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  1. Monster with a sword tail and spikes: exists 1:47
    Long Sword main: Finally. A worthy opponent. (Goes for the head)

  2. I wish Lost Planet will one day make a comeback like this… Not as a Dead Space wannabe or as an Anime game tryhard. But a proper Capcom made game, back to it's roots with lots of heavy looking mecha and weapons, gritty look, epic soundtrack and magnificent explosions. Oh! And with the super sentai references, of course. (The combining mechs and team super weapons)

  3. I can't wait to be stunned by roars, stunned by tremors, stunned by fire, stunned by electricity… and of course, now ladies and gentlemen, stunned by ice, frozen, chilled by fear and a lot of new and inventive ways of stunning the players. This game should have been called Monster Hunter Stun.

  4. Me: "Well, I guess those are all the monsters in this game. Those trailers sure spoiled a lot."


  5. So since we are taking monsters from other games here are my top five monsters I would love to see in monster Hunter.
    5) final fantasy 10 the sanctuary keeper
    4) Yu-Gi-Oh chaos emperor dragon
    3) final fantasy 15 midgardsormr serpent
    2) devil May cry 1 phantom spider
    1) Yu-Gi-Oh five-headed dragon this is number one because of all of the elements it can hit you with. guys imagine going against fire ice water thunder ?? all at once in monster Hunter. what are your top five monsters you would like to see in monster Hunterif possible. we're just dreaming here guy ??.

  6. since they collaborated with Horizon Zero Dawn I got the hope that they also feature Death Stranding. The Monster from the TGS18 Trailer would fit perfect

  7. Add my account on ps4 just throwing it out there like a plebe bicChungus92 gunma be grinding a new profile tommorow 8/27/2019

  8. To all my Freedom unite veterans, we might be old but that does not mean we cannot fight!…lets show these rookies what we can still do!.

  9. What do you get when you combine nergigante and a lionfish?
    Answer: idfk but whatever it is i can tell you one thing, ITS GONNA EAT ALL OUR ARSES

  10. I really hope Zinogre or Mizutsune shows up, I'd be mega happy then.
    Also Namielle looks awesome.

  11. It is a pity this expansion is so tiny, Too much of the content already exists in MHW. It isn't new if you get a different skin to the same monster and maybe change an element it uses.
    I see about 3-ish monsters (Banbaro, Glavenus and ?Brachydios?) in the currently released news that actually add content while the rest are just more of the same. Lazy.
    Mounts may be interesting, but I feel like they wont add much to the gameplay.
    New move sets for weapons will be nice, but that just means fighting the same monsters still.
    New region to "hunt" in (or more accurately being mindlessly lead in circles by obnoxious glowing specks of light). Will be nice to see how much this plays into everything.
    More armor sets… because most of the armor sets aren't of any decent use as is, we need more of them right? How about just making all armor sets useful during all stages of difficulty and having multiple methods of crafting them for once instead of every single set being uniquely made from each monster. It is already a chore having to look through the armor list when trying to craft stuff, or compare stuff in game.

    Truely wish they'd add either new monsters with completely new attack patterns or old monsters that actually played very different to the ones already in MHW. Reskinned monsters aren't fun.

  12. 1:56 there’s something coming out of the cave. Idk what it is but it’s white so…..

    I recommend u slow it down to .50

  13. So i never played monster hunter but it seems interesting is it worth buying just wondering and can I get some tips if I do buy it

  14. Plz put monster hunter tri on xbox one i miss that game i had better memories hunting with friends on Tri so plz plz bring it to xbox and also can you make it so we can fight monsters underwater ?

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