open check it out It’s gonna be crap yeah, oh well, I want to play this I want to see what it is how come no one plays this Hey watch it, this is a family-friendly video Braden does not approve of that foul language better apologize say you’re sorry that Better mean, I’m sorry feller Kaitlyn Kush what I can’t believe this I can’t believe you’ve done this Hey, we don’t just come over down, please just simmer down I have no idea what I’m trying to accomplish here How many people do we need to start this one thing I have fun pretty interesting about coal duty online is that they have like? Clothing an even voiceover work. That’s in English I don’t get why it’s like that for a Chinese only Call of Duty game Which again are some of the things that are hinting to this game going global at some point? You see that. Why is this taking so long, man. I’ve been here eight minutes. Can’t find a game We just need one person. There’s supposed to be 18 people in this thing guys look We got fucking Heisenberg in the back. We need to cook. Oh my god. I’m gonna Lobby by myself now great to splendiferous it’s the same people I think I’m just glad to play the solo mode I Think I’m going to aim to do with these games I’m gonna try to play as aggressively as possible I just wanna get a fucked on I kill so I want to get better at this I should probably reconsider keybinds though, okay, let’s find a gun about loot as fast as I can find Oh those guy here. Didn’t see these guns though. Oh shit. Oh, shit. I forgot. It’s F. I’m ready I know there’s someone else here. Oh shit. Yo give me all the stuff actually anyone here probably not I don’t know, but there was no one else here. Don’t you mean the fucking back? I swear, I fuckin heard something Yeah, yeah, you know how fortnight works. I can hear something fuck do you crouch again see okay? You should have dropped in a more centered like area. It’s looks so fucking cool. Dubbed it and for the map Yeah, okay. I think my key bonds are doing anything. I’ll hear shots. Oh god. Not nighttime. It’s behind me oh Yeah, you’re done get out of here Here this is where I heard shots I bet he’s over there want a fucking on him down this block drops here. Oh Really fuck dude, I want it need to collect eight when stand over. It looks kind of terrifying. Oh oh my god Give me all kinds of awesome shit. I’m fucking terrified. No oh There we go You’re out here’s one behind me though. What’s behind me. I’m scared. What the fuck acid rain the fuck we do I don’t get out of this what the fuck I never built this your last time can be bowden yeah, this gun is sick as fuck. Oh, they get inside my safe I’m Mary Nexen one of the – oh shit dude. I got full shields everything. Oh my god. Yes fuck dude I need to move this soda or those shots coming from comes really close there they are You’re done Yes, get out of here. I’m gonna kill the other guy – oh shit No, no no no. No, I know there’s someone else over there. That’s fucked you brother You stay back here and get this Supply Drop and kill me don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. I want it. I want it oh ow Fuck fuck you He’s a shit die So in I’m so weak though I didn’t mean to do that fuck I want like a gun that was in fuck fucking fuck One all my shit, I’ve known you what that is. I’m just drawing it. Please do something amazing also I need my gun back it tells me where he is oh? That was the differs between life or death oh the circle shit Hey my gun where’s my gun? I think I’m stuck with this. Oh my god. I need to heal. What’s the heal thing again for? That’s not it Area yeah, I need to fucking keep injecting life fucking self come on. I fucked up the looting so badly I’m gonna kill you. I don’t even know I can’t tell I’m stupid just gonna camp behind this dumpster some trash. Oh I hear it Good the fuck out of here. Oh, I’m killing this sure now Oh Danger grows a few moments later oh Don’t close on me fuck. It’s so dark. I hate this shit She’s terrifying where the fuck is everyone where the fuck are they where else could you possibly be all I’m so focused on it Oh my god is so fucking bad. Oh, No Yes You win you know win yes, I fucking won. Let’s fucking go first game. I’ll just crush that shit fuck. Yeah, dude hell Yes, that’s the fucking game. I wanted just crushed the AKS so fucking good, man It just destroys I had so many perks you. Holy fuck that was so good. Let’s put you know clap for me. That’s right I fucking won That was actually good though now that got me hyped is fuck though Oh, I got the gold Supply Drop for that you let’s go. Hell. Yeah, dude How many kills I get I don’t know gonna know. I need a kill counter or some shit. I don’t know wait Where’s my toplin? Where’s my Doppel? Where’s my? Have a good day. I don’t know where my supply drop when it said I got supply drop that game And I I don’t see it me everything new for PvE. They haven’t done anything for PvE recently It’s also kind of a bummer because I really enjoyed some of the really cool like zombies maps that they made and there just hasn’t Been anything in quite some time if I’m not mistaken when I was first about cold today online I thought one of the coolest things they were doing with the game at the time was PvE Especially because you don’t need like super good connection to actually play it so it’s kind of disappointing to see them not really do too Much with it, but at the same time they did at Battle Royale, and it is a lot of fun So yeah, I can’t really complain too much I’m just saying that I hope that at some point there’s going to be more PvE content in this game like the new fucking fortnight Skin does anyone here want to play fortnight. I can carry you I just won the last game now I think that was just luck honestly I don’t know I played it decently like I did exactly what I set out to do But I don’t know if I could replicate that shit before I drop over there. I’m gonna drop here this time there’s definite Okay, there’s gonna be at least one person in front of me. Ah shit I find it interesting that the map allows you to see where other people are going to drop so you can kind of predict What’s gonna happen at the start? I think I’ll be safe there might be one person around me. Okay. Nevermind Someone’s dropping right next to me you son of a bitch I’m gonna drop there instead no one drop there something else is gonna be right around here. This is fucking terrifying. Oh my god Oh weapons give me everything Kimbo oh fuck Fuck out of here. I’m gonna drop you drop your ass All my aim what the fuck happened you’re good well what the fuck? He’s just dodging me fuck out of here. He’s shit I feel a little I do have some healing okay me I want that grenade back that grenade is fucking awesome I have like no ammo. I think this building is from cod4. It seems so similar. Oh shit. That’s a lot of shields Hell yeah, dude wait how far out? Am I you have to try to beat someone that pistol? This is so bad I only have pistols. This is so fucking bad I Like that crate, but I think it’s gonna be Oh Miggs like that I think earthquake god damn it who want her too short control over here. I’m gonna camp around here Where’s this guy with a shotgun? I’m gonna go for it. Oh my god, so risky need to change this out oh No, oh my god No Fuck outta here Go wait wait fuck gonna do it. Oh, so happens. We do only have fucking pistols I love how he be still asleep somehow through all that I think the gun you get literally decides everything God try again Oh my blood. Is that helmet got a spirit magic? He’ll move How’d you get that helmet? Okay cool. Thanks. Everyone’s really talkative Tilted that’s basically tilt the towers are just so many buildings Which is probably gonna have more weapons actually can I just want to drop where there’s the most people? Oh, no one’s dropping here That’s really weird. I noticed that the different locations have different like color text Maybe this is where the best stuff is oh there someone right here. Hey buddy fucking open the door Go go go yeah, gun gun yes gun go boom You’re out you’re ready out. I’m sorry. What are you doing? No idea what he’s trying to accomplish. He drops here Just not to play someone fucking noob tubing at me. Oh my god. I’m head glitching. I don’t wanna do this I heard a fucking grenade launcher. That’s scary Boot let’s get the fuck out of me Jesus. It’s not something over there. Oh my god. What what is up with this body? Oh? My god. Why are you so bright? Well? I kind of fucked you over so fucking dark I can’t see anything close ones do fucking die there’s someone else here. What the fuck. Oh my god the fucking ass rain Holy shit a scare the piss out of me welp I should be safe this sound is fucking ridiculous, so many people are still alive like only four people have died so far In the corner with a fucking shotgun that that’s just great Prudence ooh, but yeah, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this Chinese Call of Duty battle royale video played a really solid game today And then it just went to utter shit that is battle royale for you, but I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did and you’d like to see some more new Chinese Call of Duty stuff make sure To drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  1. Hello, great god. I'm a player from China's callofduty. Any version I like to play, I don't understand why you like Online so much. This game has been tricked in China. I don’t know why there are so many people playing. This is just a peddling test field in China. Many people want to play over the wall to play steam. However, the network restriction is so serious that we have to stay away. (In fact, there is an internet accelerator in China. This kind of thing, if you want to play Chinese games abroad, you can also use accelerators, which will reduce your delay.) I hope you met the deaf players in Online, please ignore them, because they only touch these people, I apologize to you for them. I'm sorry. Hope to be together in online yo

  2. You do know there's a mod so you can play it in English. I can point you in the right direction if you like 🙂

  3. I wish I could play cod online. I don’t think it’s possible to make an account in America anymore, as when I try to sign up on QQ it asks me to send a SMS to a phone number to verify my location but when I do that nothing happens

  4. just noticed this is a chinese cod and the announcer in the battle royal mode speaks english so do the chinese players not know what he is saying or what?

  5. I dont know about you guys but the face stuff looks alot better back at the old house might be just me or me just being a dick I don't really know

  6. Ok I like you but your kinda ruining the community by getting people from other places to play with horrible ping and all the Chinese players can’t even shoot you so suggest that you should stop playing to be honest.

  7. I actually have this game and I play it alot. I made qq accounts for my friends and now they play it too. This is a very solid game.

    Edit: Making another account tommorow for a friend
    Add me on codol at JumperXIIGaming

  8. I haven't been playing this game for months,but if you want try some other gold and purple guns,I can provide(yes,I’m Chinese…)

  9. In China,EVeryone calls 《Call of Duty Online》"Suck game" or "it is not from 《call of duty》
    But In Youtube…….

  10. HEY anyone here that can help me out. Been playing the game for a few days now, and everyday after playing for an hour or so I stop earning XP. I am only lvl 34 after like 4 days of playing. With each day only being able to earn xp for an hour. Anyone know why?

  11. 中文:我是华东区的玩家。 游戏名字叫 Assassins丶安澜 如果在游戏里面看到我 可以和我一起组队哦 !不过我英语不好。 只能听懂简单点的单词。
    英文: I am a player in East China(华东). The name of the game is Assassins丶安澜(an lan). If you see me in the game, you can team up with me! But my English is not good. I can only understand simple words.

    In addition, I would like to ask, how many players do you play Call of Duty OL abroad?

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