Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Available Now
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Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Available Now

November 30, 2019

[SINGING] [BIRDS CAWING] [MUSIC] Must’ve been magic of some kind
that brought me to this world. Magic!? I’m leaving this one in the witcher’s hands. Venture to say
I could take care of your problem in the woods. Tree roots? Those birds attacked me, too.
Any idea why they suddenly turned aggressive? It was as if something was manipulating them. It must be something else! Now, show yourself. Let’s go! Igni should do the trick. Ever fight a witcher? Ciri’s been places, I know. but I don’t think she’s ever come to this world. Hunter… Seem capable of handling this yourself. Take care now. Hunter. Exploring unfamiliar territory—
few things more interesting.

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  1. You have made a good game, but one problem. Its not monster hunter, its wicher. So im done. When you release the monster hunter updates that are monster hunter, not some other game, I might play again.

  2. Mh team is learning to make a story based rpg for West. Hope, they have good feedback. It is quite divided currently. Some people like to hunt and loot. Some people like to slow down for the story. It is quite decisive turning point for the iceborne expansion later for its direction. For cdprojectred might be a learning experience for designing combat.

  3. Monster Hunter X Resident Evil 2 crossover?
    Monster Fights : Super Tyrant and/or William Berkin (stage 2-4?)?

    Playable Characters : Leon and Claire

    Weapons for this collaboration : Light Bowgun and/or Heavy Bowgun?

    Palico Armour : I dont know……Tofu?? xD

  4. Monster Hunter World is becoming the Super Smash Bros of open-world 3rd-person monster-slaying games. Now I'm just waiting for my Shadow of the Colossus crossover and I'd be the happiest camper in the tent. Keep up the great work, Capcom!

  5. After I saw witcher 3 X mhw trailer, I decided to play the witcher 3 first before this event. And man it was really great. After I hear the music in mhw change to witcher 3 music, its really epic thought.

  6. So this is a permanent thing

    Cos getting the ps4 again on the 20th and wouldn't mind getting into the event

    At least one good thing is its no HR requirement

    And you get a semi decent armor set and weapon

  7. It's literally like a mini Witcher 3 DLC. You play as Geralt, have all his abilities, do dialogues and it even has side quests that affect the main objective. Really crazy what they did here.

  8. Hyped AF.. Sadly I have to wait for a few months by the looks of it to play it on PC. Oh well, looks worth the wait tho.

  9. Did anyone else have a problem with unlocking the Nekker palico armor. I caught it after I finished the quest and the delivery never showed as completed and when I try to look for it. Its no where to be found.

  10. How do I unlock the "extra" Leshen, the Ciri armor and the opportunity to do the mission as my hunter? I fully completed the main hunt even with all the side missions. :/

  11. 1:30 Bye bye then. The last thing I thought I'd ever see on this Earth was Geralt of Rivia feeding a nekkar his sausage.

  12. Bonjour Capcom, je me demandais si vous pourriez ajouter sur console les modes de pc? Cela pourrait rajouter de la difficulté aux joueurs console merci si vous pouvez y ajouter.

  13. Is he still available to play as or is it already over with the appreciation fest event or is this an ongoing thing? Also, whatever happened the Horizon Zero Dawn content? I don't see where that's available…

  14. I've just seen the collaboration between monster hunter and "metal gear solid". The monster gear rex would be a great new addition to monster hunter world iceborn .

  15. Holy god damn shit, why the fuck is CapCom so fucking good at making games and then they just take another great game and merge them??? And its free??? what the actual fuck is this? i thought in 2019 you have to buy every single stone laying on the ground but what the fuck Capcom is bringing back traditional video game feelings. You buy the full title and get some awsome addons for your 70$ worth of game. this is insane! Great work! I love it

  16. Capcom, your background music is terrible just now on MHW. Please, can you just change it back to the original sound!

  17. But. My money. You're supposed to take it. Truly the best crossover in gaming history, love the Monster Hunter series to death and look forward to every dlc and new game (hopefully on console, I like my tv and controller more than my 3ds)

  18. it was said available now but it was for PS4 or XBOX. And when it comes to pc, there is no CLEAR DATE AND TIME!!! JESUS, STOP CONFUSING PEOPLE!!!! IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A BIG EVENT, JUST MAKE IT ALL PLATFORM !!!! NOT SEPARATE THEM!!!!

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