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  1. Tbh Witchers and Hunters from MH aren't that different. Both are enhanced humans (Witchers through their ritual and Hunters I think, in a concept book with lore and artwork, are said to be descended from what are basically super soldiers from the war with the Dragons long ago. That or special herb concoctions…. Either or, theres a lore reason for them being able to swing giant weapons without injury and survive being smacked by titanous beasts). I think Geralt would be at a bit of a disadvantage tho.

  2. It would be stupid NOT to have a professional monster slayer be crossed over to Monster Hunter, honestly surprised they didn't do it sooner

  3. I hope it’s like Horizon: Zero Dawn where you can unlock a Gerald armor afterwards and his swords and dual sword weapons

  4. Is it me or Geralt sounds better in English version than in Polish.

    Ok It is probably only me cuz there is not much Polish people on this side of Internet.

  5. I love the Witcher but i am wondering if i should get MHW. Would you guys recommend it to someone that liked the witcher series?

  6. Come over Tomy YouTube channel and checkout my Witcher game series I am doing. Sub yh. Need help and motivation in my life to. Plus I am doing it for uni project on YouTube to grow and see how I can build a channel plz. From London. Real name Christian

  7. Great, now I have to play monster hunter AND Witcher. Damnit people I only have so much time for these amazing games

  8. I swear when portal come up during "Avenger: End Game" I thought Geralt gonna drop out and said "Dame portal".

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