MPG341CQR – Ultrawide Gaming Madness | Gaming Monitor | MSI

August 28, 2019

the MSI MPG341CQR, created to
maximize your gaming satisfaction at 21 by 9, this ultra wide QHD curved panel is also HDR 400 certified providing you with the finest contrast and the best blacks which are essential to gaming benefit from gaming immersion to the
fullest, the fast 1ms 144hz FreeSync panel translates into a responsive and
tear free gaming experience the SteelSeries GameSense visualizes in-game events or data via RGB LEDs on the front tracking ammo, stamina, health, and such
become much more intuitive and futuristic even including weather
forecasts as well as temperature because extra convenience can never hurt powered
by the latest AI technology a smart camera in the monitor recognizes which
person it faces and automatically applies designated custom applications
and gaming profiles you often encounter dark areas in games with bad visibility hence MSI’s exclusive Night Vision feature will light up the dark with
great details for you as a great little extra mouth Bungie is integrated to ensure your mouse cables will never get in the way to make your streams more convenient an adjustable camera cradle is included with a dedicated horizontal
rail for the best stabilization and ease with the MPG341CQR you
have every advantage to win the game check out the product page for more info
and thanks for watching

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