Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Hunter Helper & Pendants
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Hunter Helper & Pendants

November 18, 2019

We also have a new feature
we’re calling Hunter Helper. For Master Rank users, this means
helping High Rank and Low Rank users. For High Rank users, this means
helping out Low Rank users. For those who help by accepting a request
to complete a quest together with other users, you’ll get a special slot
for rewards. Just one though! This feature is set up so that a helper
will receive a reward based on their rank range. Because of this benefit
to higher ranked players, we ask that those with more experience
help various other players so that they can claim their reward! There’s also a Trophy for offering
support to less experienced players in various ways. That’s right. Users who have updated to Iceborne
will be able to obtain an exclusive Trophy for helping out other players. Pendants, which are related to
Trophies, don’t offer any abilities, but these twirling and fluttering objects
are a great way to decorate your weapons. You can also get these
by helping people. There are other places
where you can get Pendants, as well. That’s true. You can get Pendants not only
by helping people, but also by advancing through the game. Once you have satisfied
the conditions to get a Pendant, you can go to the Smithy where
you can have it affixed to your weapon. There’s a lot of variation, so we hope you enjoy
your adventure by adorning your hunter the way you like.

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  1. add troll helper title too, instead of helping, the helper just make the rest of the team carted so they can fail the quest

  2. Tbh, whenever I help with a lower rank quest, ESPECIALLY if it's an Assignment, I ALWAYS wait for the host if they cart. There's no point in helping them if you're just gonna do it for them completely

  3. its gonna be good if i can connect to multiplayer, capcom never fix this prob, its almost 2 years (error code mhw 50382-mw1) iceborn lol, pass!!

  4. It sounds nice on paper, but in actual play it would actually be detrimental to low level players.

    Incentivizing master rank hunter with master rank gear to help low rank players defeat low rank monsters? Hell its not even defeat, its completely annihilating the monster. Even with the difficulty scaled for 4 hunters.

    That makes scrubs. And nobody likes scrubs. Especially late game scrubs.

    Now if the game recognizes that a master rank hunter is joining a low/high rank multiplayer quest while equipped with master rank equipment the game should, at the very least, nerf the weapons' damage output to a comparable level to low/high rank weapons.

  5. Why is monster hunter world one of the only games to implement a system like this there's tons of games that could have that kind of system but not many multiplayer games nowadays really encourage playing or interacting with others

  6. Newbie:umm some help please?
    Veterans: stand back kiddos..we got this.
    Objective: fuck everything that come close to the newbies.

  7. Why non-iceborne users can´t have that +50% bonus affinity from Weakness Exploit anymore? No clutch claw, so no extra affinity for wounding parts. You need to play with someone that have iceborne to do that…

  8. -How many lives have you taken to regain that body of yours?

    – I don’t know.. how many nooblets have you helped in your career?

    – DIOOOO

  9. Its sad to know that PC is only getting the expansion on 2020.
    We've been hyped enough since last year waiting for Iceborne and new content, there's literally nothing new on PC since AT Nergigante.

  10. lol, now i have even more of a reason to sos flare farm besides just monster farming or getting help with my own difficult missions

  11. This is promoting carrying. Not a good idea. Not only is it ruining the fun for newbies, it also prevents them from learning essential things on their own. Then you emd up with a bunch G rank scrubs who never actually learned how to play and ruin everyone's quests.

  12. Why PC players have to suffer and wait 4 or 6 months to be able to play iceborne? and don't tell me "well if you want to play now buy a PS4 and MHW again and Iceborne and loss all your progress"… why are you doing this to a big part of your fans and player base? is not like the game is not a extreme success and you need the DLC to follow a console exclusivity too… (exclusivitys are cancer to costumers)… a really really bad action towards your PC players…

  13. I am just started out sorta. Played a while back but stopped when I lost my data so I am starting fresh. I am on PS4 and could always use help! I am still learning.

  14. I hate that on Playstation, to play with other people you must have playstation plus… I miss the Nintendo 3ds days ?

  15. Brilliant way to get folks to advertise Iceborne. You show up in a low rank quest with a tuna sword, riding a monster, using the clutch claw with a cute little monkey on your head and it will definitely spark some interest in the expansion.

  16. now please give us a real transmog system for armor instead of getting our hopes up by moving layered armor to the smithy and having nothing there. so many great sets that will NEVER BE SEEN again. let us truly adorn our hunters the way we like. only disappointment with iceborne thus far…

  17. LR player: I can’t win… I just can’t… I have to use the SOS flare…

    LR monster: (malicious evil laugh converting into shock and fear) why do I hear boss music?

  18. I wish what we get dekuarmor from all Monster. That would be totally creat. Pls make this I like er Barrioth armor but for endgame it is not useful.

  19. To me, this is awesome. I help out people on their assignments all the time, just to help in general. To know that people helping are gonna get rewarded like this is great

  20. Naaahhh, Let em suffer like I did…wait…you think I'll lower myself for some simple aesthetics?….damn straight I will!!!

  21. When you take a year break and come back to the game calling you a noob ??????? I HAVE EXPERIENCE

  22. So they literally want high level players to carry them so when are they going to get better lmao.

    MHXX had a better feature for customization it is called transmog.

  23. Does anyone know how to get the trophy helpful hunter? Apparently you just have to help low and high rank players but ive done this now like 20 plus times and no trophy… I got two or three silver prints for helping but not sure what made then drop. Anyone know what conditions you have to hit to get them?

  24. So basically now noobs can ask pros to be piggy backed to do all the fighting. Then they start complaining about how the game lacks action …

  25. Okay, how do you craft Pendants? I'm currently MR 12 and I read that after you get a pendant, you should be able to craft them. Can anyone inform me on how it works please?

  26. I love taking my new healing build into a sos and just keeping them alive and well buffed makes them still have to do the fight but dont have to worry about carting and with 75% free meal i loss very little of my items

  27. MR hunter joins a low rank Anjanath hunt.
    "Hello old friend, you were a dick before but look at me now. Looking so fresh with my 1700+ damage GS and my 900+ armor defense. That's right, run. Whua ha ha"
    Low rank hunter, "Dude, are you ok? You have this craxy look in your eyes."

  28. So one of my friends is trying to get a pendant that requires him to help a lower rank person like 75 times or something, does that mean i can just do a bunch of quests with him until he gets it? I really want to help him get it, but idk if i have to do anything for it to work

  29. to help lower hunters is good but the pendant system is useless it just adds a tiny thing to your weapon, in monster hunter in hunts no one cares how players look its all about if the player is useful to others no one is gonna notice a small thing hanging on my weapon, should add an enchanting system so we can add a visual fire effect on our weapons that also does nothing but that's way cooler and better visual wise.

  30. I remember my first hunter helper, a guy with a big ass hammer came in and destroyed the Jyuratodus. I wonder where you are

  31. Part of the glory of .onster hunter is its almighty bad a$$ community of players. You call for help, and people of about three different languages join in to help stomp anything.
    Four players, in different lands, regjons and cultures, Joined together under the banner of the Fifth Fleet.

  32. Okay I've been helping noobs my whole game career and I haven't gotten anything what are the actual requirements to get these pendants

  33. I saw a comment on Insta that a person joined an SOS then got a msg from the LR person saying something along the line of “reported, you killed the monster too fast.”

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