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  1. Waiting for the PC version! Should have used the classic music arrangements, all this "WoWesque" music score doesn't fit MH!

  2. Phantasy Star Universe Fan Here. I Just Got Monster Hunter and Its Looks Dope. Pso2 just doesn't scratch the surface of PSU. I also heard MH is online???

  3. It's hurts but I'm staying adamant about not getting worlds. Getting shafted by not having double cross localized was too much of a slap in the face, they knew full well that the game was a hollow shell, having new stances and playable palico but what about it, to do the 50+ gather quests? They left out G rank leaving it for double cross(generations 2 for us in the west). It would be like if Sega only released sonic 3 but didn't localize sonic and knuckles, half the game would be missing.

    Please don't misinterpret this as some sort a fanboy tirade, I own a 3DS, a XBOX One and recently a Switch, I would LOVE to purchase world's day one and play the fuck out of it if they even so much as confirmed double cross localization for 2020 or something. What, oh well, hopefully they good for mega man because quite honestly that's the only thing left with them I care about now.

  4. Only one thing about this awesome game bother me, this is the only monster hunter game that hasn't the famous song of the franchise and an opening cinematic in the title screen.

  5. Thank you so much for this amazing experience.
    I knew since the announcement that this game would be great, but thinking:"What is there to improve in the good old monter hunter formula", I surely did not expect such bold innovation and jawdroppingly creative additions to a franchise which I've considered nearly perfect.
    To everyone behind this instant video game classic I say:"thank you so so much for your successful efforts to surprise fans and new hunters alike.
    Im grateful for your ambition and dedication to create the best possible experience fot people to explore, to live through."
    All time favorite game
    (Well, until the g-version drops of course;)

  6. I hope we get a fight against the Caedus, but done like a mixture of Jhen Mohran and Zorah. Start the fight off in a ship, shooting ballista and the occasional cannon at Caedus, who pops up once in a while to shoot water beams at the boat. When you ballista bind it, smaller ships start shooting it faster and you have a chance to hop on Caedus' head and plant bombs or carve the beard for fur, cause it always gave maybe one fur a quest. Second part has you and a team on the docks firing away at it as it tries to destroy Astera, fighting similar to Zorah with cannons+ballistae and a dragonator and maybe your weapon when it gets in close to smash the docks. At the end of the quest when it's damaged enough the team shoots it with a bunch of binders and brings it in whaling style to be studied.


  8. I brought this game same day it came out, I already knew it would be good but
    I like it better than I thought I would

  9. Can you guys PLEASE change the way you do matchmaking on story quests? Not being able to join because of cutscenes? Just make a mid game standby for those that have played through before. And I am hearing that even if a party is on the same quest, then they have to all go separately and…well basically you should know. And not able to do expeditions without some convoluted method is really weird. Basically I LOVE LOVE the game, and that's why this frustrates so many players. Please fix/change this.

  10. Game. Of. The. Year. I have nothing to say except fantastic job, and thank you for all the work you've put into this. I haven't played a game in a long time where I could feel like a team put their heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears into it. This is it. This team has earned every cent I've paid with exemplary gameplay, a fun story where you wouldn't expect one, and interesting variations of combat, crafting, and gameplay around every corner. In my heart, this game has won GOTY. Fantastic job, everyone. Keep up the amazing work! And on behalf of any who might find this comment satisfactory, THANK YOU!!!

  11. Just beat this and now going into high rank, gotta say its really fun, it was worth the 60$! At first i was hesitant to pre-order it so i only got the standard edition but not im regretting not pre-ordering the limited edition one from gamestop!

  12. I have been pumped for MHW since the E3 reveal. This game has not disappointed. Excellent work here Capcom. Excited for the dlc monsters coming out.

  13. Why don't you guys ADD a BLADED BOW!? I mean if you already have the switch axe, charge blade, and gunlance, why not a BLADED BOW!? *You know, a bow w/ blades and a sword-spear-like arrow (like a cross between bow and dual blades). IMHO

  14. It's kind of oot but please remove the boards at the lower floors so that the players will all gather at the gathering hub to access the missions/quests.
    The gathering hub feels like a cemetery every time I went there. I'm playing online but feels like I'm playing alone inside the game.

  15. You know Japanese game companies finally made wise decision when this game & Ace Combat 7 will be available for PC :3

  16. This game is incredible but allow me to lose my shit for a bit. Anyone who played any monster hunter had mostly 2 common complaints. Fishing takes for ever and fucking blows and fuck all egg missions. Whoever the developer behind egg missions in this game is from the bottom of my heart fuck you you fucking piece of this mother fucker. Such a bad quest design it ruins the game for anyone trying to 100% egg quests need to go and they have needed to go for a long time.

  17. I wasted 60 bucks on this overpriced garbage. I was hyped for this game too. The hype died within the first 10 minutes for me. The control scheme was trash. It just felt clunky as hell to me. All the weapons were so damn slow, I honestly think Gary the Snail could attack faster than these characters. And the dodge system is more broken than Dark Souls. I may buy it again when it hits the 5 dollar bin & I have nothing better to do with my time.

  18. After 50 hrs in monster Hunter world is my fav game of all time you have to play it nd put in the time. My god it will take me over 1000hrs to get every armor set nd weapon upgrade. Freaking mind blowing.

  19. Honestly one of my favorite ps4 games but I gotta ask what's with the pop up graphics I'll be running or just walking in game and somthing will literally just pop up in front of me blocking my path great game other then this hicup

  20. Lancers are the master race. Nothing is better than charging that lance up a monster's rear end or hearing that "ping" when their head bounces harmlessly off your shield. I love this game!

  21. I finally figured out why this game and menu sounds felt so familiar. Capcom also made Dragons Dogma. I feel like this was started as a sequel but they ended up changing too much.

  22. This pretty much Ark: Survival Evolved + Dark Souls. Both are one of the best games i've ever played. Something is telling me, this is gonna be the best game ever this year.

  23. Capcom is finally doing games right. Im willing to forgive their mess up with SF5, RE6 and MvCi because they got Monster Hunter World right. This game is a must own imo. Dont go in expecting a story telling like The Last of Us, but be prepared for a lot of intense and unforgiving fights and some very satisfying monster smackdowns.

  24. Fuck this game its a peice of shit worst 60 i eva spent i took it back immediately who eva made this should be executed for prouducing this shit

  25. Buenas gente pasaros x mi canal si queréis subo tamb monsther hunter y subiré más adelante fornite, si os pasáis y suscribiste os lo agradecería ya que soy nuevo chavales xfavor, saludos y gracias

  26. Haha you noobs… you think the Anjanath is bad, wait till you fight the Odogaron – o dog fight

  27. When playing Monster Hunter World you can simply look at another player's gear and tell if they're high level or not. So why is it even the experts, masters, whatever, hit nothing but air, whenever they swing their weapon, AT LEAST %90 of the time? Even with the new, laughable, fucking lock on. Considering the 2004 Ninja Gaiden had a perfectly servicable, seamless auto lock, 15 fUCKING YEARS AGO, a system the new God Of War just perfected, there's quite literally no excuse for it. And before anybody says any stupid shit about "realism" games don't need to be real, they need to be fun but it doesn't even matter cause it would be considerably easier to fight a real dinosaur with a giant sword and not miss, as it is to play that shit salad of a game. Someone sold their soul to Man/Bear/Pig to make that game so fucking popular. And the worst part is: I like almost everything about MHW if it weren't for that make-believe, tacked on, monotonous, redundant, pretentious, needless mess of a gameplay mechanic. sucks in much needed oxygen

  28. I keep hearing stuff about the hitboxes, if your an oh from generations you should I mean KNOW that this game IS about the shitty hitboxes it's a classic ont fix the gogmazios hit box it's to funny to see a miss tail Swipe and it instantly kill them like its anime all over again

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