MSI Radeon RX GAMING Series: Play Hard, Stay Silent | Graphics Card | MSI

October 1, 2019

The MSI RX Series GAMING cards use AMD’s latest Navi-based Radeon graphics processors. Our GAMING cards are well known for excellent performance, both in terms of frames per second and cooling. The 7th generation TWIN FROZR thermal design provides exceptional cooling and uses our patented and improved TORX 3.0 fans. Thanks to Zero Frozr, the fans will only start spinning if the card actually needs active cooling. The GAMING cards combine a black and gunmetal grey design with integrated RGB Mystic Light LEDs. You can fully customize your setup, choosing from millions of colors and effects and synchronize these with other MSI or 3rd party products in your system using the MSI Dragon Center software. The back of the card is covered by a gunmetal grey backplate with a dual brushed finish. This looks nice, but also helps to strengthen the card. Thanks to thermal pads situated between the backplate and the PCB, the backplate will also help to cool the card. MSI GAMING cards have custom designed circuit boards which are crafted with more layers and are fitted with beefed up power delivery components. Looking through the fan blades you will notice a waved-pattern in the fins that make up the heatsink. This is part of the many clever aerodynamic and thermodynamic features inside the heatsink that help to keep the card cool and reduce noise. For more detailed information per model, please check out the product page. Thank you for watching and happy gaming!

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