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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Velkhana Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

December 3, 2019

This thing is mean. KRISTEN: Well, you did just walk
up and hit him in the head with a giant hammer. JUSTIN: That’s true.
That’s true. I guess I had it coming. BRETT: We all saw it. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN: Hey, guys. Welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. You got Kristen and Justin here. We are checking out
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. We’re joined by Brett
and Yuri from Capcom. Hey, guys. BRETT: Hi. KRISTEN: Welcome. We got Justin and Yuri
on the sticks right now, and we are about to check out a
very exciting monster coming to Iceborne, the Elder
Dragon, Valkhana. JUSTIN: Wait.
We’re hunting a Valkhana? KRISTEN: Surprise, surprise. JUSTIN: Oh, my god. Okay.
I’ll do my best. KRISTEN: Get it
together, Justin. YURI: Didn’t you see
what you signed up for? JUSTIN: I’m freaking out. KRISTEN: Justin went in blind. We’ve already gotten a little
bit of a peek at Iceborne, but can you give us a sense of
what we’re about to see, Brett? BRETT: Yeah. Like you said, Valkhana is
our main monster for Iceborne. You’ve seen it on our main
key art, our box art, all that. And we’ve taken it
around to some of the shows, tried to put it out there front
and center and this is the first time a lot of people are
actually going to be able to play and fight him, which is
exciting because the flagship monsters in
Monster Hunter are always — if you fought Nergigante for
Monster Hunter World, you definitely know
you’re in for a challenge. KRISTEN: I was gonna say, they’re usually the
baddest of the boys. JUSTIN: Oh, yeah.
They’re the bad boys. BRETT: And Valkhana, no
different, very powerful ice — here we go. Very powerful ice attacks. JUSTIN: Oh my goodness. It looks so regal. BRETT: They’re very proud. KRISTEN: They look proud.
They’re gorgeous. BRETT: Most of them don’t even
regard you much until you swipe at them because they are
like, get out of here. JUSTIN: I’m
gonna wait for Yuri. I’m not gonna start
this thing alone. BRETT: This is obviously a very
important monster to the story. You’ve probably seen some of
the trailers that allude to Valkhana’s role in the plot
and how it all comes together. So, you know, this
being just a demo and, you know, coming soon to Beta
that you’ll be able to play yourself, just a little
snippet of the gameplay. No story here to play in
the Beta here obviously. JUSTIN: Okay.
I’m gonna kick this off. Hold on.
Don’t attack it yet. KRISTEN: I can’t
remember if we said, we’re playing on a PS4 Pro. Which is part of why
this looks so gorgeous. BRETT: So immediately you notice
Valkhana armors up with ice all over its body
and a very powerful horn. JUSTIN: Whoa. That hurt. Okay. KRISTEN: Right out the bat. JUSTIN: Holy moly.
I gotta get out of here. BRETT: And you’re Ice
Blighted now as well. KRISTEN: He’s blinded now? BRETT: Ice Blighted. KRISTEN: Oh, Blighted.
I was about say, what? JUSTIN: We got
Nulberries to help with that. BRETT: That was a
whole separate problem. But you’ll see, also, Valkhana
creating these full-on ice formations that will
actually impede your progress. And some of them you
can jump on top of. KRISTEN: Very nice, Justin. BRETT: That is a meaty hit. JUSTIN: Slopes are a
Hammer user’s best friend. BRETT: That’s true. JUSTIN: Oh my Goodness. Man, there’s ice everywhere. KRISTEN: He is a true
representation of the region though. Now, I think Legiana
had ice attacks too. BRETT: Did have ice attacks. KRISTEN: But nothing like this. BRETT: Valkhana is going to come
at you like a pure master of the element of ice. KRISTEN: This is his home. BRETT: Of freezing ice. Crazy area-of-effect stuff
going on with stalactites and stalagmites falling everywhere. Really cool stuff. And in this case we’re
doing a two-person hunt which is a good time
to remind folks, Iceborne introduces a very
good quality of life upgrade where if you’re
hunting with solo, everything was
scaled for one hunter. But in Monster Hunter
as it currently was, once you get into multiplayer,
it’s the multiplayer scaling. KRISTEN: So if you start with
four and other people faint or drop out, you’re
stuck in that mode. BRETT: Now this is
actually scaled for two hunters. JUSTIN: That’s so nice to have a
two-player difficulty scaling. Here we go.
That’s what I was going for. BRETT: Well, while you
mount the monster, Yuri on the ground can
heal up or put his mantle on. JUSTIN: Feel free to
sharpen up if you need it. BRETT: As with any monster,
especially Elder Dragons, that sense of teamwork, knowing
what weapon are you playing, what weapon are your
teammates playing, how you can all work together
to take this creature down. JUSTIN: It’s going down. KRISTEN: That’s it.
Fights over. JUSTIN: Whack. KRISTEN: Nice. BRETT: So that obviously
brings the monster down. JUSTIN: I’m gonna take the head. KRISTEN: I was going to say, do
you have any tips or tricks for fighting the Valkhana, any
weaknesses that people should be aware of, or should they go in
blind and just ready to fight? BRETT: For these flagship
monsters we definitely want people coming in a little blind. JUSTIN: What is that? Oh my goodness. BRETT: As you can see here, you
definitely have to stay on our toes because things you
would normally think, I’m safe to get in
close, but, whoosh, ice. KRISTEN: As Justin
and Yuri just learned. BRETT: If you pan out here, you
can see all these environmental. JUSTIN: This place is
a mess right now. KRISTEN: That was close. JUSTIN: Oh, my
stamina is all gone. Oh, Ice Blight, why? BRETT: Just down with
your chest on the ground. KRISTEN: You definitely have
to be careful with your loadout going into this. Be prepared. JUSTIN: Bring those Nulberries. Man, only ten minutes left.
We gotta do some work here. BRETT: It’s worth
noting, in the full game, a typical quest
is not this short. But, again, for our public demos
and the Beta you’ll be playing, you do have that time limit, so
if you can’t quite get there, it’s not too bad. JUSTIN: We’re
gonna make it happen. We’re chasing this sucker down. KRISTEN: Yuri, how
are you feeling? YURI: Feeling all right.
Trying to stay alive here. JUSTIN: Okay. We’re in the area where we
can drop the rocks on it. Okay. Yeah.
You got it. Nice. BRETT: Oh, nice. Down. JUSTIN: Let me get in there.
Go, go, go, go, go, go. BRETT: A Glaive
can cut the tail, work on that cutting damage. And, of course,
Hammer, with bludgeoning, you want to go for the
head, get some KO damage. And eventually that KO
damage will accumulate, and you actually
knock the monster out, get even more damage. And that’s free hits for
everybody once the monster gets hit and knocked
down with that KO. You’ll see the telltale
stars around their eyes. KRISTEN: Justin, you
normally main Hammer, right? JUSTIN: I do. Oh my goodness.
Man, that is tough. Get away from me. BRETT: That tail
coming at you all sharp. JUSTIN: I just realized I
didn’t have a hot drink. No! I got one shotted there. BRETT: Yeah. That’s
one of the new Palico tools. JUSTIN: Thank goodness for that. Oh, my god.
That was so close. I’m freaking out
right now, guys. YURI: He gave you, like,
five seconds to recover. Come on. JUSTIN: This is tough. I’m gonna see if
I can jump on it. KRISTEN: Yuri is
distracting him. JUSTIN: I got the tail.
I got the tail. God! BRETT: Still got Yuri over
there, staying in the air a lot. JUSTIN: This is crazy. KRISTEN: We still got Yuri.
Yuri is still going. BRETT: A lot of new mobility
stuff the Glaive can pull off too, just staying in the air,
keeping the attack constantly — JUSTIN: I gotta try the
Clutch Claw stuff out. BRETT: — constantly
staying in motion, elegant dancing of the
Insect Glaive over here. KRISTEN: We’ll get back there
while Yuri’s still fighting. Yuri, how’s it going solo? YURI: It’s all right.
I got my Palico. KRISTEN: Hope you don’t
mind if I eat a quick meal. BRETT: Able to eat,
boost your stats. JUSTIN: It’s very important. KRISTEN: Don’t
forget your hot drink. JUSTIN: Yes, good call. I’ll wait until I get a little
bit closer because I have the Wide Range perk active, so if I use it near Yuri,
it will buff him too. BRETT: This map,
despite it being crystalline, no hot drinks in this one. JUSTIN: That’s right. BRETT: Actually, there’s a
hotter area here you need cool drinks for as weird as that is looking at the
embodiment of ice. KRISTEN: You’re
back in the zone. Now, Bret, very important
question that I asked Justin on a previous episode of
Underground: What would your hot drink be if you had
to pack a hot drink? BRETT: Man, for this? This is a good question. JUSTIN: Oh, my god.
I’m getting wrecked here. Holy moly. I’m trying. YURI: I got you a Dust of Life. JUSTIN: Thank you. BRETT: I don’t know.
Maybe a hot buttered rum. Pep in my step. KRISTEN: I like it. I like it. JUSTIN: This thing is mean. KRISTEN: Well, you did just walk
up and hit him in the head with a giant hammer. JUSTIN: That’s true.
That’s true. I guess I had it coming. YURI: We all saw it, Valkhana
minding its own business. JUSTIN: I was getting
some good hits earlier, now I feel like I’m
on the defensive here. BRETT: That’s definitely how the
flow of a fight can go for sure. JUSTIN: Check it out. You can jump off of the ice
that it makes to get airborne, or you could get smacked by
its tail as you’re in midair. KRISTEN: Saw you the first time. BRETT: And the Clutch Claw
is one of the new abilities, new tools across
all the weapons, but when the monster is enraged,
as I believe he may be — that was a good one. So now that wounding damage
just makes it easier to damage. JUSTIN: Oh, come on. Please! KRISTEN: It also makes it
easier for Justin to get hit. BRETT: I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know how
you’re getting out of that. JUSTIN: I was
waiting for it, man. I was trying to roll
and hope for the best. BRETT: There is the —
if you can — classic, if you can point yourself at the
camera and just — JUSTIN: Try to do the Dash. BRETT: Invincibility frame
dive, but that is tough. KRISTEN: Looks
like he just moved. JUSTIN: That’s a better
area for me to fight in because there’s a
slope over there. BRETT: That’s true. You got a lot of opportunities
to get the Hammer up in the air. KRISTEN: And Yuri is
also on his way to join us. YURI: Yep, yep. KRISTEN: Getting back in action. It’s a good time to sharpen
your weapons if you haven’t. JUSTIN: Good time to explore
the various emotes that I have equipped here. KRISTEN: Very important. Ultimately the most important
part of the entire game. YURI: Do we have
any Paratoads here? Run away. BRETT: Nitrotoad or Paratoad. YURI: Yeah there are
some Paratoads here. Those are one of
your biggest allies. KRISTEN: Five minutes, guys. BRETT: So now that
ice armor is gone. Some of the more vicious
attacks you won’t see. JUSTIN: There we go. KRISTEN: Nice, Justin. That tail move he does where he
just tries to spear you with it. BRETT: We’re flying back
to wherever he wants to go. JUSTIN: I’m just
along for ride here. KRISTEN: Hold on, Justin. JUSTIN: I’m fine. I got this. KRISTEN: I love the
music in this moment. BRETT: Yeah.
This is nice, sedate, really think about
what you’re doing. JUSTIN: Monster Hunter World
has had such a good soundtrack. I’m really looking forward to
hearing new music in Iceborne. KRISTEN: Nice job, Justin. BRETT: Solid hits on the skull. Can we get that KO? KRISTEN: Getting
down to the wire. BRETT: Whack, whack. JUSTIN: Big Bang Combo.
Let’s go. KRISTEN: He is angry, you guys. JUSTIN: I’m just
gonna spam this move. BRETT: No selling it. JUSTIN: I’m not
trying to play fair here. KRISTEN: Yuri’s up now. YURI: Gotta clutch
Claw move up in the air. KRISTEN: You can’t forgot
to use that Clutch Claw. That’s a thing. BRETT: Yeah. Being able to wound certain body
parts is gonna play a big factor in some of these fights and also
dropping Slinger ammo as well. KRISTEN: I was gonna say, you
mentioned that the ice came off. Are there any other parts they
should be aiming to detach? BRETT: When it gets powered
up, the ice will come back. But with any monster,
you always want to see, is that tail gonna come off? Let’s find out. JUSTIN: Man, nice. KRISTEN: Run,
run, run, run, run. JUSTIN: Get out of there. Move. KRISTEN: Down to the wire, guys.
I believe in you. JUSTIN: I think we can do it. BRETT: Ice is back.
KRISTEN: Ice is back. JUSTIN: I don’t know
if its even tired yet. YURI: Not really. BRETT: Nice Clutch Claw there. YURI: All right.
Wounded the tail area. KRISTEN: Nice. Justin, you’re doing a good
job of avoiding that ice. I think the big key
here is just keep moving. JUSTIN: Yeah. For sure. KRISTEN: You never know when
that landscape is about to totally obliterate you. Yuri, nice, jumping up. JUSTIN: Whoosh. KRISTEN: Brett, what weapon
do you like to fight with? BRETT: I mostly
play Hunting Horn. JUSTIN: Oh, nice.
Team player. BRETT: It’s an
interesting weapon, but I just love getting some
KO damage like the Hammer but being able to
provide buffs to everyone. And when you combine Hunting
Horn with things like Wide Range and Mushroomancer and
all these other skills, you become a support class that
also gets to get in there and wreck things up
from time to time, which is also really fun. KRISTEN: Nice. I usually
either go Bow or Dual Blades. I’m trying to go around here
thinking what I would be doing. I’m not sure I would
have been too much help. BRETT: Bow is great. Really great speed
and damage over time, like rapid damage just
accumulating over time. It’s a good one to have especially because both of these
weapons have to be up close. So having a Bow or
Light Bowgun even, to have someone
on the periphery — KRISTEN: Could be
a big help here. BRETT: Just to take the
heat off the other two. KRISTEN: All right.
You probably have minutes left. Hopefully we can get a
couple more hits in. BRETT: And the Palicos
are pulling their weight. JUSTIN: Come on. No. Not a good time
for you to run away. Sorry. BRETT: He’s running out
the clock. He knows. KRISTEN: He knows what’s up. BRETT: It’s that classic
just gonna dribble real slow. JUSTIN: My heart is
racing right now, you guys. We gotta make this happen. KRISTEN: This is
such a cool landscape. JUSTIN: Yeah. This is always one
of my favorite areas and world. Got a hit. I’ll take it. BRETT: All right.
So even matter. KRISTEN: Even matter? BRETT: You can see all
these extra ice effects come up. Again, that’s something very
distinct about this creature, being able to see
how is it able to pull all this crazy stuff off? What’s is its role in the story? Excited for people
to see that too in addition to
fighting the thing. JUSTIN: Ow. KRISTEN:
(Imitating Justin) Justin, ow. JUSTIN: Did you see how
much damage that did? Holy moly. Yuri, it falls to you. YURI: Uh-oh.
That’s usually not a good sign. BRETT: Since this
is a demo build, Beta as well, you get a few
extra faints to make up for the — you got a short time span. KRISTEN: Which we appreciate. BRETT: It’s also good
when we take it to shows because you don’t want
someone waiting in line and, sorry, you fainted three times. KRISTEN: Your time now
is just about — Oh. JUSTIN: Okay. Okay.
Come on. KRISTEN: He was like,
you thought you could — JUSTIN: No!! BRETT: I felt like
that one was on purpose. KRISTEN: That was an enthralling
look at the Valkhana. JUSTIN: We did our best. KRISTEN: We did our best. Very excited to
give it another shot when we see Monster Hunter
Iceborne come out September 6th. Thank you, guys,
for giving it a shot. BRETT: Thank you for having us.
And, yeah. JUSTIN: We’ll do
better next time. BRETT: Everybody watching will
be able to play on PlayStation 4 Beta and fight
Valkhana yourself. KRISTEN: Nice. All right.
We’ll see you guys next time. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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