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Morning Mechanics Skate

November 19, 2019

Hi there and welcome to morning
mechanics skate edition. The morning is one of the best times to work on some of
the dynamic motions and explosive movements we’re going work on so I
recommend doing this workout in the morning. Before your morning training
session, not after you’ve been standing on your feet all day at work and
definitely not after two training sessions. Do you want to ski
like klaebo and some of the best World Cup skiers in the world? They incorporate
running mechanics into their skiing technique and this is a first step into
that process. We are going to work on some fundamental running mechanics and
transfer that motion into lateral skate pushes. It’s a perfect little
introductory workout to do before you have a skate interval session or a skate
speed session on roller skis or on snow. Start the workout with a five or ten
minute jog, the shorter the better just enough to get the blood moving and the
muscles warmed up. First our jumping jacks series do 20 jumping jacks of each
variety: normal jumping jacks, crossover jumping jacks, diagonal jumping jacks, lateral lunge five each side try to stay straight in
the back try not to collapse the knee. Before we jump into the run mechanics
and start jumping around with some explosive movements I think it’s really
good to come down and do a hip flexor stretch but more importantly try to
isolate and activate the glutes. When you’re down in a hip flexor stretch on
one knee you’re able to stand straight up with your chest and try to tilt your
pelvis underneath your torso. This is known as a posterior pelvic tilt.
You will notice that when your hips are back it’s really hard to flex your butt
muscle. You can sit back and try to flex your glute and you can’t do it
but if you sit up straight tuck your pelvis underneath you can really fire
your butt muscle a lot better. Really identify that position, this is
what I call being stacked. When your shoulders are over your hips and your
pelvis is tucked underneath your hips and you’re able to activate your glutes.
Okay let’s get started on the mechanics. Each of these is meant to be done twice
so I demonstrate once, but do each exercise twice. Stationary dorsiflexion
March. No lazy ankles, good body position Stationary a skip with no arms, 15 each
side really quick off the ground. A-skip, do that for 10 meters and then
a light run acceleration out of it. Runner high knees for 10 meters with
acceleration out. A building Pogo jump you’re doing 15 jumps but you’re getting
higher on each jump. 15 total This is a lateral March Think about good running mechanics but
you’re taking a step sideways. Doesn’t need to be a jump yet just a step
sideways on each foot. Now a light jump Try to get off the ground. You’re
jumping off of one leg and landing on two. That’s the best way to think of it.
Still use good running mechanics. Now into a full extension jump.
Do three controlled jumps and then eight full extension where you’re
pushing down into the ground but getting full extension with the leg. So think
about pushing until the leg is completely straight. Finally skate bound something most people would be familiar with. Two bytwelve jumps total. Really focusing on activating all the muscles we just tried
to identify during the running technique. For more mechanics and technique drills
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