Morgz MOM Is Making A YOUTUBE Channel! (not clickbait)
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Morgz MOM Is Making A YOUTUBE Channel! (not clickbait)

August 22, 2019

Alright Mom, basically this is the question of all questions. n everybody hd asked for centuries… OH MY GODDDD, did somebody actually ask that? Hello guys and welcome back to another video with and of course the queen of YouTube YOO, it’s me So ladies and gentlemen is that time again We’re both about to be exposed Today’s video is going to be similar to the never have I have challenge I did it with dad However it’s gonna a hell of a lot worse So today basically we’re gonna take in turn to ask each other questions and expose each other’s secret We also twit out on both of our Twitter’s yes, as you know mum made a freaking Twitter And she’s probably going to overtake me like less bases, so yeah We asked you guys to send secrets that you wanted to be exposed And that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing today mum. Are you excited? No I’ve just seen some of the questions I’m really I’m freaking nervous. I’m more nervous because I was having a few oh, God oh guys if you’re new to the channel remember to go down there and Not subscribe button join the team join team orgs, and if you don’t know already I just released these dope hearts for silver they’ll be linked in the description where you can get one of these – my merchandise site go cut one while the Fresh while the New one was yours was yours bro was yours eating any one whereas yours bro. Look Morgan You said if I wanted one, I had to buy it and I’m not buying it so no I’ve got one well Let’s be honest Morgan. We all know the only reason you’re wearing a hat is because your ass so bad Don’t fill up more. I really buddy appreciate it One more thing guys the team all shout out for this video go Saddam Hussein even subs for ages I love the videos I do with Mom star last night if you want the team all shout in the next video you guys know what to do go down there slash the Light will turn on notifications, and finally leave a comment. What more are you ready to get exposed? Yeah? Yeah? Yeah, let’s go first off. Let’s do this rock-Paper-scissors No, you just messes. I would you just put the role model, okay? Right along the first question I’m going to ask you is wonder. I think everybody watching this wants to know right now This is the most frequently asked question I get asked literally all the time mama 5,000 what like What do you mean is that another question the real thing? I want to say this is the most asked question I get questions about this every day. I’m sure you do too Mom, when are we going to see the moles mom YouTube channel soon, it’s in the platforming You and I correctly me and porn are annually thinking about making her a channel now guys We’re not sure if you want to see this or not So if you want to see more mom make her own Freakin YouTube channel go down there and Smash a like on the video and tell us in the comment section look Tell a little bit about what you think of your bun. Yes So it’s going to be a little bit of log in just general fully things that happens in the day I think tough lots of accidents lots of things go wrong. There’s also the prime inside – it was working Working full-time that have a lot of time, so that’s got to change I’ve got to put more focus on pranking Morgan I know a lot of the pranks. I got some really good ideas guys if you want mom to make her own channel You know what to do tell us what you think because we’re thinking about it, but we’re not sure yet So tell us in the comment section if you want to see it either then mom I think we know what time it is now. You’ve got you’ve got the whole space. Yo, you’ve got the space You’ve got the time you’ve got a flow Do you want to just ask me a question or do you want to see what twisting? No? I’m go to Twitter so go ahead So I’m not wrong reason so the fit My question is Morgan when you leave in home. Oh, right? Well my answer. This is right now ah Right welcome to the channel guys that we’ve got rid of that little plaid so yeah I think the answer to that one is never I’ll never leave home. I’ll never leave you. Oh Right guys next question for mom. I’m coming for a hard right now mom. The first one is a nice one I’m Gonna be hard ah Have you ever stolen from Morgan? Standard still for you’re allowed to steal at hair products gel wax of mousse is all that stuff us Yeah, that’s for a win. Though not stealing so last night. I got a bit carried away in a crack. You’ll be sweet off When you saw my sweet, no, I am stole my sweet. You stole my sweet, and it almost reads stay on shot Can we get out get out go and take my channel, but I’m taking my channel. Bye Say bye down and apologize to me apologize to them too because you’ve stole from me So I want an apology and then I want demos to have an apology I’m sorry for stealing your sleeve not all of them. Just one or two Three or four Morgan have you ever gone out or as day with a girl fan fun a fangirl girl fangirl for fun a girl who’s a girl actually channel other organs I don’t think so. No Morgan. Let’s ask another question morgan. Have you ever been out on a date? I’ve just gone out with so many girls. I just I remember yeah, they’re real making out there no I’m trying to think of business everyone, but just so many of us can’t think or do that next question I guess yeah alright Mom someone said in a little dare for you you’ve got to prank call that ok what were you doing? What are you gonna? Tell you what we’re going to thank you. How we gonna find it How about you say you broke down the car’s broke down as a restaurant. Can you come and pick a vault yeah? Cuz I know about poles with your car yeah, yeah, yeah, would you mind no she might have seen mia Morgan broken down on supplies but my car’s got a bit of an intimacy problem when you drive like a 1910 207 it’s not really that surprising is it oh hi Darrin? It’s me either Darrin will stop. It’s a problem, right? We’ll just leave a miller and carter and my car’s got that problem again, and it’s broken down I Know and I can’t I’ve got the breakdown can’t get for this at about three hours and mothers Yeah, Morgan’s going absolutely mad it needs to poo and he needs to get the toilet can we get can I get you to come? And pick him up, and I’ll just have to come away with a car or something a young been drinking or anything all right? That’s good. I’ll do you mind Alright, so service to chill out Darren appreciate that alright. Thank you. Bye-bye We could not let it drive to pick us all fall almost like oh Yeah me tell you what’s the culling go short looking now? We can I ring your back on my throne, and we continue it Yes, they are really the pool dad. I’ve got stomach ache and everything. I just came up with that. That’s no, we’re Driving I’ll just say that will you be long and nearly I’m going to pull myself Dolan come morgue Yeah, look let’s let it go. Yeah This guy’s Mexico’s dude mum’s asking me now Will you do this or lay on in the video guys keep watching to see how this one ends? I’m genuinely Malcolm has got to ring your dad now. I’m getting a bit worried. It’s not fair It’s late, and it’s late all over the floor. I know but you can’t let drive all that way. I’ll never do it again Ring command you ring right now ringing bash and say our marker Though this also will be really annoying So the next question is who you think’s winning prank war? Oh? So I’m not sure about this because surely like I’ve done like 10 prime’s on you And they’ve all worked like I’ve done loads on you however the like couple lives on me It has been really good ones like I think the wake up right in the pool could have been the best actual prank yet It just depends like Adam so many on you your hey me with some big ones is it quality of a quality? But still I still do think I’m taking home a cake I mean you can’t deny the fact that I’ve done like 5 times more on you than you’ve done on me You can’t you know yeah? What do you think well? Who do you think’s winning? I think you’re definitely winning. Oh There we go if you’re not bothered about doing nasty things ie complain you drive. Just dab drive 10 mile at night Proprietor you’re nobody did it. I was really awesome. Let go I’ll german it’s not laughing oh Nothing. Oh, God yelling you want to know what you’re thinking comment down below this one in private Or is it team org or team more people definitely? Happy more that does be honest there you go. Hi mom. I’ll go on for you. It may be a little bit controversial I don’t even know I need to figure out the truth honest answer. Do you Really like my merchandise Yeah, definitely oh, I do good quality. I told you that whoa Morgan Jesus challenge you to see you can eat a snake the quickest most politically strong cinematix, whoa Cinematix Magic Eager grab a snake that’s a little bit confused So will let’s get is true. We’re gonna have accomplished. I mean you can eat one the fastest You cheated uh-huh and shit three two one Mmm. I’m under fat more roots come back Jesus Thomas T-Thomas me missed me. Haha London Club coming going on women oh Yeah also Looking weird a Yeah, Molten You’re very theatrical. You know. I’m just checking my charming. I’m going to call you. Oh Wardrobe think you’re the winner you gave up don’t worry big guy go uh that’s not a spirit gone Oh my God. Oh my god oh my God It’s all oh my god got ringing star ended with the hawks even got back and tell him not to go Oh, no, we weren’t sure shy do this yeah, I got it quiet. Yeah, hello, dot it’s me. Oh What what are you I’ve just got to calm London sighs million car million car Fuck you Son I’ll be go back tomorrow the Car’s broke their awards disappointing something boom Five or six miles how far along we drive it Yeah, we saw how accosted look oh, God. I’m in pajamas Mr.. Carlin, oh socks on Guarantee made me do it, baby Do you do I said ringing pop right back? Sorry daddy, but I’m all good. Not me dr.. Sugar. I should drink every night if you know someone or moon I’m a drink covers it anyway Watch your program oh I’m sorry Jenny Ryder because if you were watching my videos you could have just paused them and you’d have been fine. Bye dad Okay guys. I think it’s time the truth is finally revealed Excuse us is that it true? I’m on basically this is the question of all questions the question everybody’s been wanting us for centuries would you rather get prince of Morgan or Bruno, oh my God did somebody actually a star. Yes a lot of people Oh my God, that’s ridiculous for an awful question I can’t believe anybody’s after all the years we’ve been together all the fun. We’ve had oh good at all Elvis is looking after and Caring I mean that’s amazing obviously What? You call it Bruno keep Bruno when shared so much together 100 more good. Don’t be so baby. She should be leaving home now anyway. You’re 15 bruno Well guys at the end of another Thousand Thrills Riddler or the main thing though that I think you know this on both your minds and mom’s freaking channel so guys once again Telogen the conversation if you think she should make her own channel. She’s thinking about it She’s definitely considering it guys so if you ever wanted to say to a giant convince’ – now’s the time guys in the comment section But guys thank you all so much for watching this video a huge thanks to mum for being in it I mean the busy the savage that she obviously is I’m not a page. I say because I wish I say guys once again We just released this new hat Finish off get them now while they’re fresh well than you if you want of the summer now is the perfect time to order them And if you check the website they may even be a little cheesy sale on the right now So the link will be in the description or if you want to type in just put in hopefully speak sorry well, what would say? Mum: Morgz if you don’t know already
Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram She’s even got a frickin’ Twitter
All the links are in the description below and finally if you don’t know already remember to go down there and Smash that subscribe button to join Team Morgz well guys, thank you for watching and as always I’ve been Morgz and she has been mom And I’m not always I’ll see you next video 3 wow Because judges videos remember to subscribe in my channel Again forget to leave a like if you have a bikini Thank the working since I happen

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