Most Shocking Unfinished Areas Found In Video Games

October 2, 2019

There’s something about finding
something unfinished in a video game that can completely break the immersion.
It’s striking to be playing something that feels cohesive and complete and
then suddenly your reminded this whole thing is just a game. I thought it wasn’t real. Your
mind makes it real. I searched the deepest corners of the
Internet and today I found what I consider the top most shocking
unfinished areas still hidden inside of your favorite video games. Oddworld
Abe’s Oddysee. Now this one takes an incredible 180. You’re playing one of the
most visually distinct games ever made. A rich and dark pre-rendered dystopia
crafted together by some of the greatest Hollywood effects artists of the era.
While running around in an aimless panic trying to avoid the endless amounts of
peril and heavy-handed themes of anti-consumerism at your every turn you
may just feel the urge to jump in this pit and whoa.
Wow this is just nuts to me. It’s so surreal and you can’t get out of it once
you’re in here either. Kind of gives you a moment to just
appreciate the character animation, it’s quite fluid. Find this unfinished area
really fascinating just because it’s such an incredible contrast. It’s very
rare to see an unfinished location and pre-rendered game like this. There was
one instance in Riven but that was more of an easter egg than anything else. I’m
gonna be honest with you this is actually only in the demo version of
Abe’s Oddysee. In fact this room doesn’t even exist in the full game. Why they
left this room accessible at all in this demo is a complete wonder to me but
I’m happy they did it because it makes for one of the craziest unfinished areas
in a game of all time. Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness. This is another one that
blows my mind. So at the beginning of the game you’re met with a typical tutorial
on a rainy alley. I’m gonna sidetrack real quick – remember this whole game was
about Lara being framed for murder and yet you murder countless people
throughout the game. That’s not really gonna help your case Lara. Anyway, so
you’re in the very first area, there’s this door of in the corner that gamers
were curious what lied behind it. Well it certainly wasn’t hard. It simply took a
simple glitch and a cheat code and boom right behind the door. This is what blows
me away: Lara actually starts speaking to you and an entirely cut alternative
tutorial sequence starts to play. Many players actually consider this tutorial
sequence superior to the one in the original game. I just find it really
remarkable that a fully scripted, fully programmed tutorial sequence exists for
the player right behind the door at the beginning of the game. Wouldn’t it have made
more sense to save space and just cut it? I mean I guess it’s easier to just add a
door that you can’t open and call it a day.
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. Here’s one for my initial subscriber base since most of you
are coming from my Tony Hawk video. This level was supposed to be THE level
of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. This was a level requested by the man himself Tony
Hawk. He told Neversoft that Paris would be a
dream skate location in the game. Thankfully it still exists on your game
disc. It’s not really accessible without a gameshark or hacking the data but as
you can see this level is so unfinished that’s not really surprising. I think of
all the areas on this list this is actually the one that disappoints me the most.
It really does look like it would have been the best Tony Hawk level ever but
ultimately the ambition of this level did prove it to be too much for
Neversoft to finish it. Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver. After completing the main
tournament of the game, right-clicking on the left T in Mattel suddenly brings up
this unfinished level. I don’t really have a lot to say about this one further out,
I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll have a link to the full video below if
you want to put on a record while you watch it in the background. Gex. So this
unfinished level in the level select actually got the lead designer of this game
fired. If you’re interested in hearing more about that story go ahead and check
out my other video Easter eggs that got people fired. BioShock Infinite.
This is a remarkably strange leftover area found in one of the final areas of
BioShock Infinite. Given that Bioshock is a series that
people love the dissect the hell out of somebody flew the camera way out of
bounds in the last area in one direction and found that it teleported them to
this totally unexplained, totally random snow mountain area. There’s a lighthouse
with an interactive door but when you open unfortunately there’s nothing but
a purple wall. You might be wondering why is there a
purple wall? What does that mean? Please tell me what this means? I’m going a
little mad. Sorry to burst your bubble but the bright purple is actually just a
default color that appears in Infinite whenever there’s a missing texture. So
really there’s nothing here at all. You may have noticed I bring up a lot of
unexplained things in my videos and I plan on releasing a few videos where I
investigate Easter eggs and explain their meanings. I’ve already figured out
a couple of them but if you’re interested in seeing it as a series
please subscribe! You guys know I need the subscribers. GTA 3. Did you know if you fly
far enough into the ocean in GTA3 there’s an entire floating unfinished
town suspended in midair that you can fly through? For years it was suspected
that these environments belong to an original fourth island that Rockstar had
cut. Rockstar later confirmed however that these were left over assets used
for the game’s opening sequences. Not exactly an unfinished area but still a
deeply fascinating hidden location. This location is reminiscent of Jak 2 where
if you ejected the game during the opening cutscene you can explore an
unfinished version of the first level from the first game.
And guess what again, you can do the same thing on Tony Hawk Underground 2. The
New Jersey level in the opening cutscene it’s actually sitting just outside of
the first level of the game and it’s actually interactive. Well mostly there’s
been a number of ways to get out to this spot and it’s definitely one of the most
interesting locations in the Tony Hawk series. Guild Wars 2. So I don’t really
know a whole lot about Guild Wars so I apologize if I’m getting a lot of things
wrong here but I think I got the gist of it.
Basically if you climb up on this tree and jump over this invisible wall just
right, there’s an entire hidden mini dungeon hidden deep down at the bottom
of this hole. Players named this dungeon – err, sorry – “jumping puzzles” Cerebro. I
mean just look at it, it’s pretty gorgeous. Unfortunately the game’s
since been updated to extend the invisible wall so you’re no longer able
to jump over it. Still this was a really interesting location when it was once
accessible. Shadow of the Colossus. So honestly this is probably the richest
game when it comes to unfinished content. It’s really a goldmine. Shadow of the
Colossus is a game where you have to take down sixteen colossal beasts.
Essentially the game is made up of nothing but hunting down game bosses and beating
their ass. Well originally it was supposed to be 48 colossi i but instead it
was reduced down to 16. This means a whole ton of this game had to get
stripped down. You could basically deep dive all night through the endless
amounts of unused material left in Shadow of the Colossus but I think I’m
gonna share my favorite location: this here is the dam and damn, it is huge!
Unfortunately you can’t really walk on it or anything and it’s just completely
floating out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the map.
I’m not exactly sure how players get here, I mean this guy… he’s doing like…
some sort of hack. I mean, he’s flying around on his horse and then he just
drops into the space but there it is. I mean just a really large asset that you just
can’t believe is sitting out in the middle of nowhere in this game. Zelda:
Breath of the Wild. Now this one’s pretty cool, in Trials of
the Sword if you use the moon jump hack to fly out of the last room you’re
treated to an incredibly enormous breathtaking hidden unfinished area with
a number of strange and misplaced assets. In general it’s assumed that this area
may have been used to test game mechanics.
First I was looking at it and I was thinking well maybe it was just a
backdrop, these are indoor maps but you usually need a pretty large outdoor
backdrop – but then I saw a few of these things like this giant valley. Holy moly –
that is cool. I would say, yeah, that had to be
some sort of physics testing or something I’m not really sure why that
would be there just randomly. Skyrim, so Skyrim is one of the hugest games ever
made, a follow up to Morrowind which was also considered one of the hugest games
ever made. Well how much bigger is Skyrim than Morrowind you ask? Ha! Well… In Skyrim if you go to the most
southeastern edge of the map world you’re gonna find this gate with an
invisible barrier blocking you from going through it. Well let’s see what we
find if we use no clip and travel towards the ocean. Do you recognize any of this? This is the
entire map of Morrowind in Skyrim. Albeit it is a smaller version and it’s a
fairly unrendered version as well but why was this even here? Most of the rumors I
read said this was intended as an update that would later include the map of
Morrowind into Skyrim but I don’t think that was included as far as I
could tell. There’s even a flattened version of one of the towers from the
original game. Definitely the most unbelievable unfinished location still
hidden inside one of your favorite video games. If you know of any other examples
of this please let me know. While I was researching this there was just so much
information about this out there. So I know there’s probably a few other
examples that I missed that are probably just as good and I would love to do
another video like this. Fortunately I do have another video in a very similar
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