MOST EXHAUSTING VR GAME! | Holopoint (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)
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MOST EXHAUSTING VR GAME! | Holopoint (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

August 16, 2019

*Highfives* top of the morning to you laddies Top of the Morning to You Laddies! My Name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Holopoint! It’s a – It’s a bow and arrow game it is an archery game, This is weird cause i’m holding the arrow like this but you have to hold like this for it to go up normal But it’s an archery game and you guys know how much i love archery games And how much i wanted an actual proper archery game for the vive and know i have loads of them and it’s great! So i haven’t played this I just saw the trailer for it because it was in my steam library and it looks cool Anything archery is good for me Shoot the box to play, arrows are located behind your head I got that Thanks Umm Okay..So Start?? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED *Xbox ding* Line UP 🙂 I got an achievement for hitting the… Hitting the start button What did I do? I think… Oh *A WILD REALISATION APPEARED* Okay! AH FUCK! They attack ME?!?! I didn’t fucking know that! FUCK!! Owww!!! Am I dead? Escusemwa!?! That was fucking nuts! Okay, let’s go AGAIN! This is weird because you pull an arrow from your head And then you don’t (uhm what??) Okay WAVE ONE *Poosh* Aww man, that would have been fun Is it gonna be in the same place? Yes! Dodge it this time! Okay Got it! *Sound of the devil* Fuckin Hell! This is nuts *Sound of an angel* Is that wave one? NO! *Sound of a mad scientist* This is AWESOME!! *Woosh?* Try n’ hit me! Try n’ hit me You CAN’T hit me! I’m fucking still DANCING! Boy! I’m still here! I’m still standing (The musical) Let’s do this! *Workout noise* *Sound of an energetic wild Jack* Oh *Another Workout Noise* Oh GOD!! They just attack normally anyway Yaaaaa FUCK *Calling of the God* Jesus Fuck, I feel like a ninja Ahh fucking NINYA! BOY! *Just a Sound* Jesus! I forget! *Huh* *Ninya Sounds* *Yaa* And my camera setup is not equipped! To show this game properly Because… I’m Flying all over the place Good Fucking, God My abs are on FIRE!! Right now Cause I’m going like this *Proceeds to summon the demon* *Sound of the demon that was summoned* Aw this feels Fu-OWW! This feels cool! Why did that other arrow fire sideways though? What!?!? You didn’t fire anything Why? Yes I gotta be careful Cause… Guys are shooting stuff anyway Without me no-sin Oh god I am fucking tired man! Yeah! Let’s Do It! Wadda we got? Wadda we got!? Wadda we got!?!? Some bitches? Some bitches!?!? SOME BITCHES WANNA DIE!?!? SOME BITCHES WANNA DIE!?!?!?!? I feel like a fucking…(Umm) Samurai Warrior!! Firing Arrows At an army OF ASSHOLES It’s exactly what this feels like! Good God! I am outta breath Jesus Christ! This is a fucking fun game!! I’ve hair in my eyes Oh God *Best clip of Jack ever* Oh GOD! You’re closer now… *Elk Noise* I’m stepping on my own cables! FUCK! *You don’t need to know what sound this is* Fuck *Nor this one* Wh-Where! Where! AHHH!! Ya can’t be doing that to me! *Sound of a million battle cries* *Sound of tiredness* *Sound of the wild Jack staying determined?* *I give up* *Too many sounds* *OMG stop with the sounds!* *Sound of pure screaming* AHHH Fucking Hell!!! My legs are on FIRE *Matrix Dodge* Jesus! Christ! This is INTENSE I’m actually outta breath right now *Reality* *Reality* YES! YES! I feel so Fucking Cool Though!! *Sound of Exercise* Who else? *Audible Tiredness* AHHHHH JESUS Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay *Sound of pure archery* *Samurai Battle Cry* This is where fucking EXERCISE comes in! *Sound of Flying Arrow of Awesomeness That Missed* God CRAP! *Samurai Dodge* NO! (To 4:20 Blaze it) NO!!!!! Shit SHIT *Sound of Jack showing off his dodging skills* YOU SEE THESE DODGES, MAN!!!! *More showing off* Am I like popping out of frame all the time? Aw, Apologies Oh God I really wish the VIVE was wireless Cause the amount of Times I step on my own cables… Oh my god This is so fucking… EXHAUSTING!! *Sound of terrible aim* Shit SHIT SHIT!!! Needless to say The most exhausting VR game I’ve played so far By Fucking Far Holy Shit HOLY SHIT It plays fucking good though, right? You see these skills?? You see these Arrow Skills?? *Sound of Jack transforming into the hulk* *Sound of the ninya returning* Just stay on one leg! Stay on one leg, like a fucking Like a Tai Chi MASTER! Here we go HERE WE GO Bring it on! Home BOY!! Oh God x1 Oh God x2 Too many cables around my hands What the f-? What the fuck is happening? What was that? *This sound thing is getting old* Ohhhh God *Sound of ducking under frame* I’m being shot at I’M BEING SHOT ATTT Oh God FFUUCCKK Am I dead? NO! I can still go! I CAN STILL GO! Cool COOL Got it, Got it man I got it man! I got it man! *Sound of a moderate dodge* The all my cables are ta- ARE TANGLED No NO NO!!! NO!!!! You don’t Jeee-Jesus Fucking Christ! *Sound of exaggerated dodge* Can I? Can I pause? Okay Okay Okay Okay The game is paused Should be paused, anyway oh my god okay okay fucking hell Jesus Christ *Huff* *Mad laugh of tiredness* I have never Sweated playing a game in my life There’s a first time for everything I should just fucking play this game Over and over again Instead of doing a workout *Sound of an old man* *Sound of the hulk* *Boss level dodge* *What did you expect?* *Sound of a pirate* Ya know what? SCREW THIS I’m the fucking man known with A BILLION ENERGIES I should not be getting tired Playing a fucking video game This is my JOB DAMMIT!!! *Sound of a pumped up Jack* This is what. I. DO!!! *Sound of energy* *Sound of energy* *Sound of energy* YEAH BOY!!!! Oh shit OH SHIT OH SHI-ow Arrow Arrow Arrow *Wail* *Badass Sound* I feel so fucking BADASS right now *Huff* *Overly Energetic Sean* I’m so-oh god Samurais? OH OH THIS IS COOL OH!!! COOL!!! So-AHHH JESUS CHRIST LESS COOL LESS FUC- I SHOT AT YOU OH GOD, I hit my wall Oh God, that scared me. No-NO NOOO!!! Did I? Fuck!!! Holy God Holy shit, I ran into my wall over here Cause a [Virtual] Samurai hit me YES!!! OH YEAH!!! What a fucking good game! Okay, I’m getting back in I’m doing more I’m not stopping right there I’m sweaty as all Jim Belushi’s testicles right now But that’s fine OH!! Why isn’t the VIVE wireless? Oh!!! I can just start here! Oh! AWESOME!! Do I start with the samurais? Maybe? Possibly? YES!! Oh shit OH SHIT OH SHIT!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!!! I gotta- I gotta keep up I gotta- I gotta KEEP UP I gotta keep up! I gotta keep up! I gotta keep UP!! *Monkey Mating Call* MAMA WHO WANTS TO FUCKING GO BRO?!?! WHO WANTS TO GO BRO?!?! YOU WANNA GO?!?! NOBODY TUSSLES WITH JACK!!!! I Will destroy you ALL!!! *Sound of flexing* Was sup? This is gonna get intense, though This is gonna get VERY HARD Oh fuck Oh ffffff- -uck! Now there’s Both things! Jesus! Christ! What the fuck even is right now? *Sound of Jack roaring* *Huh* *Nyaa* SHITE Shite SHITE SH-Owww There’s too much to take into consideration! My room isn’t big enough! *Sound of failure* I wanna get that dot. *Sound of success-ish* It’s so weird, cause you get used to like Firing Arrows After a while, that you kinda know where they’re going So in the general area You can usually get everytime Oh, God Okay lets, lets try again We’ll try once more If I can’t do it, then it’s too hard Cause- Oh God, sorry Umm Cause the samurais are really fast! And then when they’re a certain distance away… They just kill you Or hit you, ANYWAY! There’s no stopping them! Can’t miss! Can’t miss! Can’t MISS! CAN’T MISS!!! Oh shit, oh SHIT, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Nyaa!! FUCK I got this! I got this! I got this! Sometimes, the arrows come out without having to reach behind your head And sometimes they don’t And that’s, REALLY annoying! Oh-Da-FUCK WHAT WAS THAT?!?! Was that a samurai? Oh, GOD I’m scared! I’m SCARED! I’M SO SCARED!! I’M SO- WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?! I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t! The level is way too hard There’s some shit going on around me! I keep smacking into my walls and EVERYTHING! I didn’t even know I was that close to my wall! OH! MAN! FUCKING FUN GAME!!! That was AWESOME So much energy needed to play that game That’s MY kinda game! Shouldn’t have go tired Should have fucking Taken that as a challenge! And just swung all around me! Ah man! I am so going to play that on my own! I’m soo playing that I’m going to play more of that And I might do another video on it as well When I get better at it. I’ll get in and I’ll I’ll play it on my own Like, in the scenario I have here So I don’t have to worry about being in frame I don’t have to worry about recording or Headphones or anything like that, I can just get in And fire off arrows and get really good at it. And then Well… Maybe, If I have the time And then I might come back and do another video on it but Holy God Tha-That definitely took the most energy out of any VR game i’ve played so far. I’ve played umm Like Space Pirate Trainer® Wasn’t too bad I mean, I had to dodge stuff and everything… Umm But THIS, this was a fucking other league altogether That was CRAZY, cause Not only did you have to move your arms all the time But you had to dodge the shit that was coming! Such strong ab work! ANYWAY! THANK you guys, so much for watching this video! If you liked it, PUNCH that like button in the FACE LIKE A BOSS!!! And… High fives all around *Energetic Highfives* But THANK you guys And I will see all you dudes… IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!! *Most epic dancing ever performed by a homosapien*

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  1. I absolutely loved this video, I loved seeing Jack bobbing and weaving and it just made me want to get a HTC vive even more now that there is an archery game. I've always wanted to shoot a real bow and arrow. 💚

  2. Doesn't this remind anyone of that training scene in the hunger games? Come to think of it, how awesome would a vr HG game would be?

  3. Oh, wow, does that look like fun! I so want to try this after getting a HTC Vive sometime later. Am curious on how it compares to a real bow, because it has no draw weight. Maybe it counts as a HIIT routine?

  4. At 6:27, he says he's never sweated playing a game in his life. Hasn't he never sweated just ever? He always says that he doesn't sweat, his body gets red and patchy and rashy, not sweaty.

  5. Jack, you have to play raw data on the vive. it's the best game ever, and by far the colors thing I've seen in my life. do it. do it now

  6. So you get 15mio subscribers by screaming constantly like a mad men.
    Obviously no talent, knowledge, preparation or any kind of script needed. Just be loud and
    behave like a lunatic and people listen…. Trump says hi btw

  7. perhaps less meth in your coffee 😉 ( JK )
    getting my Vive in about 2 weeks and will get this game, looks cool.

  8. Could anyone please tell me,where can I find soundtracks from this game, especially from wave 7 and wave 8 (4:35–6:08)?

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