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  1. Is this content available on Xbox and ps4. Im torn on what console to get it for. My primary console is Xbox one as I prefer the controller the ps4 controller always ends up hurting my wrist as I have carpel tunnel syndrome. The ps4 has slightly better graphics.

  2. I feel like monster hunter is overrated tho. The mechanic and the engine are poorly made regardless of the nice graphics the game is weak. Story is very poor and boring, all you do is grind. The monsters are awesome but also the combat is clumsy (slash slash slash, combo) until the monster is defeated. Its a shame i was looking forward to really like this game. Oh well, I give it 6/10 and that's fair

  3. I gotta say, Capcom putting an ear to ground of Gamers really will let this company succeed. Resident Evil 7 and 2 remaster, Ace Combat and of course this too.

  4. They should add final fantasy characters
    BTW the fighting music in this Witcher addition is cool and make you get out all of your strength !

  5. Оставьте блть Геральта в покое он в Туссенте винишко попивает на пенсию вышел давно.

  6. I’m crying. I’m bout to download monster hunter again. Geralt of Rivia!! Pour some Rivian Kriek out for all the Harambe’s we bout to make.

  7. Hopefully in one of the witcher installment..Geralt remembers the new world..just a little dialouge..even mentions us (The hunter) or even that Pukei Pukei

  8. Freaking awesome…can't believe they went this far and added all this stuff.Simply love the crossovers this gen and moreover seeing ma boy Geralt in other great games.Nekker as Palico had me dying.

  9. The only instance that geralt passed through a portal and didn't express his distain for magical transportation.

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