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  1. Simply amazing! Looking forward to it! (Sadly I have to prepare myself for the finals next week but after that I'm gone for a couple of weeks :D)

  2. This game is beautiful and great, the only downside is that the combat is slacking, it feels too stiff compared to how dynamic the monsters are

  3. I would buy this game if it would not had these frame drops on vanilla ps4 …
    I hope they fixed it in the full version.

  4. Guys, I want to ask, what's the difference between ps4 and ps4 pro when running MH World? Is it true that you can run the game in 60 fps?

  5. These games seem awesome on paper, but when you actually play them, it's kind of a slog. Lots of micromanagement, and one monster can take an hour to kill.

  6. I tried the demo, it wasn't bad but i think it would get boring after 1-2 weeks, atleast for me. The game looked stunning though aswell as the physics.

  7. I'm new to Monster Hunter, so can I get into this one without dealing with the prior ones in terms of story and gameplay?

  8. Hey sony if you need ideas heres one you should make one more console that plays all generations of PlayStation starting from one to four or new PlayStation

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