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  1. I wonder if ice akanator gets placed in this dlc or imagine a new subspecies of diablos like idk icicle Diablos or something

  2. NARGA NARGA NARGA NARGA YEEET FACK YE BOI!!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ICEBORNE HYPE❄️❄️❄️?️?️?️?️????

    Edit: Are we gonna get some new monster or get Some elders or eat cuz I want Lao your gore

  3. Monster Hunter World: The Iceborne Identity. Jason Bourne somersaults into the scene and bowgun decimates the new monsters while performing acrobatic movements.

  4. Ship gets wrecked by new elder monster, we now have to swim island to island to get to the other side fighting with underwater monsters, once we get the the island it's not the end but just the beginning of a new chapter…

  5. I could picture narkarkos in this game. I also just realised maybe you could be in a cutscene with your friend like in MH4U seeing as there were multiple hunters at the beginning

  6. Someone smarter than me, please explain "Autumn" in months for me? Is it Autumn in America? Autumn in Japan? Which Autumn are we talking about? (I'm Australian, It's Autumn here already, where is Iceborne? it is nowhere, this teaser is a lie! XP)

  7. Took me this long to see this trailer. That hint at Narga gave me chills. Hopefully this means my boy Tigrex is back too 🙂

  8. Looking for a mod that gives your character the voice audio of MH2/MHFU (the basic #1 voice file I believe)

    Throw in the MH2 gathering yall music and pokke village music and I'd be so happy

  9. I hope Lagiacrus and jhen mohran are the expansion. Fighting Lagiacrus without underwater will be awesome and personally jhen mohran was a lot more fun of a fight than zohra magdros and much more complex.

  10. I was just re-watching the trailer and the red thing in the sky at 0:07 makes me think of a valstrax tease

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