Muay Thai Kickboxing with Sean Hinds | Muay Thai
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Muay Thai Kickboxing with Sean Hinds | Muay Thai

August 11, 2019

My name is Shaun Hines, I currently work at
Machine Mix Martial Arts teaching the Muay Thai program. I’ve been doing Muay Thai for roughly around
17 years now, my original purpose for doing Muay Thai was just too loose a bit of weight,
get into shape, at that time I was considerably heavy 235 pounds, I always played team sports,
but I always felt in team sports once you lost everyone pointed a finger at each other
and didn’t really take ownership for their part for the loss. In Muay Thai you are in control of your training,
you’re in control of you 100%, you can’t blame your coach, you can’t blame the guy giving
you a drink, you know, handing you the mouth piece in the corner. Everything is on you because you’re in there,
you’re taking the blows, you’re dealing with the pain, so for me that was the perfect sport. I have been competing for as long as I’ve
been actually doing the art, 17 years. My first fight was 190 pounds, then I dropped
to 185, 180, 175, 170, 168, 165, and currently I’ve got down
to 155. You don’t have to do it in order to compete,
if you want to do it for a different way of life, a better way of life, being able to
move with agility, feeling good, to me this is definitely the best sport for anyone. And you can Google, you can YouTube, or you
can just come in to a Machine Mix Martial Arts, you can find the address on machine, or you can call up 212-242-1600. And again it’s one of the best arts out there,
you leave feeling energized, you feel undiscovered muscles you never knew you really had. You move with a little more confidence when
you’re out late at night in a little bit sketchy areas, you feel confident that you can actually
defend yourself to a certain extent. Nothing too crazy, but a one two, push kick
to the groin, and then off you go running, you know. So again if you’re interested this is by far
in my eyes the best art to learn.

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  1. Interesting. I've always wanted to do this. A girl can never learn too much when it comes to defending herself.

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