My 120″ Mega Gaming Setup!
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My 120″ Mega Gaming Setup!

September 5, 2019

– This video is sponsored by LG. Hey guys, this is Austin. Today we’re building a home theater setup. Essentially we’ll have two
recliners against this wall and soundbar and projector. I think it should look pretty nice. If I can figure out how
to plug my chair in. Oh, uh oh. (laughing) You guys look so ridiculous right now. – Ken is extremely comfortable. – You guys can built the rest, right? – Oh, so is this a projector
that’s not wall mounted? – So this is the projector. It’s actually an ultra short throw. Instead of putting in on the
wall or something behind us, what we’re going to do is going to put it on a table down here and
this is going to shoot up at our projector screen. – Yeah, so we just got the
TV stand out of the box. So this is what the finish will look like. – No, I don’t think it
goes on top like that. – Wait, wait, hold on.
– These are screw holes. – You know what, I think that’s actually going to look pretty good. – Yeah, not bad. – Have you actually measured this? The projector’s going to be little more wider than this, or the screen. So this is our LG ProBeam Projector. Dude, this is totally
going to fit on this. You actually did a really
good job picking it out. That’s so tiny. What’s so cool about this is
that it’s a laser projector. Not like a normal
projector where you’ll have to change the bulbs every
thousand hours or so. This guy’s going to last
you 20 thousand hours. So what I think we should
do is let’s just set up here and display it on the wall. Just to figure out roughly what size. Especially I want to know how far we have to have it away from the wall. (laughing) Wow, it’s not even that dark in here and we can totally see it that clearly. Look how bright that is! – Yeah, and it’s gray
wall so it’s not even– – Ah man, once we get
the projector screen up. So Ken in his infinite wisdom decided to not just get us projector screen, get the most complicated
and crazy over the top one that Amazon sells, because reasons. It’s going to look nice, if we actually get it together correctly. Are you sure the projector
can do 120 inches? Hi, my name’s Ken Bolido
and I’m gonna do the math. – Square equals…120. – Is it actually 120?
– It’s actually 120. (laughing) – No big deal, minor worry
there, but we’re totally fine. Ken did the math,
#kendidthemath. After a lot of hard work, we have our projector screen put together. Now we have to move it back into the room because it was too big to fit in there when we were trying to put it together. Can this fit through the door? – Not like this, we’re gonna– – Wait, so pull the bottom out. So you roll it so that we
can get that side down? It covers the chip and
scratch, so we’re good. This is our 120 inch projector set up. It took pretty much all day,
but I’m pretty happy with it. So, the projector itself is a
little hard to see right now because we have our giant video light, blasting light in the room but I think this actually looks really nice. It does start with the ProBeam itself. What’s nice about this is an
an ultra short throw projector, it really simplifies our cable management. So, this is all connected to
an Xbox One X and a soundbar. Normally we’d have to run an HDMI cable from this all the way up to the ceiling or to the wall behind. Instead, because it is so
close, everything can stay here and you get the added
benefit of I’m not going to accidentally walk in
front of the projector and block the screen. Like if I did something like this. So we are maxing this guy out right now. It can handle up to a
120 inch screen and well, that’s exactly what we’re using. So what this means is you
have to be very specific on where you actually place the projector. If you move it closer, it’s actually going to shrink the image. So that’s why we have to keep it pretty much exactly right here. We made a slight mistake
in actually mounting the projector screen. If we would have lowered it a little bit, we could probably have tucked
this setup in by a few inches. Considering it took us like
two hours to put that together, I think I can live with it. So even in a full 120 inches, we’re still getting a 1080p image. If you look up close, you can actually see the individual pixels. Once you sit down and kind of lean back, it’s really hard to see. Of course, we have nothing but the finest in lean-back technology. When it comes to projector set up, the real advantage is in size. With the 120 inches to work with, that’s pretty much bigger
than any TV you can get. When that really comes
in handy, is for video. Whether watching a movie or YouTube, it’s an immersive experience. Especially with the set up
the way we have got here with the recliner and the
good audio and everything. It is so nice to just sit back and enjoy whatever you want on this thing. Something like this is usable
for more than just movies. You can game on a 120 inch screen. So yes, is it kind of overkill? Absolutely. Do I care? Nope. Since this set up is
powered by the Xbox One X, we’re getting that 4K image
super sampled down to 1080 and it looks so, so good. Now I do think that it’s maybe
not the most practical thing to play on such a giant display, but it’s going to be hard
to go back to a small TV. Every TV is gonna seem small (laughing). No matter how good the screen is, you have to have good audio
to tie it all together. That is where the LG
SJ9 soundbar comes in. We actually did a video
on this a few months ago. This is the set up that’s
working in the office right now. I liked it so much that I bought
another one for the house. Of course, nothing can replace
a full surround sound setup. But I’ve been really
impressed with the sound that you can get out of the SJ9. Not only does it have the top
firing Dolby Atmos speakers, but you also have a
pretty big dedicated sub. So the rest of the setup is
pretty much the Xbox One X as well as a bunch of bits and pieces of. I got some Playstations. We’ve got the original NES Toploader. Some games, most of this
is really for decoration. But we do have a Hue strip
that’s running underneath. Mostly it just looks
cool and Ken went crazy with all my video game stuff. So on this side of the
room we have the recliners, which are actually really nice
because the screen is so big, you kind of have to lay back to see it. There’s also an other Hue light over here. Right now I’m controlling
it from my Pixel, but I’m actually probably going to get a Google Home for this side. I also have Google Wifi tucked underneath. Up top here is the only
actual decoration in the room, a signed Game of Thrones
poster from George R.R. Martin. Yes, the room is a little bit bare, there’s not a ton of
stuff in here right now. For one day, I’m really impressed with what we were able to put together. I actually have an extra
LG ProBeam Projector to give away to you guys. Be sure to check out the
link in the description to head over to Facebook
for all the details. I will do my best to find
links to all the stuff in the description, including of course the ProBeam Projector
because LG was awesome enough to sponsor this whole set up. I’m curious, what do you guys think about the actual set up itself? I think there’s definitely
a lot more work to do, but I’m pretty happy
with how it’s come out. Of course, let me know what you
think in the comments below. Anyway guys, thank you
so much for watching and I’m going to go watch this now.

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  1. f-cking morons, soundbars = good sound? how is staring almost at the ceiling is good? how is this 6 by 6 room gonna make me comfy? how is the sound going to be in a room that size? (spoiler: damn diffused)

  2. Picture quality looks washed out. Size don't matter I can have the same field of view playing on my phone as I would have with this projector simply adjusting my distance from the screen. I'll take 4k on a 27" IPS with HDR over this. This projector would be good for party's game day etc with a lot of people but even then you need to keep the lights dim so not ideal.

  3. I know what you mean. I bought a $100.00 HD projector from amazon. I'll never buy another tv. A tv with a screen 120" or more would cost you at least twenty grand

  4. LG ProBeam HF85JA is a disappointment at its price point so many other much better projectors in this price range , a year later and they on Ebay Amazon for $800 and now you have a Good deal

  5. I think your setup is too high up on the wall. Middle of the screen should be eye level. I did this before & I got neck & back strain.

  6. titled as gaming setup but no single word about things like inputlag… well, at least it's expensive and big, right?

  7. Please dear god stop raising your voice at the end of your sentences. That is the most obnoxious speech pattern known to man. But the setup is great

  8. If you paint that screen with dark gray you will be surprised with the quality
    I have developed some projector screens myself and posted on my channel you can check but mines are different they work rear and front but I have tried also gray in the wall is so easy and works out so good u will be surprised

  9. 4k projector with 56 ms of input lag…… It works for a gaming set up but not for anyone that's trying to be competitive in case anyone is wondering. There are currently no 4k projectors that get low enough input lag. 1080p projectors however have gotten down to 15ms which is lower than most tv's. If you're buying 4k projectors for gaming, you may want to wait for about another year. there is a rumored gaming projector coming out that supposed to be nice.

  10. Not sure if its the projector or the screen, but the result for this setup is garbage. 3:58 look at all that light bleed, that will drive you nuts.

  11. Probably a cheap Chinese model would do the same job…can’t see the pic clearly with ambient light . I would say Dell is much better overall

  12. i had 110" 1080p projector setup in my old house,, new house, i bought 65" 4K TV and sit very close and still misses my projector 🙁

  13. I know this video is rather old, but I did this in 2009. Epson home cinema 8350 and an LG 3520A soundbar did the trick just fine. Better image quality too. This is old news.

  14. 20,000 hours is about 2 years which is about how long a bulb from a good $1000 projector will get you as most normally last 2-3 years. Don't get me wrong the projector in the video is neat but for what you could get for a similar price with a normal projector I just don't see the worth in a laser projector that for $300 more you can get a amazing $2000 normal projector. I believe these kinds are more if you don't have a ton of space but have money to blow.

  15. "Today where going to setup a home theatre room, we got the recliners the projector and the soundbar"

    The what bar?? Mate don't call it a home theatre if you have a soundbar

  16. I cringe everytime you mention the soundbar .. and the tipping point is when your called that tiny piece of shit subwoofer " a pretty big sub "
    How the fuck do you know so little about audio lol

  17. Some tips.. If you want a dedicated HT room etc. Paint walls and ceiling in matt black paint. It absorbs all the light the screen will reflect on the walls and ceiling that in TURN reflects back onto screen and it washes out the blacks and image itself. That and light controlled room and it will make a projector image way better.

  18. No you don’t! The screen’s too high! I don’t understand people who have their tv screens at the top of the wall, so you want to get a neck ache!? Eye level people!

  19. I have this exact projector and running it on a 100 inch Silver ticket screen. I love it!!
    Totally worth the price and I highly recommended this product if you’re in a market for a movie or gaming projector!

  20. So many reviews are really just adverts is disguise. These guys say everything is great because if they don't guess what? Manufacturers stop giving them free products. Don't rely on these people's reviews, they are a joke.

  21. What's the input lag on this model? Also, it looks like shit in this video, even with the light off. Please tell me that's only because of the camera? lol

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