Most UNDERRATED Tire?! || Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T
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Most UNDERRATED Tire?! || Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

February 18, 2020

– These are the new Venom
Power Terra Hunter X/Ts and the set of 33s on this truck are under $800. So the real question is, are they any good? (dramatic music) So as usual as you’ve come to expect, first things first, the burnout test. (engine revving) Well, that’s probably the best one yet. So yes, these are the Venom
Power Terra Hunter X/Ts and it’s probably a name that
you haven’t heard of before. But when you look at the thread pattern, you do notice that it’s similar to other tires on the market which kind of gives you an idea that it should perform
similar to those tires too. Which is why I actually
threw a set of these on my personal truck to
kind of drive them around. Demo them out. And see just exactly what I thought. And so far, I’ve been
actually pretty impressed. Specially for the price that you pay. So that’s the key point
of these Venom Power tires is that, like the set that’s on this truck ess than $800 for a 33 by 12 and a half. That’s just absolutely
unheard of in the tire market. Specially when you’re looking at you know, E-load tires
and tires that can hold up to some towing and stuff like that. So it’s just the price point that makes these tires
very, very attractive. They’re one of the most affordable tires on the market right now. And as of exactly this minute, they don’t have a ton of
different sizes out there. They’ve got I believe smallest 33s and all the way up to 37s right now. But they have more and more tires coming. Which is a good thing because one of the most exciting
things about these tires is that they’re going to be
offering some crazy, crazy wide but small side wall options. So what I mean by that is, these are 33s wrapped on 17s so there’s a lot of rubber there. But they’re going to be
offering 35s for 26s. That’s a very, very small side wall. But the kicker here is, that they’re gonna be making
that in a wide application so you don’t have to be
stretching the tires nearly as much as you with other brands. So on those 35s with the 26s, the width is actually
fifteen and half inches. So if your a guy that’s running 26 by 16s or even if you have 26 by 14s and you just don’t want a stretched tire, now you won’t have to with these. And they have a pretty good look to them as well, you know. They’re not quiet as aggressive
as a full mud-terrain but then again, they don’t
look like a street tire. They’re kind of a blend of the all-terrain and the mud tire would, that makes them hybrid. That’s the X/T designation
that you see on the tire. So the center blocks are
a lot closer together. That’s gonna kind of help with road noise. And then, the outside
edges are farther apart. So you do have more grip in
a low traction environment or driving these things through the mud and I’ve been driving in a snow. And I’ve got to say
that there’s definitely some room to make these
things even better. But they’re not terrible by any means. But if they have a
little bit more seeping, they’d be absolutely excellent. As far as dry traction
goes, hundred percent fine. There’s actually a lot of rubber contact. And it’s a very even
contact which is nice. So you see on the shoulder blocks and the center thread
section is all very flat. So there’s a lot of
rubber touching the ground which means you got a lot more grip. Even in this duramax, we
don’t seem to have a problem when you put the pedal to the metal. Now usually when you kind of
the cheap out on your tires or go for a less expensive option, you’re giving up things like warranties. But with the Venom Power is,
you actually still retain a 50, 000 mile warranty which is something that you just don’t see from other lower cost tire manufacturer. Where a lot of manufacturers kind of fail in the hybrid department, is that the side wall of their tire just isn’t aggressive enough
to match the thread pattern. And on these specific
tires, you’re gonna see that they do have a very
angular cut side wall. It actually does kind of maintain that aggressive appearance which is what I would be looking for if I was shopping for
all-terrain or hybrid tires. As far as road noise goes,
it’s not really something that you’re going to even really notice if you’re already been used
to driving on mud tires or hybrid tires. I would say you kind of start to pick up little bit of humming around 35, 40 miles an hour but nothing too unbearable. And that kind of volume
really stays pretty consistent all the way up to highway speed. So definitely nothing to worry about as far as road noise goes. And I think what I’m really impress with when you compare the price of these tires is that they offer actually
quite a bit of stability and they’re very smooth riding tire. They bounce out absolutely perfect on the wheels that I put them on. We can drive straight down
the road with no issues and everything just feels
really planted which is good. It’s something that I was
kind of worried about, kind of skeptical when I was getting into these lower cost tires. So that’s the Venom Power X/T. If you wanna check-out more
information about them. Or see all the wide range of sizes that they’re coming out with, you can find all those
at Peace. (upbeat music)

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  1. Same size Nitto Ridge Grapplers around the same price $800ish…NRG's all day or does that 50k warranty put them past the NRG's 🤔

  2. It’s basically a more aggressive BF Goodrich style that came on the Raptors. I have 37’s on 22×12 Fuel Rebels on a Platinum F-150 and I couldn’t be happier. Super quiet! Pics coming to your gallery soon.

  3. I'm no tire expert but I rate tires on longevity and balancing… terra grapplers I legit have 4 weights stuck on my rim….they fit nicely behind my vision wheels spoke so you can't see them but I ordered a set of amp at tires when I had my eco boost and I legit had 2 hammered pins of weight and 21 stick on weights around the whole damn thing they all averaged a hammered in weight and about 10 stick on weights….this was a discount tire shop also they ran it on road force and normal balancer and that's what they came up with my truck shook so bad I saw my tailgate shaking in rearview mirror…..I took 3 tire exchanges before I got a 4th that weighted out like the other 3 and I got about 25k out of the tires I spent 1k on…..I could have spent 1250 to 1400 and got name brand done right the first time and barley any weight to balance and a 50 to 70k tread wear warranty.

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