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Mosasaurs Beware!

August 10, 2019

hello welcome to the slingshot channel
spear guns can be very dangerous weapons for self-defense although of course they work best underwater haha we also tested pressurized air
models from Cressi and actually they are very very very effective very powerful
especially when over pressurized then I saw a professional piece of art from an artist
from out of Mexico and in 2008 he designed a six-shot spear gun that he called the
Mosasaur hunter i love that that design isn’t it amazing? if we look at the graphics then you see
that it is only one trigger that fires all six shots and that also matches that there is only one spool for the rope so are six shots happen at once this is
probably a pneumatic design but we can’t be sure because there’s this gap in
between and that makes no sense if it’s pneumatic I don’t really know what the joystick is
made for I see no reason to have a joystick on a weapon like that so the question is can we make a
six-shot spear gun at home so it really works well yes let me show you what I came up with meet
the Mosasaur hunter 2000 – hahahahaha let me show you it’s features it is made from six identical Cressi 55
pneumatic spear guns and they’re all mounted in this rig the guns themselves
are unchanged but there is a little bit of string attached to each one of the
triggers and if i pull the central trigger then all six triggers get
pulled at the same time cocking it is very easy you simply push this again
something or you can also put a piece of water on the floor or something and then
you load barrel after barrel okay done ha ha let’s test it against the pyramid
of cat food cans and fire! hahahahaha Alright as you see the fish got speared pretty good five of them penetrate about as deep as
the others one is a little weaker i think i need to top up the air pressure
and they give you a pump with a spear gun that you can use for that purpose cat food carnage this is so much fun i
could do that all day long and fire! hahahaha the advantages of leaving the guns in
Texas that you can still shoot every single bit like this which also has the
advantage that your target is in tumbling down you can also shoot to a time of course
like this ha ha and at any time of course you can also
do this well all in all I think this is one of
the most deadly handheld muscle operated weapons I’ve ever tested it’s a really efficient way to send
three pounds of sharpened steel down range haha also I think it looks great when you
agree anyway it’s not it for today because I
have a little bonus after this but i still hope you like this because one
last shot haha thanks and bye bye and for today’s
extra content we have this chicken leg which may look harmless but it may
attack at any time so we must deal with it seriously a lot of people wanted to know
what happens when you put your finger underneath the rubber roll Express well most pastors have used to kick your
legs before to simulate fingers let’s try it with this one all right and ha ha ha ha that would have ended well for your
finger i guess Wow haha bone splinters everywhere it’s going to go in the soup tonight
moon the hydraulic press channel has also tested to squash life ammunition
and it was fairly and executive I didn’t go off so I thought maybe he was our hammer
bill being here this could actually go off so I can shoot life emanation here
in Germany outside of a shooting range but what i can do is i can fire blanks
so I have some nine millimeter wave over blanks I’ve son nine millimeter Parabellum
blanks and also have some 22 rimfire break length let’s start with the 22 okay and wow here you can see what is left over from
the ammunition not very much all right guys
as you see it again starting to rain which is also the reason why I cannot
deal with the bowling ball launcher I needed these five days of driver for
that as you see it rains everyday currently it’s really too bad so we went indoors and we’ll have to do
the tests with a centerfire mo next time anyway a while ago i made this slingshot and I
made it from this old route that I found in my garden as you see it’s completely
rotten and it still smells very strongly like fear like in a sauna really and people told me that this is
special because this is what is called fed would means that it is completely
soaked with resin that is why it still did right away and this is also the
reason why it has this beautiful color whether separate has one advantage it burns very easily because it’s really
containing a lot of resin so let’s test it for splinter from that would really
varies so good here is a splinter from the good yes
catches fire very easy nice smell and it burns for some time to
really use this as a torch that would if you need to start a fire go look for it yeah yeah yeah

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  1. Hahahaa…👹
    Wao n HAHAHAAA😲👹
    …oll right aahahaahaaa👿

  2. It is scary when heavy objects smash flesh instead of cutting it… happened to me with a big server before, luckily it just caught the side of my finger and pinched it rather than smashing the whole finger. I have a lot more respect for heavy objects since that, the human body is not tough in any way shape or form, it's just a bag of water.

  3. Am a professional riffle … but what I like the laugh though I can’t define it as a good or bad German laugh…..Hahahah keep up the good work

  4. Now introducing the Mosasaur hunter 3000 available at your local Joerg hardware store near you "LET ME SHOW YOU ITS FEATURES"

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