Most COMPACT Gaming Card – Zotac GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini Classic Unboxing
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Most COMPACT Gaming Card – Zotac GTX 1080 Ti ArcticStorm Mini Classic Unboxing

September 27, 2019

So my plan today Was supposed to be an update on the dual socket 56 core machine I got my heatsink from Super Micro. I got my instructions Look at this color color instructions Wow amazing I got my cooler And I specifically said I specifically said The motherboard uses the square ILM, it doesn’t match up Because these are for the narrow ILM and the motherboard uses the square ILM And I cried First I was sad, and then I was mad And then I was super excited because I actually had something that might even be cooler to show off to you guys So check this out this is the world’s highest box to card-sized ratio Video card that has existed in at least 10 years, because this used to be a thing, like I remember back when Asus Would have video card boxes that were literally like this big. Chain Tech like those companies They had these giant boxes and the idea was that they were too cheap to Buy shelf space, to buy frontage space in the retail stores right because that’s what you have to do That’s how the retail industry works. They were too cheap to buy the placements so they just made these gigantic boxes, so they wouldn’t have to pay But they would have to get a ton of space on the shelf. Isn’t it brilliant. I mean where’s Chain Tech at today, right? anyway, so ZOTAC has apparently just reused a box from an existing GTX 1080TI, you would think except that this arctic storm thing here that looks like a sticker and this mini, these aren’t stickers. They specifically went out of their way to create this this gigantic box for this tiny graphics card But its size should not Not dissuade you, it should not tell you anything about its power because this is a full-fledged GTX 1080Ti and it is the size of like a 1050 so ZOTAC has not only Engineered a full 1080 TI into something that is the same size as their previous 1080 mini they have also created a fully custom water cooling solution so you can see here they’ve got They’ve got coverage for the VRMs right here They’ve got pads on the memory modules right here and right down this side and then they’ve got a GPU contact area for the 1080 Ti so they have created a fully custom water block solution for it as well Now I do have some misgivings about their water block design It does not appear to be all copper which depending on your loop configuration May be an issue for you or may not I’m actually a huge fan of what EK is done with their Aluminium lineup of products all aluminium products that are lower cost and designed to go together But if you’re mixing and matching you can run into issues even if you use anti corrosive Additives, so what all we got here, we do get a DVI port, we get three DisplayPort ports We get one HDMI, we get a slightly taller than a PCI bracket PCB So they have cheated a little bit there, but you kind of kind of give them give them that because realistically with all of this space on the top for the Connections you were I mean you were gonna have to have a bit more space above the card in your case anyway Now one thing I wish they had done was rather than come out this way I wish that they had gone with fittings on the top and on the bottom like this but again I’m you know I got to go easy on them dual 8 pin connectors so I would expect to be able to overclock the stuffing out of this thing and In terms of included accessories, they got a couple six to eight pins And then they’ve got a couple of 3/8 inch fittings I remember I still remember back when half-inch fittings used to be the the cat’s pajamas and..Oh interesting I think these are aluminium Okay, so yeah, it’s aluminium block intended to be used with aluminium products I would recommend or at the very least make sure you use a healthy mix of anti corrosive additive all right so to fully Appreciate the scale of this thing I want to show it next to a couple of other cards first of all Here is a Titan XP collector’s edition So it is that much shorter, it is a little bit taller see this there we go So it is a little bit taller But it should theoretically actually that would be really interesting It should only take up a single PCIe slot if you were going to cut off the DVI port like we did in our single slot Titan mod Then compared to one of the most ginormous graphics cards of all time the 6990, this thing has Way more power much smaller size, and it’ll run completely silently assuming that you have a water cooling loop Woah So there you have it. I don’t really have a standard outro for these classic unboxings Subscribe and like and maybe we’ll run the credits if someone other than me chops it together

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  1. What do you guys do with all those sweet GPU's and parts after you test them? I always see boxes, boxes and boxes in the background on your videos. They can't all just sit on a shelf collecting dust…do they? Please, (as someone who is using a PC from 2009 its a bit of torture to think this could be true), tell me that those delicious parts don't just sit there. I might cry a little if they do.

  2. So I'm confused did they discontinue this product because I can't find it for sale or a sale price anywhere…

  3. RTX price is insane Nutz…Due to AMD are too Weak to vs RTX. all because of AMD fault. So Nvidia want to monopolize & want u to pay Super high…price, at any price they wish so, so u had to pay it. One..RTX 2080 Ti card alone price = to can Buy Whole set of High End Gaming PC Rig + GTX 1080 ti inside… too… OMG….!! Why RTX raise price $500++ more…than 1080 ti…!!!

  4. just bought the 1080ti mini and just discovered the articstorm, if i wanted to water cool it can I just get a off brand waterblock that would fit the same size? or is the articstorm the only one that fits?

  5. I bought a zotac 1080ti mini (and almost regret it due to how loud and hot it runs) and wondered if it was worth trying to add a water cooler to it? They are available in ebay to buy but as I am fairly new to pc building I wanted to get an opinion or 2 before I do anything


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