Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4
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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

December 10, 2019

Hey, hey, do you hear that? Is it the wind? No, thats not it… Is that… …singing? Unidentified tracks are cropping
up all over the New World. It’s having an incredible effect
on other life in the New World. These spikes, are
they from — Singing? What is that?! Everyone thought it
was just a mere myth. But there it is… …Velkhana!

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  1. You know the music for the trailer is actually beyond beautiful. I think we should really appreciate the amazing soundtrack from iceborn at least.

  2. Still gotta give it to them for preserving their honor an integrity among other greedy studios that cop out with microtransaction progression an oversaturation.

  3. Eh don't think I'm coming back to this game I got bored with solo'ing everything. This game is like anthem only fun when you're playing with people

  4. Sorry if someone already said it but if i have the normal monster hunter world, can i just buy the dlc or do i need to buy the whole new game?

  5. Great. Now I have to worry about not turning into frozen meat popsicle on top of potentially dying while fighting monsters.

    Just gonna doot my hunting horn while my teammates ate getting killed.

  6. "The Tigrex roar is comfirmation!!!!"
    No, Nargacuga is 'confirmation' as Narga is a Tigrex clone. If the clone is in the game it makes all the sense to add the original Tigrex.
    And these "new" monsters are just clones too.
    But it's fine. I'll Take Tigrex and his clone Narga as they're classics at this point.

  7. Not gonna lie, this soundtrack is very Kingdom Hearts-y and thats the best compliment a game can get.

  8. I'm excited but this took wayyy too long. I havent played it in so long that I'm scared by september I wont wanna pick it back up for 5 or so monsters. I put in about 500 hours doing literally everything and eventually got bored outta my mind at that point. So I'm not sure if this is worth 40 bucks for 5 or 6 monsters.

  9. I'm literally just about to play this beautiful game again, took a break to play other titles but I'm officially back on the hunt

  10. MHW newcomers-“Odogaron is probably the most terrifying wyvern ever”.

    MH Vets-Thinking of Nargacuga

    “What do you know about fear”?

  11. That Silver Knight set is also super realistic looking for Monster Hunter, absolutely badass. Alwayd wanted to look like a 16th/17th century knight.

  12. So y'all just gonna disregard the fact that we may be witnessing a tigrex vs nargacuga turf warr in iceborne?

  13. Don't get me wrong I love the game but $39.99 for a standalone expansion is a ripoff. While the new players just pay $59.99 for the based game and the expansion is not fair.

  14. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (Update/DLC) PS4 & XONE – 9.6.2019
    Monster Hunter World: Iceborne PC (Steam) (Update/DLC) – 7.3.2020

  15. Not gonna lie that date at the end nearly gave me a heart attack, in Germany we have it like day/month/year and I wanted to pre-order it.

  16. Should I get Monster Hunter World or wait till this comes out. Take in mind that if I do get it, it'll be my game I play during the summer?

  17. How Banbaro works in the game:
    Story Quest: The running brick wall
    Hunt Banbaro.
    A monster with 2 giant horns has appeared! It's apparently been eating all the plants in Hoarfrost reach. Banbaro is back and angrier than usual! Find him and hunt him before time runs out!

    How Beotodus works in the game:
    Story quest: The deviljho upper cutter
    Hunt Beotudus
    Beotudus has appeared again! It's been uppercutting Deviljho in hoarfrost reach! Use the Cortos to find it before time runs out!

    How Nargacuga works in the game:
    Story Quest: The spike haired Nargacuga
    Hunt a Nargacuga
    These gashes look like the ones from Rathalos. But a Nargacuga has been destroying the entire Aptonoth population! A Nargacuga has never been spotted in the new world before! Find it and hunt it before time runs out!

  18. So every weapon except one has a nargacuga type. Can we please get that charge blade?? It would got well with having the wingblades for the shield and I think the design would be awesome

  19. I played mhw 1. Now I get mhw iceborne disc version and I can't continue to play from my saved data file and I have to start over! ?????

  20. Can anyone please tell me that…do they add monsters? I mean like we get new monster to hunt loke every month? And craft new stuff? Or they are like 20 monsters and we keep killing them?

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