Mushrooms & Morons: Hunt for the Egg of Draconius GO
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Mushrooms & Morons: Hunt for the Egg of Draconius GO

January 31, 2020

Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro Looks like the 4 retards are gonna get drunk Mario: Oh yum mum mumy *gibberish* Luigi: Huh? *gibberish* Wow! Mario: *more gibberish* Ohohohohoho! Wohohohoho! Well, y’know the drill Oh… AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bowser: *noise* Mario: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *smack* I LIVE!!! Bowser: *noise* Dafuq? Meanwhile in our universe… *gibberish* Mario: No! *gibberish* *weird noises* Luigi: Ohohahaha! Yahooo! Luigi Doll: Weegee! Toad: *gibberish* *Boom!* *more gibberish* Luigi: *gibberish* Mario! Mario: HA HA! *gibberish* Luigi: Hmm… WAA! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! Mario: *gibberish* Wahoo! Yah! *akward silence* Mario: Ohohohoho! Mama mia…
Toad: *screaming* Toad: Wa! TWAAAAHHNNNSFOOORRMM *fart* Obelisk: SHoW mE wHaT YoU gOT! Mario: *gibberish* Mama mia! Bowser: *gibberish* Luigi: Oooohhhh… Luigi: *gibberish*
Toad: Wa!
Mario: AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Boom* Bowser: *noise* All: Oooooooooh!!! New quest: Find the Golden Egg Find it with this tablet now or forever be a scrub. Mario: Woah! Holy shiiiiiiiito! I NEED IT!!! MAMA F**KER! *gibberish* Luigi: Hmmmmmm… *Splatoon noises* *gibberish* Mario: HERE WE GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the 4 retards are off to they’re new quest Luigi: Hmmmmmmmmmm… *gibberish* Okie dokie! Oh yeah! Ohohahahaha! Toad: *gibberish* Troll: *gibberish* *Le scared Luigi* Luigi: Shiet! *crying and panicking* Mario: Let’s-a do this! *smack* Bowser: *gibberish* Luigi: Go Weegee! Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit! Toad: Yeah! Oh-kay! *gibberish* *noises* *singing* Troll: *noise* Magic Rock: Yo man, wassup? Troll: Dafuq? Bowser: *gibberish* Oh boy Troll: *gibberish* Nahh, it’s probably nothing… STUPID TROLL! *ded* Mario: Okie dokie! Woohoo! Nope! Here we gooo!!! *beep* Fail WAT?! *ded* Troll: *gibberish* Mario: WOAAAAAAH!!! All: *scared* Mario: Okie dokie! I goooooooooooot it! Toad: Uhhh… Bye!
Luigi: Okie Dokie!
Bowser: Lataaaaaaaaaa! Mario: WOOOOAAAAAH!!! MAMAF**KER! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAMA!!!! Luigi: WAA!!! *panicking* Troll: *gibberish* Toad: *noise*
Bowser: *gibberish* *magic* Troll: *growl* WOAH! *Sexeh music and dancing* YouTube: This video has been age-restricted Troll: You babeh, you are sexey… *Turned on troll noises* HAVE MY CHILDREN! *Troll screams* My pingas! And the retards are in a spoopy cave Toad: *gibberish* Luigi: Hmmm… Oh no! Signal is low for the retards Bowser: *gibberish*
Luigi: *panicking and crying* Mario: C’mon! *gibberish* Here we gooooo!! *door creaking* Woah! Hoho! Hello little guy Okie dokie… Luigi: Ohhhhhh… *gibberish* WAA!!! Bowser: *laughing* Bowser: *noise*
Luigi: WAAAA!!! Stupid piece of… *swearing* *gibberish* *more gibberish* Hmmm… *even more gibberish* *even MOOOOOORE gibberish* Toad: NOOOOOO GOD! NO GOD PLEASE NO! Luigi: Hmm… Mama mia… Toad: *gibberish* NOOOO! Bowser doing his shitty magic Luigi: Oh yeah! WAAA!!! Oohohohohoho! Something from the darkness… Mario: Hmm? Luigi: *panicking* Shit’s gonna go down *panicking* Toad: *gibberish* Mario: KIDS GONNA DIE TONIGHT! Spider: LES’ GO RIGHT NOW BRING IT ON! Mario uses ultimate axe attack! Luigi: *panicking* NEED SOME HELP OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!! Spiders: *noises* Luigi: *panicking* Ohhhh… Mario: Did you hit it? Spider: *groaning* Luigi: Oh yea! Spider: *more groaning* Bowser: Owwwwww… Mario: Nice shot! Luigi: WAAAA!!!
Mario: WOAAAAAH!!! Luigi: *panicking* Spider: *noises* Mario: YOU SONS OF-A BITCHES!!! WAKAWAKAWAKAWAKAWAKAWAKAWAKAWAKA!!! You don’t… f**k… with-a Mario… Spider: Hey, hey, h-h-h-hey, hey! Maybe you should calm down! Mario: Maybe you should shut the fuck up! rekt Bowser: *gibberish* *more gibberish* Toad uses magic! Bowser: GOO! Toad: Haha! Luigi: Oh yeah! Mario: Fak u!! *fart* *thud* Luigi: Ohhhh… WAAA!!! Mama mia… Welcome to the rift of Arcana. Enjoy your inter-dimensional stay… Bowser: *gibberish* Toad: What? No. No I don’t… Mario: Ohohoho… I’m beat… Ohh my head… Haha! That’s-a so nice! Luigi: MAAARRIIOOOOOO!!! *gibberish* *more gibberish* *beeping* Eh? Oh shiet WAA!!! Noo… *panicking* Mario: Weeeeee… This is lot’s of fun! Luigi: MAARRIIIOOOOOOO!!! *panicking* Mario: Weheee! Yehahaw! Woopee! Luigi: *crying* Help! Help! Help! Toad: *gibberish* Pingas! Mario: AHAHAHAHA!!! *ded* Ohhh nooo… NO! YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU!!! Toad: *gibberish* *Toad sound* Let’s see how this goes… Bowser: RUUUUUUN!!! IT’S GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!! All: *panicking* Mario: LUIIIIIIIGIII!!!! *gibberish* Luigi: WAAAAA!!!! *crying* WAA!!!!!! Oh-kay! Ohohahahaha! Ohhh… Bowser: *gibberish* ORORORORORORO! Toad: Haha! Bowser: GOO! Luigi: Yah! Mario: Wahaaa! Toad: Here we go! INCOMIINNGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario: HEERREE WEE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Toad: Noooo! Waaaaaaa!! Mario: U WOT?! Bowser: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEE!!! Luigi: *panicking* *gibberish* Ohhhhh yeaaahhh… Luigi! Luigi! Oh yea! He did it! All: *screaming* *Retarded screaming* *ded* Ohhhhhh… Mario: Ohhhhh… Hmm???
*phone beeps* *phone beeps* Woah! Oh yeah! Ohh ho hoo! Woah! Oh yeah! Ohohohoho! *dig* HE FOUND IT! Oh boy! Look at that! That’s-a so nice! *wait wut* Le suspense Boopkins: Hey it’s me! Fishy Boopkins! The rarest creature of them all! *le look* (Oks: Are you kidding me Luke?) *silence* And my special ability is… you can play with my toys And my special ability is: You can play and find toys! *le door shut* Oh, you have to get the toys? No you pathetic piece if aquatic sh*t. Oh, okay I’ll just wait here then… Retarded subtitles Made by PF12, Oks and Evan Elm! Go sub to SMG4, Hobo Bros and TheAwesomeMario! 😀 oi oi! KappasAndThat helped as well… and EmeraldEthan but who cares That’s it, the video is done go outside, meet some real friends nah i’m just kidding go watch more vids

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  1. You should an episode where the guys get the girls to play game with them. I bet we all know who would love to it right lads?

  2. Cómo llegaron a esto de jugar un juego de mesa

    Sigan el mapa carajo!, que extraña aventura tienen, que demonios quién puso esa mina ahí, tendré pesadillas horribles sobre ése suceso, a quien le quieres disparar Mario verde, deja de comer mucho Mario y no jodas pasaron toda esa mierda para tener a fishy es una pérdida de tiempo FÍN!


  4. Spider catch,s Luigi
    Mario: u son of a bitch,s
    Spider: hey hey hey! maybe u should calm down
    Mario: maybe u should shut the fuck up
    Spider get,s on fire and hit,s a wall

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