Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101
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Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101

November 16, 2019

Hello again Greenhorn, and welcome to Hunting 101. To select a quest, visit your handler. Her book contains various Intel on the mission parameters and the voracious beast you’re going to slay. The smell of dense jungle and the sight off unexplored territory may seem daunting… but take a moment to grab any essential items you may need from your camp before embarking on your adventure. I suggest taking the healing items… And now the time has come to hunt your prey! Use your scout flies to find clues and tracks which will help you zero in on your targets location. There’s our target! Time to TAKE HIM DOWN! Show him what Hunters are made of! Stellar work hunter! You’ve completed your quest! It’s now time to carve the Monster for materials, and parts. It’s rather gruesome work if you ask me… Successful hunts boast additional materials and loot for you to collect! It’s time to visit our fine friend, The Smithy! The Smithy use the resources gathered on your quest to upgrade, and forge, powerful new gear and armour! With a plethora of weapon trees and armour sets available, it is truly up to you how you wish to progress further in Monster Hunter: World. Now bestowed with new gear boasting new abilities and strengths, it’s time to embark once again and take on deadlier monsters! How will you choose to embark on your heroic adventure?

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  1. "…Hello again, Greenhorn!"


    Video: "Monster Hunter: World – Hunting 101"
    "Hunting 101"


  2. I really want to try all the weapon, they all looks awesome especially compared to the older game tho both had their own charm

  3. Been a hunter since Freedom and I feel like this is so basic even without tutorials. Anyways, more stuff shown here. Can't wait for the release!

  4. They should stop turning the blood off in these videos. It takes away from the game. When he hits the monsters with blood turned off, it just looks unsatisfying

  5. Anyone made any conclusions from the armor sets shown? Rathalos and Rathian are in there, one looks like it could be Tigrex but I could be wrong ~

  6. And after this they expect us Switch owners to buy a 3ds port
    Thank you Capcom
    We Supported your ASS with all the Monster Hunters we bought on the 3ds and the Wii / U year after year.
    The Ps4 is understandble for me BUT THE FUCKING XBOX?
    Monster Hunter is a Japan game, and you want to sell your game on the Console who sells each week 70 pieces.
    Good luck with that Crapcom.

  7. Now we had new style on health and stamina bars…. i kinda love the old style but its ok,, cant wait for the release

  8. I've never played a Monster Hunter game because I've never had a console to play it on, but for my entire life I've watched my older cousins play it religiously and seen YouTube videos about it. I'm pretty sure I'm more hyped than an actual veteran of the series.

  9. I won't have to look my cell/PC every single time i want to upgrade my weapons, THANKS LORD!!! Weapon trees on the f*kining game, yeah boooi

  10. Greenhorn!? I'll have you know that I have defeated the Jhen Mohran, Chameleos, teostra, Gore Magala, and Shagaru Magala! Although…there is one I have yet to defeat…Plesioth shudders

  11. i like how out of the endless amounts of quests that are in her book she always knows what page the quest u want is on

  12. Has gotten through 4th gen high and g-rank online, defeated crimson fatalis in the egg quest line plays 3u beats generations
    SocksyBear: HELLO, GREENHORN
    Me: .
    …….u right, u right

  13. I really like how a franchise is keeping up to date and keeps changing things over and over again for the players…Capcom loves re-releasing games over and over again on new consoles but the quality of Monster Hunter never drops(except IOS and Andriod)…this so far looks absolutely amazing.

  14. man I cannot wait to play this, I would even pay for early access ! Hopefully the release date of "early 2k18" wont be delayed

  15. The only part I don't like is that you have to spend time looking and searching for the monster instead of heading straight towards the monster, besides that super exicted for this game

  16. Not a bad thing but I find it funny how the voiceover guy sounds like he is told to be a jolly old British hunter with 'WHAT HO!' and the like but sounds like he is kind of half assing it.

  17. There only one group that Lost here, Capcom. They pretty much nuked the Nintendo consumers loyal to their brand umm…. about 10mil customers or so, Yeah, Good Luck trying to make MH big on Xbox lol, and even with Every single person that played MHFU buying this game, still not alot, Not many people had a PSP, even less had MH, people have to remember, MH was niche prior to MH4U and it still somewhat is. After even all that, this os made by 2016/17 Capcom, pls tell me, how well did SF5 do when it launched? How well did RE7 do after the 1st week? DLC passes going for 30 bucks as soon as the game launched? I think everyone needs to stop sucking off their plastic brick and use what (if any) brain cells you have. Better hope ya (Nintendo is shit) Fanboys can carry the game, cause if you don't, itll be the last one you get.

  18. Why are there soooo many tutorials being uploaded when noone can even play the damn game. GIVE ME OPEN BETA OR GIVE ME DEATH.

  19. 0:46 shadows change looks like a texture bug
    also why upload the video in 1080p when the video is clearly recorded in 4k talk about hard on the eyes

    i can only hope World will capture the epic-ness of dual-shock controllers the way it did with the first one
    iv started to dislike the series mostly because of the controls and because for all it's releases it doesn't seem to ever move forward with the exception of tri and 4 every other title just seems like a upgraded version of the previous

    i don't think iv ever owned a capcom game i didn't enjoy

  20. We need our man IronBeard from MHTri back to make commercials for this awesome game! ^^ ❤️

    We miss you Iron Beard! Your commercials were the funniest I've ever seen for any game. hahaha xD

  21. I must observe that at 1:30 of the video…the material request in order to forge/upgrade a weapon seems very cheap and easy…
    …i can understand it if the drop rate is something like 2% for item but ask to the player 1,1,3,1 of materials in order to upgrade the weapon is embarassing. It deletes the farming/grinding request of all monster hunter games.

  22. Does anyone know if monster hunter world will be like destiny where it's online only, ir if there will be a offline campaign

  23. does this game allow me to select one set of armour for stats but then equip another set for its looks as askin?

  24. Really Looking forward to this game but god that was the cringiest video ive seen who wrote the voice acting for that seriously :S

  25. At first I was bored of the game then I get more into weapon and armor crafting to make my character look bad ads, she's a golden haired beauty with golden eyes and ice equipment and the holiday updates it gets are great and there are always updates coming and it just makes it more fun than ever…. When you first start you might feel like you are weak but once you get used to the monsters patterns it's alot more fun… Ps. I play solo and it's fun af, but playing in a group of 4 it's alot better

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