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Mutant Football League – Super Bowl Edition | Gaming Off The Grid

September 7, 2019

Hey, guys! Gaming Off The Grid here. Super Bowl 53 is upon us, so we figured we
would recreate that match up and rip each other apart in Mutant Football League. And we are also drinking a beer by Peace Tree
Brewing. Today we are drinking their Cold Brew. It’s a coffee stout. Yes and it’s going to be one of the first
time we’ve had one of their beers on the channel, so we’re really excited. You know the drill, make sure you hit that
subscribe button and ring that bell icon so you never miss an upload, and sit back, relax,
pour yourself a beer if you care too. And stay tuned to this episode of Gaming Off
The Grid. Alright, here we go. This is our Super Bowl, Gaming Off The Grid
style. You are going to be the Hatriots, yes the
Nuked London Hatriots, yes representing the New England Patriots. I am going to be the New Gorlean Zombies.
because the Saints should be in the damn Super Bowl. We all know that call was bullsh*t and that
was pass interference. And it works out perfectly, I was going to
do this anyway but the Rams aren’t even in this game or a representation of them. So this is the Super Bowl we should be getting
this weekend. and we love this game, so we’re going to jump
right into it. and may the best Mutant win. Alright here we go. So we did an episode on this game when it
came out and we don’t have a ton of time to game, but we still play the hell out of this
game. Drew Sleaves and Bomb Shady. Bomb Shady, Look at him! Yeah, he’s ready. You can tell he’s getting old. Here is the hard part about the Switch is
I’m not familiar with the buttons, yeah I know it’s one of those things, we love it
because we can play it on the go but we would be way better at this game oh sh*T oh my god
dude. I’ve never seen this before. Fall in the hole b*tch. Oh yeah baby. Like half of my team fell in the hole, you
did that on porpose. You little snake. Oh somebody is injured, atleast thier not
dead. Cleric Dough. This is like one of the first new like um
arcade sports games in so long, and it’s soo good. Demon Killmore! Or Steven Gillmore, whatever you want to go
for, whatever you’re feeling. I really want to come across in this episode
as being good at this game because our Tecmo Bowl game dude we are not very good. dude I think we set a world record for most
interceptions, oh it was horrible. What? Why? I think I just threw it away. Dude, sometimes I’m way confused. That guy should have sacked you there. Yeah I just have to get these buttons down. Then it’s going to be all over but the crying. Okay there we go. Here we go, no! Oh yeah! Ooo I almost tackled you into that little
hole over there. I just want to see someone hit the spikes. I might run into them myself if it gets, Micheal
Whompass. Swamp Ass is more like it. Yeah, seriously, whew! Oh somebody is going to hit the spikes, there
are spikes on the end zone! That’s awesome. This is gonna get, Oh yeah it’s nuts. What happened? You got hurry up offense. Bam! That was a dangerous area. Oh my goodness. I’m actually really dissapointed in real life,
nothing against the Los Angelos Rams, but Drew Brees and Tom Brady are two class acts. I wanted to see that match up so bad. I know a lot of people are kinda upset that
the Patriots are in again. Yeah, to me, I don’t Understand that, like
why do people hate greatness? Cheaters, whatever? Whatever you want to say about the Patriots,
but they have been relevant since like 2001 or 2002. That’s just incredible. What the heck? There we go. We got it. Oh you almost died! I almost got spiked! You almost died! I think my back is bleeding a little bit that’s
how close it was, it scraped you. It almost penetrated parts unknown, parts
unknown. What the heck? Somebody pulled a trick play on me. Yep, did the ol sticky ball. We’ve played this enough we should have it
figured out by now. No, no bull sh*t. Hit the spikes! Hit the spikes Dammit! That was incredible! I thought I was going to make it but I don’t
know how to use turbo, Is there turbo in this game? I think it is ZR or R2, that was a good special
play. No it wasn’t, I think it was! No, it actually wasn’t. I’ll just get that out in the open right now. Wide open!! Look at that! They don’t call him Bomb for nothing! Wow, I wanna die right now. Pick! Yes! No! Come on! There was like two guys there. Yes, look at him spin! oh he’s doing the Micheal
Jackson. Look at that hair dew! Yeah, he is
a mutant, No! That is what is up! That is what is up! Poop! Demon Killmore!! Yeah! Man! Why? Why?! Defense, defense, how bout no defense! Why?! What? No! No no no no! No, man! Oh yeah! How does that happen? Well I don’t know but the first thing that
happened almost made me freaking get up and press stop on the camera. Boom! He’s beating out baby! Beast mode, oh my god oh my god. alright the beast mode, half time! oh man,
I wasn’t even paying attention to the clock. Oh my god. Oh dude, that was a pretty good return. Sure was. Dammit! You drilled him! God dammit! Oh I almost got the
first down, you freaking tried yo-yoing me. Like a Looney Toons commercial. What the heck is this? god dammit! no don’t
pick him off you idiot! no! Man! I guess I didn’t know what that meant. Oh so you erased that interception? Oh okay! Badass! That is some bull sh*t man. That is badass. Oh and you freaking did it again? are you
joking? Are you chocking? no? Are you choking? Do you need CPR? I should have learneded my lesson. Beast mode! Yeah! Come on baby, get him! no! Jeez. And he is so freaking slow! No! Another pick! This is out of control, and my reciever fell
in the hole, and is probably dead. No, I was right there again. I’m trying to do the Tecmo Bowl Z thing but
it doesn’t work in this game for some reason. end of quarter! Come on, just hold them. 8-6 I’ll keep it. oh man. Come on, Come on, come on. Yep. there it is, there it is. nice and easy, nice and easy. did he just say a bad word? I think he may have. Oh my god! What just happened? Penalty! Oh lucky duck! That’s not what I want to see happen. I was right there again! No! Yes!! dang it! Sonic Blast! 26 seconds, I’ll have to score a touchdown
and score 2 to even tie it. to go into overtime. Unbelievable. What kind of hell? Oh man, not looking good, not looking good. I got to play some serious defense. Come on mutants. Ahhhh, I’m toast. I think we might have equal interceptions
in this game then we did in Tecmo Bowl. This is this is, I’m not happy. This is out of control. Yes, come on! zero seconds, can I do it? Why? I won the first episode in this series and
the Super Bowl! Yes! Alright, to say the least, I have a sour taste
in my mouth. I hate losing at anything, it could be connect
4, it could be Mutant Football LEague and I’m a little baby about it so, we need to
talk about something else cause I’m kinda pissed right now. I’m not, yeah I know you’re not. This beer, by PEace Tree Brewery. What did you think? It’s the cold Brew coffee stout. It’s really good, It’s really smooth and really
simple and has that really good coffee taste. And I love coffee so I really like this beer,
Yeah I think it’s a great starting point, if you’re someone who doesn’t like dark beers
or stouts, this is really smooth, I think a realluy seasoned stout fan would enjoy this. We are drinking this, any time we have a morning
shoot we try doing coffee stouts. and it is hitting the spot. It is really good, This is the first stout
I’ve had by Peace Tree. I’ve had most everything else. They do a lot of really good IPA’s and stuff
but their Rye Porter is one of my favorite darker beers they have, but this I just recently
seen this, and I’m fairly impressed. YEah, I think this is a new beer by them and
it’s really good. I don’t know why it’s the first time we’ve
covered them on the channel cause they are one of our top tier breweries in the state
of Iowa. So we will definetly be covering some more
of thier stuff moving forward. But anyway if you see the Cold Brew Coffee
Stout from Peace Tree Brewery out of Knoxville, Iowa you should definitly pick it up. Alright you may have forshadoowed the winner
of the Super Bowl by winning this game, I hope so! With the Hatriots. Tom Brady is going to get a ring for winning
and I’m going to get a ring for winning. hopefully, fingers crossed. I sent him a letter. IF this channel ever gets big enough we are
going to get traveling Super Bowl rings so we’ll just pass it back and forth every year
when we, YES! and then we will lose one of the gems in the tank for Snow Flake, yeah
there you go, Ace Ventura! alright, we appreciate you tuning in as always and subscribing to
the channel, keep gaming keep drinking we’ll see you next time right here on Gaming Off
The Grid. Alright, yeah. Channel the inner Warrior! Kill today! Stack the bodies up! HEy guys, hey guys, Gaming Off The Grid here
and Super Bowl. LEt’s reshoot it, I don’t know what to do
with my hands. Uh I forget, were do I put my hands? Cold Brew, Cold brew, cold brew Comb brew. Coming out next summer, to theaters everywhere,
from the people who brought you Transformers. From the people who brought you Transformers,
this summer blockbuster is called Cold Brew.

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  1. Can't wait for the game tonight (11pm UK time)!
    It's been our family tradition for the past 6 years!

    Nice game choice! Will be adding it to the wishlist!

  2. Damn Wes, you just keep getting that ass beat lol. Nice work Robert. He's a natural Esport athlete. This game has been on my radar for about a year now. I still love NFL blitz on the n64.

  3. He really had the Road Warriors in today. And next year Miami better shape up because the last time they won a Super Bowl was Ace Ventura. Put me in the game coach just give me a chance I know there's a lot riding on it, but it's all psychological

  4. My favorite football game is Mutant Football League! ;D Thanks for playing, guys! I think a rematch is in order.

  5. I was the one who named the team New Goreleans zombies I won the contest one of many cool perks for being a fan of MFL

  6. I like your video format. Quality content, hope you guys gain more subs. Also, here's a quick defense tip: Instead of pressing the jump button to block passes, use the tackle button (think it's b on switch) to ram into the receiver. I get more deflections and interceptions that way.

  7. Beer AND game reviews?? You guys are going places. Liked and subbed. I love Mutant League games. I still gotta pick up a copy of the new one though. Bones Jackson FTW

  8. I'm not a big sports game guy but I do enjoy the stuff that thinks outside the parameters of standard sports play (Like NFL Blitz) and I can remember playing Mutant League Football back in the day, I'd give this a shot.

  9. That game looks awesome guys! NFL with a twist hehe. I really need to special order those beers guys! They sound amazing!

  10. Way better then the actual superbowl lol you guys need to do some versus challenges where the loser has to do something!

  11. Yooo y'all kill me!(x your guys energy is so dope! Aha but this game is super fun!! It's actually on the switch! And it's a good time! Keep up the good work yalla!

  12. I won't pretend to be a sports fan, but I loved the Mutant League games on Genesis–I've been thinking of picking this one up. Tell me–can you still flick boogers? Kill the ref?
    I do enjoy a good coffee stout–some of our local breweries do these as well and I've quickly become a fan–though I do have to say when it's warmer outside, stouts lose their charm with me.

  13. Wow this is such an interesting game concept I did not know this existed. I love how number twelve (the goat) is bomb shady 😂

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