MoonSun – The Hunt (Metal)
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MoonSun – The Hunt (Metal)

January 22, 2020

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  1. This is totally a new and fresh sound for MoonSun, and I have to admit, I ADORE IT!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

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  3. 🤘
    Alter Schwede ,wie g…l ist das denn 👍
    Das habt Ihr super gut gemacht Ihr beiden . Juhu das Wochenende ist gerettet ,danke 😁

  4. je reçois tout juste en cette instant vu je suis aussi connécté cette voix magnifique et avec ce son metal que j'aime yes forever fan moonsun !!

  5. Bravo Susanne et Thomas ❤️.
    Susanne, pourrais tu nous faire d'autre chanson en français ? 😉 Bises à vous deux 😘

  6. Definitivamente cuando suben un nuevo video me sorprenden con su calidad aun mejor que el anterior felicitaciones y gracias por compartir su talento!

  7. The legacy of our hero continues at this point. Last time he was alone, proudly showcasing his mortal wounds. Now he became a king. And ruled his people with fairness and respect. The darkness though always returns from the lightest corners and so on and so forth. A vile necromancer in a far land raised an army of foul creatures, of creeping shadows and flying demons. The age of men ended with a bang, and men fall in the utter dark like the coming of a night. But our king, remembered his heroic past. A past full of terrors, of tears and despair. A past full of defeat. No. Not again. His soul was no longer up for grasps. The horn of his forefathers, and the fathers of mankind sound in the kingdom. A new army of broken men is gathered. Men whose families have fallen in the abyss of mind. An army of solitude. Therefore, with no families, no lands, no homes to turn them back, the army's men were more brave than the bravest. When you have nothing to lose you fght only to win. Our king lead them in an open valley, once green, now drawned with an imprevious mist. But no one wanted to back down. They were here to fight. A smoldering fear in their souls was boiling, and in their eyes this fear became vengeance fire. In front of them ,creatures of the shadow howling and yawping. The end is near. They feel it. Mankind is going to end. In darkest our, mankinds sun becomes brighter. And the sun rises…(I have to say also congratulations for the new song. it is very good and different).

  8. Silent Pieces was so relaxing, gloomy and intimate…and this song and the last ones are so heavy, darker and symphonic!
    I love both your sides! 😍
    Keep them balanced 🤘

  9. This hunt did not quite get me at the first "run". But let's try again you guys, see if you'll catch me…😉🤘🏼🖤💛

  10. 💙👍🤘🤘🤘💙
    ("senfe später noch etwas, was mir auffiel…😂").
    erste spontangedanken:
    geil, lauter, mein sound, hunde füttern, später nochmal! 🔝 und
    MÖCHTE HIER 100.000 ABOS SEHEN!!! erstma ende. 💛

  11. Wooowww, das war der Hammer!! Jetzt lasst ihr es aber mal richtig krachen, und auch das Video ist megageil! Obwohl ihr ja schon viele richtig tolle Songs habt, ist das spontan zu meinem Lieblingssong geworden:-) Super Gitarrenarbeit, ein richtig catchy Refrain, und dazu Susannes wunderbare, unverwechselbare Stimme… macht alles zusammen ein episches Meisterwerk:-) Und ich muss sagen, ihr habt definitiv euren eigenen Stil entwickelt, ihr seid auf einem ganz tollen Weg!!:-)

  12. HOLY SMOKES!!! :O :O ♥
    This video is actually up to par with the TOP bands of our era! You have orchestrated a piece worthy of INSURMOUNTABLE APPRAISAL and thus, you should be proud of it!
    Our minds were absolutely blown – you RISE higher by the hour, dear-dear MoonSun!!!
    MASSIVE CONGRATS – you most indubitably deserve it! m/ ♥♥♥

  13. I like the sound, the harmony, but disturbs me the lyrics, please tell me what you mean? because sounds a Trump propaganda, "the evyl comes from the east, and we are the good guy will destroy it, without mercy"

  14. эта песня может стоять в одном ряду с песнями знаменитых Skillet

  15. Is there gonna be an album soon? These latest tracks are simply Amazing!!! 💖 Been watching since your very first videos! 💖💖

  16. Holy shit. It's one of the heaviest songs in your career and the best.

    Nun in deutsch. 😅😂 Es ist ein schwieriges Thema, das einfach angesprochen werden muss. Ihr habt es getan und dafür riesen Respekt von mir.

    Es hat mich von Anfang an gefesselt und auch begeistert. Von mir aus könnt ihr ruhig mehr von solchen Songs veröffentlichen.

    Es gibt wenige Bands, die das in einem echt heavy Sound verpacken.

    Beste Grüße aus der wunderschönen Eifel

    Luki ❤❤

  17. What left to say, das ist fantastisch!.)
    P.s.: captain Price and the company would put a like)
    P.p.s.: if seriously great thanks for military thematic, for me (and others who like it, I suppose) it's important.

  18. MoonSun Rise… Rise!!! Bravo!!! One of your best songs ever… It's amazing, heavy, dark and mellodic… and the video was seek! Great work! Love from Chile

  19. When you are using your lower voice, it's great! (Breezes flowing from east to west, have gone to their eternal rest, light rays fading from red to blue have blurred the endless view) Feels like discovering a new part of you! Great song as always, very underrated music to say the least!

  20. I always appreciate a creative lyric video. On one hand, it's fun to look at, and on the other it gives you ideas that you can steal 😉

  21. very very goood the voice !!!! TARJA ??? DIANNE ??? ALINA LESNIK ???CHARLOTTE WEESEL???SHARON DEN ADEL??? et autres

  22. Je vous est découvert avec votre dernier son "Rammstein ohne dich". J'adore <3 votre voix vos musique/reprise son génial <(*o*)> continué ainsi vous avez du talent ! Que du bonheur pour mes oreilles :3 !

  23. bonjour ! quant moonsun chante du sympho C EST DU GRAND ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Do you like our song? 😊If yes, please think about supporting us, so that we can create more metal music! 🤘You find several ways to help us in the video description! Thank you!!! 😘

  25. Greetings from THE BRIDE OF JESUS CHRIST 🌟✝️✨
    Angels and Warriors of God many are. 5 TRIBES STRONG ONE LOVE WE HOLD.
    Love and Light 💖🙏🔥
    Cheers 🤳
    Bee 🕊️🌈🐝

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