Most Bizarre Supervillains (GAME)
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Most Bizarre Supervillains (GAME)

August 27, 2019

– There are some super
stupid super villains! – Let’s talk about that. (electronic music) – Good mythical morning! – Everybody loves a good villain. But, for every Joker,
there is a Mr. Freeze. And for every Skeletor, there’s a Hordak! – Hordak.
– Hordak. And with that in mind, Rhett, today, I’m gonna present some of the most
ridiculous villains, ever. And you gotta determine
if I’m makin’ it up, or if it’s real.
– Hordak! – It’s time to play, Is this villain the real deal, or am I just makin’ up
whatever I real feel? Okay, Rhett, if you get five
out of eight of these right, you get a special prize,
from Mike and Alex. – I get to be a villain?
– And more. – I get to be Hordak? Is there a Hordak costume? I don’t know who Hordak is,
that’s why I’m running with it. – Google it. And again, these villains
are from film, or comics, or from my own brain. You have to decide which. – I’m not an expert in this.
– Let’s get to it. – I’m hedging a little
bit from the beginning. – Condiment King.
– Oh, gosh. – Is a failed stand-up comedian who goes around spraying mustard on people in the world of DC Comics. He’s armed with a condiment gun, and a bunch of terrible puns
about how you better ketchup. But, his only real threat is that his sauces may cause anaphylactic
shock, if you’re allergic. – His sauces, or his sausage? – His sauces!
(background laughter) – Okay.
– Anaphylactic– – Turn your computer a
little bit away from me. I’m so tempted to cheat. You’re just showing me the answers! – No, there’s no answer on this. – I know, I’m not looking!
– You’re afraid! – I’m just saying, I don’t
wanna look at your computer. – That’s good, that’s good that
you’re not wantin’ to cheat. – So, he’s not, he’s working
with his sauces. (chuckles) (background laughter) – Condiment King.
– Condiment King. – Give it to me. – I mean, it could be (stammers)
such a shot in the dark! – DC Comics. A shot of mustard in the dark. – I want this to be true, therefore, I’m going to say it is true. – It is real!
– Hey! – Unfortunately, he didn’t last long in Batman the Animated Series. But, he relished his time there. – Oh, hey, ho. – If you get on his bad side,
he mayo may not kill you. – Oh gosh, you got to of ’em?
(background laughter) – Two! – Oh my. – The kung-fu film, Devastating Pork Boy, features Pork Boy, a 13 year old who ate so much pork, that he transformed into an evil, lumpy, high-kicking half-pig. – High-kicking.
– High-kicking! Is that, you’re honing in on that? – Well, pigs have short legs. I’d think he would be a low-kick. You show me a pig with a long leg. – Kung-fu film. – And I’ll show you a whole new industry. (background laughter) – Well, I’ll show you the kung-fu film, Devastating Pork Boy! – No, you won’t, because it’s fake! – It is fake. – (laughs) Yeah, that’s
right, Devastating Pork Boy! – But, but I will say,
the adventures of Pork Boy does sound like another one of Adam Sandler’s Netflix films. – (laughs) Yeah, it does! That I will not be tuning in for! – Part of a metahuman
Florida swamp family, who call themselves the Rednecks, Gorgeous Gilly isn’t gorgeous at all. She’s a hideous DC villain,
who possesses hypnotic powers that make any may believe she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. – A redneck girl can do that to ya. – Gorgeous Gilly.
– I’ve been seduced by many a redneck girl. You look at her face, and you’re like, she’s not that pretty, but then, you look at the daisy
dukes, and you’re like… (Link trumpets) – Gets me every time! Put me on that fan boat!
(background laughter) ♫ Look at dem girls
with the daisy dukes on ♫ They really got it goin’ on ♫ – Again, I–
– Real or fake? Gorgeous Gilly, hypnotizes men into
thinkin’ she’s beautiful! Rednecks! – Everything that is fake is based on something that is real. This is a real phenomenon that happens. I can see this coming
into a writer’s head. So, I’m going to say true! – It is real.
– (laughs) Hey! – I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know. – Whoa, whoa!
– Whoa, it’s real! – That’s what Trebek does. – Funny thing is, I, too,
possess the uncanny ability to convince men that I am beautiful. It’s called Snapchat filters. (background laughter) – Okay. – Snapchat filters. In the film Basket Case, you seen it? – Isn’t that, I think
it’s a TV show, isn’t it? – That’s Baskets, this is different. In the film Basket Case…
– I haven’t seen it. – Dwayne totes his deformed
twin brother, Belial, around in a picnic basket,
a pic-a-nic basket! The conjoined twins were separated in an early age, against their will. And now, Belial is out for revenge! – Okay.
– Conjoined, deformed twin, in a pic-a-nic basket. – I did have a, there was
a family in Buies Creek, that was doing this.
(background laughter) I went over to their house all the time. – Peekin’ in the basket?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Belial. – Usually, if you detach a
twin, from the main twin, not that I wanna say there’s
preference between either– – But, please, tell me everything you know about conformed, conjoined twins! – One is more of a leech, you
know, a pariah, if you will. And when you take it away, it doesn’t, it doesn’t have this thing that it needs. – Right, but it could
fit in a basket nicely. Be carried around by it’s brother. It’s pretty angry. – But, you know what? Logic isn’t important when you’re coming up with
fictionalized characters. So, I’m going to say this is real. – It is real!
– (cackling) Yeah! – Take a look at this thing. – [Rhett] Wow! – [Link] It looks like the prop department covered a dude in Play-Doh! I mean– – [Rhett] Yeah, they
coulda done a better job. (Link exclaims) He looks a lot like
Joey, from my memories, from my childhood.
– From Buies Creek? – Yeah.
– Joey in the basket. You’ve gotten all of these right, so far. – Thank you. – You’re lucky. – Well, I’m goin’ for the sweep now. – A moist mouth evil genius. – Gosh, don’t ever say that word again. Don’t ever say moist mouth again. – A moist mouth evil genius, in a Spanish conquistador get-up, Marvel villain, Salivar’s
overactive salivary glands, allow him to spray his victims
with digestive liquids. Thus, slowly dissolving
them into a pile of bones. Salivar!
– Salivar’s. Like, saliva. Moist mouth. – Moist mouth evil genius!
– Let’s see how many times we can say that. There’s a lot of people
who hate the word moist. Anybody that hates the word moist? It’s just, I don’t really
understand hating it. But now, when Link says moist– – CV’s undecided. Let me help you with that,
moist mouth evil genius! – When Link said moist mouth, I began to hate the word moist. (Link chuckles)
– And for that, I’m going to say this is fake. – (laughs) It is fake! (Rhett cackles) But, if he were real, he’d look like this. – [Rhett] (exclaims) That’s right! – [Link] See, you thought I was sleepin’, but I’m just hatchin’ my evil genius! – You still haven’t gotten
me back for that, by the way. You said you were gonna
exact revenge on me. – I did. I picked your phone out of your pocket, and I through it out on
the slopes at Sundance. – Oh, yeah, okay. That was you. – Still out there, right? – Yeah, to call Zordak to get that one. – Gotcha! Salivar! That’s me, on a plane. When Waldo Williams is infected by a Mexican, butt-humping bullfrog… – Whoa, come on.
(background laughter) – His butt expands 20 feet, at nightfall. Like a werewolf, except it’s his butt. And goes on a killing spree. Now, Waldo must prove that
it’s his werebutt, and not him, doing the killing in the
film, Rectuma! (laughs) (background laughter)
– Oh, gosh! ♫ Waldo Williams got a
problem with his butt ♫ Every night it shrinks and gets big ♫ Doesn’t shrink, shrinks the next morning. – Hold on, hold on, hold on. – That’s the jingle for Rectuma. – Where was the frog involved? – The butt-humping bullfrog? Bit ’em on the butt. That’s why–
– It’s so wrong, on so many different levels, that the only logical
conclusion is that it’s real. – (laughs) You’re right! – (laughs) See, I mean, you gotta know, hey, here’s why I was
good at taking tests. – Here’s a picture–
– I’m not actually smart. – [Link] From the film. I think that is a butt cheek, destroying an entire city block. I’ve seen it before! I know what to look for,
and that’s what’s happening. – [Rhett] The name of the butt is Rectuma? – The name of the movie is Rectuma. – The name of the film, okay. – [Link] But, yeah. Okay, the sweep is alive!
– Alright. – Marvel’s Asbestos Lady,
was an evil scientist, who designed a flameproof suit, and set fires, to hold back
police, while she robbed banks. Unfortunately, that suit
was made of asbestos, which causes cancer, when
it’s in your ceiling, let alone, wrapped around your body. Marvel’s Asbestos Lady. – Asbestos Lady started fires? – Yeah, flameproof suit,
kept the cops away. – This feels like too much
thought went into this one. Fake. – I’m sorry, Rhett, the streak is gone. (Rhett exclaims)
It’s real! – Really?
– It’s real, yeah. And it’s a Marvel thing. And on her death bed, Asbestos Lady, at least found comfort in knowing that Poison Ivy’s suit
was made of poison ivy. – Oh. – It wasn’t, that’s just what we told her. I mean, she was dying. What was I supposed to tell her? I mean, she’s–
– You were there? – Yeah.
(background laughter) – Wow. You didn’t even tell me. – Cancer. – Okay, well, I still won the game, right? But now, it’s just about pride. – Yep! Every chef’s biggest fear
is the health inspector, but a visit from Health Inspector Hector, is a living nightmare in the inspection! It’s a film. After being fired from the FDA, Hector goes rogue, and begins
torturing restaurant workers, in order to truly cleanse kitchens, of dirt, grease, and human life! Hector the health inspector! – No superpowers? Just a great inspector?
(background laughter) – My research has not
dictated any superpowers. – Oh, okay, (stammers) your research. Fake! – You’re right, it is fake.
– Hey! – But, I do love it when, you know, when people’s
occupations rhyme with their name. That’s why I should be a therapist. – Link the shrink?
– Shrink Link. You could be a veterinarian! And, you win the prize!
– (exclaims) What is it? – Even though it wasn’t a clean sweep, you’ll find out soon enough! But, for now, thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing! – You know what time it is. – Hello, it’s Trixie
from Hamburg, Germany! And it’s time to spin
ze Wheel of Mythicality! – Forget villains and thugs! You should be fillin’ some mugs! Specifically, this mug, with
a beverage of your choice! But, you gotta get this mug first at! – Click through to Good Mythical More, we’re gonna play through a
VR game called Job Simulator, and Rhett’s gonna get his prize! – Comment Takeover! This is when we send you to
an undiscovered YouTube video, and have you make comments on it. – Nice ones. – This one is called Surprise! We want you guys to comment on how super surprised you were. – [Link] Click on the left, to watch our show after the
show, Good Mythical More. – [Rhett] Click on the right, to watch another episode
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channel icon, to subscribe. – [Rhett] Thanks for
bein’ your mythical best.

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