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MORTAL KOMBAT X (Teens React: Gaming)

September 21, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ (Finebros) Today you’ll be playing this. Mortal Kombat X. Mortal Kombat X! Yes! Oh my gosh. The fatality one, right? I’ve been waiting for this so long. Yes! It’s bloody. That’s what I like. I’m excited for the gruesomeness of this. I want to pull someone’s spine out. I’ve played Mortal Kombat since the PS2.
So I know Mortal Kombat. I’ve been practicing.
I’ve actually been practicing. I’m gonna wreck.
I have the ultimate combos. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Finebros) Before we start,
we’re gonna let you all look at your special moves and fatalities. – (Chelsea) Okay.
– (Becca) Oh. – Can you help me to decide?
– (Chelsea) Yeah. (Becca) So we have nut punch,
but we also have nut breaker. (Chelsea) Nut breaker sounds
a lot better than nut punch. (game announcer) Round one. Fight! (in game: both grunting) (Chelsea) Okay, you got
the kicks down, man. (Becca) I only memorized one move! (Chelsea) I don’t even
know what I’m doing! (Becca) There he goes. No, no, no! – No, no, no, no, no!
– (Chelsea) Lose! Yes! (Becca) Wait, how did you
bring that knife to a fistfight? (Chelsea) Keep it up. Come on, Scorpion. – (Becca) Oh god.
– (Chelsea) Yes! (Becca) What is this? (Chelsea gasps) Did I just throw someone? Come on. I’m just– (Becca) I don’t know what I’m doing. (Chelsea) You’re winning. Okay. (Becca) No, I’m not. I’m not.
I have no idea what I’m doing. (Chelsea) No, you’re winning. Okay, this is bad. Come on, come on.
Come on, Scorpion! – (Becca) Look out for that guy.
– (Chelsea) You won. (game announcer) Round 2. Fight! (Chelsea) Okay, I’m here to stay.
I’m here to stay, man. (Becca) I can tell he’s good in the kicks. (Chelsea) Okay. – Man.
– (Becca) I’m good. – (Chelsea) Yes!
– (Becca) No! – (Chelsea) No!
– (Becca) No idea what I’m doing. – (announcer) Finish him.
– (Chelsea) Oh my god. – No, don’t finish him.
– (Becca) How do I finish him? (Chelsea) Don’t finish me. At least I get your autograph.
I mean, that’s nice. – (announcer) Johnny Cage wins.
– (Chelsea) No. (Becca) Eh! I did it and I won. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Tori) Warning ahead:
I’m probably gonna end up pulling out your spine,
if I figure it out. So let’s see what happens. (William) “If I figure it out.” Okay. – (announcer) Fight!
– (Tori) Oh shoot. Wow, this is beautiful. (in game: grunting) – Ooh! Ooh, sword!
– (William) Oh my god. (Tori) Yes! How I love this
so much already! – Oh, come on.
– (William) Let’s do this. (Tori) Are you gonna be
one of those people who keeps on doing the same move? ‘Cause there’s gonna be a problem
if that’s gonna happen. No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no. – (William) No!
– (Tori) Oh, thank god! – (William) No! No!
– (Tori) Thank god. I need– no, come on!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. – No, no… no!
– (William) Yes! Let’s go, Liu Kang! – Round 2.
– (Lori) I need to– I just need to stop panicking so much. (William) Girl, please. – (Tori) Yes! Yes! Yes!
– (William) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Tori) Oh, dang it!
I couldn’t do anything cool. (William) That was not– whoa. (Tori) No, no, no. I’m so nervous. No. – (William) No!
– (Tori) Oh! (William) Yes! Oh my gosh.
I broke your X-ray. Let’s do this. No, G-G. (Tori) No, no, no! – (William) Oh my god!
– (announcer) Finish her! (Tori) Aha, you can’t
even do the fatality. (William) I mean,
I’ve punched you good enough. – Oh! Oh.
– (Tori) No. (William) I call that
a fatality right there. – Oh, the Liu Kang!
– (Lori) See, that’s the thing. I always panic, and then
I end up button-smashing. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (announcer) Round one. (Geneva) So can we get a second
to get situated real quick? – (Olivia) You ready?
– (Geneva) Hold on. (Olivia) I’m just gonna come at you and try and do that nut-punch thing. Okay. – (Geneva) Hold on.
– (Olivia) So… – (Geneva) Here we go.
– (Olivia) Oh. Oh, oh. How do I put– oh! Am I winning? – (in game: groan)
– No? I’ll take that as a no. (Geneva) Yo, try to use your special move. (Olivia) I don’t know how
to do the special moves. I didn’t have time
to memorize those things. – (Geneva) Oh.
– (Olivia) Wait. (Geneva) Oh, I thought I was
about to die, but that’s you. (Olivia) Oh, heh-heh. Reassuring. (Johnny Cage) Hah! (Olivia) Wait, did I lose? – (Geneva) Yeah, you lost.
– (Olivia) I think I lost. – Okay.
– (Geneva) It’s round 2. (Olivia) I’m just gonna
do some kick stuff. Oh, I think I did the nut punch!
I did the nut punch! Yay! (in game: grunting) (Geneva) Okay. Oh, that’s the– okay. Oh, there we go! I did the (yells) move.
But I didn’t hit you. – (announcer) Finish him!
– (Geneva) Oh. (Olivia) Finish him? (whimpers) (Geneva) R-hold, R2. That fatality was supposed to be easy. I was really proud of her. She was actually giving me
a run for my money there. (Olivia) Yeah. (Geneva) I was a little scared,
but I still won. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Seth) Wait, have you played this before? (Ethan) No. (Seth) I’m sorry. – (Ethan) You’ve played it?
– (Seth) I’m sorry. (Reptile) Another weakling. (Ethan) Aw man, I forgot
to look at the stealth combo. Damn it. That’s what
I was trying to remember. (Seth) That one’s useless anyways.
I can still see you. (Ethan) It doesn’t matter.
It could be helpful. Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out
where everything is. (Seth) Here we go. There we go. And go up.
And grab– aw, come on. Come on. Oh, there we go. – (in game) Headache.
– (Seth) And teleport. Punch up. And he’s dead. Come on. (Ethan) Am I? Am I? – (Seth) Yeah. I win.
– (Ethan) I mean, I don’t have all the combos
memorized. He does. (Seth) I’m sorry. (Ethan) It’s already an unfair advantage. (Seth) Teleport. Punch. (Ethan) Button-mashing is
only successful in Killer Instinct, ’cause all it is is quarter-round turn. Whereas this actually backs it up. (announcer) Finish him! (Seth) Yeah? Wait. Oh jeez. You know what? I’m just
gonna do it the easy way. – (chuckles)
– (in game: agonized groaning) I’ve never actually done this one. So… – (in game: grunt)
– All right. (Ethan) I’ve seen them
both, so I mean… (Seth) I mean, I’ve seen it,
but I’ve never done that one. (announcer) Takeda wins. (Seth) I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Ethan. (Ethan) Hey, it’s just
an unfair advantage. If we both had equal
experience and skill level, then it’d be an interesting fight. (Seth) I kinda Shreked. I’m not gonna lie. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Becca) Have you played
Mortal Kombat prior to this day? – (Seth, giggling) Maybe a little bit.
– (Becca) That’s cheating. (in game: grunting) (Seth) Oh. Okay. Okay, she’s kicking me. (Becca) Oh! I did it! I did nut breaker! (Seth) Okay, I don’t
want to actually lose. – (Ferra/Torr growls)
– Oh, there we go. – She’s so fast.
– (Becca) Thanks. I’m on cross country. – Okay, okay.
– (Seth) Oh. (Becca) I don’t want to lose
either. Oh, that’s rude. – (Seth) Oh. Okay.
– (Becca) I take offense at that. (Seth) Okay, and I just charged her. Okay, this is kind of dumb.
I don’t like this character. Come on, down right. – Oh, there we go.
– (Becca) Oh, that’s rude. – No, no.
– (Seth) There’s X-ray. Okay. – (Becca) What is this?
– (Seth) This is an X-ray. (Becca) What is this? – (Seth) You don’t know what X-ray is?
– (Becca) No. (in game: squelching and groaning) That’s– (Seth) I’m just gonna charge her
to finish her off, I think. Maybe I should just let her
beat me this round and then– (Becca) Just– no, I’m not gonna
fight you unless you fight me. – It’s like for realsies.
– (Seth) All right, bye. – (announcer) Finish him!
– (Becca) Yeah. See? At least I lost with honor. (Seth) She did better
than I thought she would. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (Geneva) I really hope
I don’t lose to a 15-year-old. (William) Bro. (Geneva) Like, I can put my arm
on you like an armrest. Like, wouldn’t that– (William) Bro! I’m gonna make this one personal. I’m on fire! – (announcer) Round one.
– (William) See if that helps. (Geneva) Hold on. Hey. – (William) Oh no.
– (Geneva) Okay. (in game: battle cries) (Geneva) Hey! Okay, how do I get down?
How do I get down? – Can you choke?
– (William) There is no choke… (dramatic voice) when… you…
play… Mortal Kombat. (Geneva) I can’t die.
I can’t die. I can’t die! (William) No!!! Oh my gosh. That shouldn’t have done
as much damage as it did. Yes! Let’s go! Bah! In the face! – (Geneva) I’m definitely not dead yet.
– (William) In the neck! Let’s go, X-ray!
For everybody right there. Wooo!! (clapping) (announcer) Final round. (Geneva) Okay. (grunts) (William) Oh, I hate that. Teleport. Take it, old lady! (Geneva) Come on, Ermac. Come on. – (William) No!
– (Geneva) Let me come back. (William) Yes! – (announcer) Finish him.
– (William) Let’s go! I can’t do a “finish her”! (Williams growls fiercely) Let’s go! A 15-year-old beat you! – (Geneva) Good game though.
– (William) Good game. Good game. (Geneva) Good game. That was good. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (William) We’re at the final round. – (Seth) Yeah.
– (William) How do you feel? (Seth) Have you played this before this? (William) Nope. (laughs) – (Seth) Well…
– (William) Have you? – (Seth) Yeah.
– (William) What? No! One shall live. One shall fall. (Seth) Okay, it’s most
likely gonna be you. – (announcer) Round one.
– (William) Okay, let’s do this. (announcer) Fight! (in game: swift punches and grunts) (William) Good. (Seth) Oh dang, he actually
did a lot of damage. I just speared him so bad. (William) Oh, what? Whoa, whoa, whoa! That’s like not no– boomerang. (Seth) Oh my god.
I’m almost dead. – (William) Woohoo!
– (Seth) All right. He beat me one. What? – (in game: chain rattling)
– (William) Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Aw, dang it. (Seth) Oh wow, you just X-rayed me? (William) To the back… of the ribs. Nooo! You won. (Seth) Oh, I don’t know.
I don’t think I can do with this. I got to hit you a couple more times. (William) I mean, maybe. Maybe, maybe. Okay, no. Okay, no. No! No! – (Seth) One more.
– (William) Nooo!! (Seth) Okay, I just had
to secure that round. – I won’t be as spammy this round.
– (William) Okay. (in game: character chuckles) (announcer) Final round. Fight! (William) Oh, no no no no!
(groans in frustration) (Scorpion) Get over here! (William) I can never know
if he’s gonna use– (Seth) Grab. Come on. Okay. Above attack? There we go. – (in game) Rise.
– (Seth) And dead. – (William) No!
– (announcer) Finish him! – (William groans)
– (Seth) And… triangle. – (William) No.
– (Seth) Oh, there we go. (William) What? No. (Seth) All right, I haven’t seen this one. – (in game: pained groan)
– (William) This is messed up. – (chain rattles, whack)
– (Seth) This is pretty cool. (William) What the? – (announcer) Scorpion wins.
– (Seth) That was a cool fatality. I haven’t seen that one.
I haven’t seen that one. – (unenthusiastic) Yay.
– Woo, champion. But hey. First of the worst, second the best. I’m a noob. He’s, like,
a professional player. I’m not a pro. I’m not even that good. – Well, GG.
– (both) GG. – That was a good game.
– Good game. Thanks for watching this
teen gaming tournament on the React channel. Subscribe! New gaming
episodes every Sunday. See ya! Goodbye! (imitates announcer) Fatality. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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